Why not scratch the pox: the answer our dermatologist

Почему нельзя чесать ветрянку: ответ нашего дерматологаHello dear visitors of a dermatological website. You asked the question: why can not to scratch the chicken pox? Dermatologist hears this and other questions that are similar in meaning, very often.

In this article I want to provide answers to questions about chicken pox and itching, which is accompanied by sverhzaryadnogo viral disease. If you’re interested, happy reading.

Why itchy?

Itching is a characteristic symptom of chickenpox. All people carry it differently and is affected by characteristics of the organism and psyche. Some quite comfortable with the itching, others are nervous and literally go crazy from it.

Itching caused due to inflammation and bacteria that reside on our skin. If you comb your pimples and do not take care of the skin fully, it is possible to strengthen this unpleasant symptom.

How long is the itch of chicken pox?

Почему нельзя чесать ветрянку: ответ нашего дерматологаOne of the most frequent question is: how much will it itch? Here are all individually, but often this symptom lasts three to seven days while there are new eruptions.

When will you stop scratching? This will happen once all watery pimples covered with scabs and begins to heal. While itching is significantly reduced, and in some cases is quite.

Is it possible to gently itch?

You have to try not to injure Valderice because their contents can become the provocateur of the new wave of eruptions. What if all the same to scratch? If you pokersites hurt and blisters in the near future will appear on the skin more rashes, and in large quantities.

While the injured pimple becomes infected.

Почему нельзя чесать ветрянку: ответ нашего дерматологаBacterial infection significantly increase itching. Thus, you yourself will not help but only hurt. By the way, scratch an itch, not touching or injuring walderich, is almost impossible.

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The most common complication of chickenpox are skin infections of different types. If such diseases appear and cure them without the help of a dermatologist is impossible. Can I avoid infection? You can, if not to injure the watery formation of the skin and mucous membranes.

What to do in order not to scratch the pimples?

On the question of what to do to not itch, I say this: try to distract yourself with something, when you feel bouts of itching. Read an interesting book, play a quiet computer game, occupy yourself with something.

Почему нельзя чесать ветрянку: ответ нашего дерматологаWhen this is contraindicated in intense physical activity, as during sports person sweats a lot. Sweat, getting the watery pimples, annoying them and enhances inflammation. In addition, it may contain pathogens.

So better do something calm and relaxing.

How not to itch, if there are no more forces, you ask. It is better to avoid such aggravation itching. For this you need to take antihistamines and process elements of the rash means the special pharmacy with protivozudnoe effect.

Than to smear the pimples, so they don’t itch?

In modern times there are many drugs with protivozudnoe effect. Than to smear Valderice with the chicken pox, must solve the attending physician. He will advise you one of the following drugs:

  • Fenistil gel — easy to use tool that quickly helps. It is applied for the localization of spots 2-4 times a day. It is often prescribed to adults;
  • ointment 5% Acyclovir cream is a popular modern medication that is described in detail in one of the articles on this site. It is applied to the skin up to 5 times a day as needed (when the acne starts to itch very much);
  • Calamine lotion is an effective and safe protivozudnam drug. In addition to eliminating the itching, it accelerates the healing process of lesions, dries and relieves inflammation. After applying to the skin the lotion creates an invisible barrier to bacteria, which is the prevention of infection with watery pimples.
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The above are the most popular drugs that are prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of varicella. If you have the individual sensitivity to the components of these drugs, it is better to try to soothe the skin with the help of folk remedies.

Any tips from folk medicine will help you not to itch at a chicken pox?

The most reliable way — cold and warm baths. They are prepared simply and quickly. What day stops itch, if you take these healing bath? I can say one thing: much faster than if this is not done. Itching after bath takes place immediately, and the effect persists for a long time. So here’s the list of the most effective protivozudnam baths that need to take sick chicken pox adults and children:

  • Bath with oatmeal or cereal. Flour can be purchased in grocery stores and in some pharmacies. One Cup of this ingredient for the preparation of the bath is enough. If you don’t have flour, you can have cereal. Wrap a handful of flakes in the fabric and brew with boiling water. Let it brew, and then add this to the water in the tub. The water should not be too hot. Ideal is a temperature slightly higher than room temperature.
  • Bathroom with pharmacy herbs. Adding a decoction of pharmacy herbs in water for bathing, you can greatly ease their condition. To eliminate itching recommend the use of chamomile, celandine, sage, calendula.
  • Bath with slaked soda is also good soothes inflamed skin and eliminates itching. Make it long not. To produce the desired effect will last 5-10 minutes.
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    How to speed up recovery?

    To speed up the recovery, you need to follow simple rules:

    • wear clothes made of natural fabrics (her style needs to be as convenient and comfortable);
    • daily change sheets and clothing (contents of the rash, reaching the tissue remains infectious for long enough);
    • do not scrub Valderice;
    • treat pimples with antiseptics and take antihistamines, such as Pain.

    That’s all the information that everyone should know are sick with chicken pox. I hope you found the answers to all your questions. It will be nice if you share this useful information with your friends in the social. networks and sign up for site updates. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)