Why sun appear acne and how to get rid of them

Sunbathing can bring you not only beautiful skin, but also cause a rash on the face, on the back due to allergic reactions and other reasons. In most cases in the warm season the sun’s rays help to remove various pimples by killing pathogenic organisms on the skin, but sensitive skin, suntan preparations, Allergy is the reason that from the sun, pimples on the body. High temperature and excessive sweating also leads to skin problems. Ultraviolet rays in large quantity is hazardous to health.

The content of the article

  • The causes of acne in the heat
  • Contamination
  • Ultraviolet
  • Characteristics of the organism
  • Excessive sweating
  • Sensitive skin to UV light
  • External factors
  • Allergic reactions
  • Methods of dealing with the rash
  • Localization
  • To what doctor to address
  • The choice of methods of treatment
  • Modern treatment
  • Traditional methods
  • Traditional medicine
  • What rash do not touch
  • Rules of prevention
  • Expert advice
  • The causes of acne in the heat

    On hot days, the risk of pimples, of inflammatory processes on the skin increases slightly. The reasons depend on skin type, individual sensitivity and other factors.


    Summer appears in the air could harmful substances for the skin and for the whole body. If there is no wind, hot weather, the body accumulate contamination during the working day much faster than in the cold season. The toxins in smog, bring a lot of harm to the skin.


    Despite the fact that the sun’s rays many believe helps prevent acne, UV radiation lowers the body’s defenses, affecting immune system. First, a rash on the skin dries up a bit, but then the sun spots, on the contrary, will apply. The reason for this will serve as an allergic reaction to ultraviolet light. Such rashes are known as solar acne.

    Characteristics of the organism

    The sun is working so that the skin tans gradually evens the color, and then suddenly appear small pimples red in colour. Sebaceous glands work hard and produce more sebum under the influence of sunlight, which leads to clogged pores and bacteria.

    Excessive sweating

    High air temperature contributes to increased perspiration, which breed harmful bacteria. In a humid environment quickly accumulates dirt and germs, and then clogged pores. Clothing may injure the skin by friction, and through small cracks, infection penetrates inside, because popping a pimple in the heat.

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    Sensitive skin to UV light

    After a few hours of sun exposure can already appear rash. Red spots or small pimples are often accompanied by itching, a slight burning sensation. This reaction often occurs in people with sensitive skin.

    External factors

    When pimples appear only due to external factors, not from individual sensitivity to the sun, the causes of pimples becomes hot weather, makeup for the skin is of poor quality. Wind along with high temperature, quickly dries the skin, causing it to appear new pimples. The use of cosmetic products also causes rashes.

    Allergic reactions

    A sun Allergy is called photodermatitis. Pimples appear as small bumps on the skin of different colors, which are accompanied by itching, appears within 1 or 2 hours of exposure to direct sunlight. The reason for such a reaction of the body becomes:

  • the intake of certain medicines, including antibiotics;
  • drawing on the skin ointment or gel, for example, anti-inflammatory effect with ibuprofen;
  • cosmetics with essential oils.
  • Почему от солнца появляются прыщи и как от них избавиться

    Methods of dealing with the rash

    Redness and pimples due to an allergic reaction of the body bring a lot of discomfort, they must be timely inspected, and identification and preparation of the cause of the disease. When the rash is caused by some medications, it is better not to visit at the time of treatment the beaches and other places with full sun. If pimples and allergies from the sun caused by cosmetics for tanning, it is necessary to change to higher quality products.

    Allergic rashes can also be a symptom of diseases of internal organs, so, you will need a thorough diagnosis of the organism.


    Sun and acne on back, face are quite common, because in these places a lot of sweat glands. The rash is open and accessible to sunlight parts of the body:

  • the hands;
  • the open part of the breast;
  • the neck;
  • behind the ears.
  • The localization depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, if the rash is caused by allergies, it can be on the abdomen, the hands, rarely on the cheeks and forehead.

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    Почему от солнца появляются прыщи и как от них избавиться

    To what doctor to address

    Most likely, you will need to consult a dermatologist, but if the cause of rashes are allergic, can not do without a visit to the allergist, and antihistamines.

    The choice of methods of treatment

    In the summer the fight against acne is complicated by the fact that not all of the tools and procedures suitable for the treatment. It is impossible to apply effective other times of the year acid because the skin condition may deteriorate. Retinoids are also banned for use in the summer, because these substances cause burns to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin.

    Modern treatment

    Independently, it is difficult to determine the cause of skin diseases, but if the pimples are quite small, appear on the exposed skin immediately after exposure of the skin to direct rays, it is most likely signs of photodermatitis.

    Traditional methods

    The doctor will prescribe antihistamines in case of Allergy, which are selected strictly individually. Can not do without local treatment for which is prescribed zinc, methyluracyl ointment. To help the immune system take vitamin complexes and antioxidants. In any case, you need a doctor to prescribe therapy.

    Traditional medicine

    From popular recipes faster a chamomile tea which wipe affected skin. Aloe Vera juice will quickly reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. Safe and available for each product there is coal-tar soap. The result of regular use of this soap in hot weather will clean the skin without inflammation.

    What rash do not touch

    When the rash appeared because of cosmetics for tanning, not itchy and does not cover the whole body, we can just cancel sunscreen and pimples take place. They do not need to be treated by special means, as a rule, rashes are rapidly, if there are external factors.

    Rules of prevention

    People who are allergic from the sun, you need to follow the recommendations to prevent rashes. A quality sunscreen will help to reduce the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. In this case, on the beach you need to wear a hat with a wide brim, sunglasses, and also to use cosmetics of high quality.

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    Почему от солнца появляются прыщи и как от них избавиться

    Summer sweating is very high, the skin gets dirty easily, because it is impossible to miss cleaning procedures, be sure to remove makeup before going to bed. It is impossible to wipe the sweat from his face with his hands, on which many germs. In the heat it is useful to use for washing tools with anti-bacterial effect. When applied correctly, they will not dry the skin and prevent bacteria it. Also preparing effektivnye mash against acne.

    Почему от солнца появляются прыщи и как от них избавиться

    Expert advice

    To the sun’s rays did not bring harm to the skin, you need to follow some rules.

    1. Access to the beach until 10-11 o’clock in the morning, when the sun is not so active and will not cause photodermatitis.
    2. First time tanning it is recommended that no more than 10 minutes each day increasing the time sunbathing, to get the body used to it.
    3. Close the body from direct sunlight to prevent not only acne, but also burns.
    4. Rarely use makeup with a large number of fragrances in the summer, because the components under the influence of ultraviolet light lead to age spots.
    5. To apply the funds against allergies, but only after consulting a doctor.
    6. Excluded from the diet of sweet, fatty and spicy meals which trigger new rashes.

    After sun exposure it is better to moisturize the skin, because it dries up and needs special care. Using for tanning, properly cleaning and moisturizing the skin, it is possible to forget, what is acne and the sun will bring only benefits and a nice tan.