Why the temperature rises when the hives and how to fight it?

Hello, dear readers. If you have increased body temperature, it most likely indicates the presence in the body of any inflammatory process.

But why, then, in urticaria there is high temperature, because it is allergic disease? Let’s see, why this is happening and how to deal with a fever during disease.

Why fever in this disease?

Почему повышается температура при крапивнице и как с этим бороться?In this disease the skin causing spots and blisters that look like burns from the nettle. They can merge into a single spot, will be very itchy and cause discomfort.

Usually the disease is without complications, however, there are times when the body temperature rises to 38-39 degrees, there is a fever, vomiting and angioedema.

Temperature when the hives appear, as a rule, if the patient has had contact with the allergen, which caused an acute reaction (eaten product, the adoption of a drug, exposure to sunlight, insect bites).

It is also possible periodic fever chronic idiopathic form of the disease.

If you constantly scrub the spots until the appearance of blood, then the wound can get infected or the virus and cause fever.

Especially dangerous is the condition in children. They have a sharp probability of occurrence of angioedema with subsequent anaphylactic shock.

If you notice that the child starts a tantrum, there was difficulty in breathing, hoarseness, severe headache, you should immediately call the doctor (ambulance), because such a reaction can lead to death.

In adults, the disease is easier than children, but then also it is not excluded swelling Kwinke, so be careful about your health.

Any symptom, including fever, depends on the stimulus. That is why in urticaria you can cough, sneeze, suffer from diarrhea or other ailments.

There are times that a sharp increase in body temperature is not a symptom of urticaria. That is why we recommend any form of disease to see a doctor who can correctly diagnose the disease and prescribe effective treatment.

What to bring the temperature down?

Почему повышается температура при крапивнице и как с этим бороться?The average temperature is 37 degrees. Someone with it feels OK, and someone is bad. It down should not be, because the body itself begins to fight with disease. An adult can safely take a fever to 38.5 degrees.

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If the temperature is high, you should take an antipyretic. Very effective are the drugs Panadol, paracetamol, efferalgan.

Many are conducted for drugs that are advertised on TV: Theraflu, Coldrex, etc. Remember, they have a lot of different components that can only aggravate the symptoms of urticaria, causing severe allergies.

Also be wary drink analginum and aspirin. In many countries these medicines are not sold, as they have strong side effects and a number of contraindications.

In children the situation is different. They bring down the fever more than 38 degrees. When this is given only paracetamol, usually in the form of syrups. If the fever lasts more than 4 days, you should call a doctor.

The same applies to the period of breastfeeding and pregnancy. Remember, at this time, you can take only paracetamol to eliminate heat and headache. In pregnant women any illness and medication should be agreed with the doctor.

Are there non-drug methods of beating the heat?

Почему повышается температура при крапивнице и как с этим бороться?In fact, these methods are widely known and are easy to deal with temperatures no worse than drugs.

The cool air in the room. If you have a fever, you should not close tightly all the Windows. On the contrary, as often as possible ventilate the room. The most optimum temperature above 20 degrees.

The wet air. The body in dry air will lose fluid. Moreover, there are dry mucous membranes, and skin, resulting in itching and burning will only increase.

If you have no humidifier, the old-fashioned way to hang near the bed, wet towels, often wipe the floor. For anyone the ideal humidity is 60%.

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Frequent and excessive drinking. For these purposes, the soda and sweet juices will not work. Water, juice, tea with lemon, juice — here is a great options.

If the child does not want to drink, be smart, after all, drink is a must! Dehydration is also dangerous, as angioedema.

Should not eat much. If a child refuses to eat, do not force-feed. Remember, digestion of food will only raise the temperature. Better drink.

Not acutivittis. If you have as many exposed areas of the body, it will contribute to the dissipation. Just make sure that you or the child froze.

Limit the movement. Sit down, read a book, watch TV. It is not necessary to run around the house, doing things. Kids calm is difficult, but necessary, because with the movement in the body and increases the amount of heat.

What to do just not worth it?

Почему повышается температура при крапивнице и как с этим бороться?Could there be something better than rubbing? – so I think our grandmothers and mothers. Remember, you cannot RUB the body: either vodka or cold towel – nothing, because there is a chance spasm of blood vessels.

Vodka or alcohol, even after rubbing, it penetrates the body, causing poisoning. Want to poison the child? I think not.

Remember, the rubbing occur only after a doctor’s permission and only after drinking a special medicine, which reduce the spasm of blood vessels.

If you really want something to wipe, do it just with water, with room temperature and only when the child or you is well tolerated.


We have tried to describe all the possible actions at a high temperature during hives. Of course, these measures are applied to other diseases with fever.

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I would also like to note that after rendering first aid to the patient must call the doctor at home or to call for an examination. It is not necessary to self-medicate, as this may lead to undesirable consequences. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)