Wide warts: effective treatments growths on the skin

Широкие кондиломы: эффективные методы лечения наростов на кожеGood day, dear readers of a blog about the warts! When my friend was diagnosed with a wide condylomas, she immediately thought about the human papillomavirus and its manifestation in the form of warts.

However, she was wrong. Despite its name, wide warts have nothing to do with HPV.

Here we are talking about the presence of syphilis in varying stages. Rather, it is the secondary form of syphilis, which is often confused with genital warts.

Highlights of the treatment

But the first thing I want you to recommend a book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», from which you will learn 100% the recipe for curing warts for several months. The first signs of improvement you will notice within the first weeks of the procedures.

Treating the disease should begin immediately, since, otherwise, it could lead to the defeat of internal organs and the nervous system.

Moreover, the pathology can develop into a third stage, in which occur abundant rash, after which left scars.

Eventually, the disease can result in disabilities and death. So, what is syphilis, it’s important to know everyone.

To get rid of the formations in syphilis, the patient, first of all, you need to consult a doctor for right diagnosis.

Широкие кондиломы: эффективные методы лечения наростов на кожеHere you need to pass all the tests. It is important to know how does the formation on the skin and mucous membranes in this disease.

Neoplasms found most often on the genitals, inner thighs. As a rule, these manifestations are observed among the fair sex.

Extensive warts represent education on the skin. Their formation is preceded by the appearance of wet bubbles, which are distributed to large organizations, and can be fastened with each other.

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These growths are covered with white film, produce serous contents.

Syphilis must be differentiated from other health conditions, such as molluscum contagiosum, after all, symptomatic of these diseases are very similar.

Manifestations of molluscum contagiosum indicate that the patient is very weak, what to say about other infections.

Therefore, patients should explore all of the infections, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Широкие кондиломы: эффективные методы лечения наростов на кожеAnal area broad education should be distinguished from hemorrhoids, which are more dense, have a pale hue, not sick and after some time alone eliminated.

Most often, broad condylomas treated with a course of antibiotics. Formation on skin or mucous membranes should not be removed as they disappear upon completion of a course of drug therapy.

Treatment is by antibiotics, usually leads to the disappearance of the growths. In the future within two years, in individuals who have had the disease, regularly take the blood to avoid a likely recurrence of the disease.

In order to protect yourself from this dangerous disease, should regularly come for check-UPS to doctors and pass all the necessary tests.

Remember you need also and that promiscuity can lead to disease. If sex with a casual partner, the sexual organs should be washed with soap and water, then, as a preventive, be sure to visit the doctor the venereologist.

The disease itself is highly contagious, because in the formations is the high content of Treponema pallidum.

Therefore, all patients with syphilis, during the active process of the disease must be hospitalized.

Широкие кондиломы: эффективные методы лечения наростов на кожеIn such situations, must be found the source of the pathology. Patients must keep strict control right through to discharge.

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We should carry out the preventive examinations of all pregnant women and patients in hospitals.

The main way of infection is, as mentioned above, intimate contact, however, there are cases of domestic syphilis in which the infection is carried out using household items and personal hygiene products.

There is also a congenital form of the disease, in which infection through the blood vessels of the placenta – in utero.

Difference wide formations from pointed is that the first are characterized by the absence of elongated legs, as seen in the photo.

They are solid at feeling, then, as a sharp soft to the touch. If the color is sharp not much different from flesh tone, the broad can be as bright red, purple or bluish tint. The size of the formations can reach two inches in diameter.

Широкие кондиломы: эффективные методы лечения наростов на кожеRemember that the broad warts indicate the presence of syphilis, which is the most dangerous, heaviest and most multifaceted disease that is transmitted sexually.

Three degrees manifest themselves in different ways, and each of them can be confused with other pathologies. So, the manifestation of the second stage can be completely confused with human papillomavirus infection.

The final diagnosis can be established only on the basis of laboratory diagnosis. For differential diagnosis is the serological blood test – the Wassermann reaction, in syphilis it is positive.

Syphilis is a severe pathology that can be cured only at the initial stage. Why so much importance of its timely determination.

Remember that timely diagnosis and proper treatment will lead you to complete recovery and you will forever be able to forget about the problem. Good day, dear readers, be well!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)