Yeast nail fungus: how does it manifest itself and how is it treated?

Дрожжевой грибок на ногтях: как он проявляется и какими способами лечится?Dear readers, Hello! And you know that the fungus on the feet and hands contagious? No? So here is the truth, so I recommend urgently begin treatment if you have signs of the disease. I will help you with this.

Today we will focus on yeast fungus that often infects the nails. How can you understand that you have this illness and, most importantly, how to treat it? Read the article and learn all about it! Go!

What causes the yeast?

Yeast nail fungus causes fungus of the genus Candida. You’ve probably heard a disease such as candidiasis. Now, there are many varieties of this pathogenic. Some cause lesions of the mucous membranes, urogenital system, well, we are going to talk about nail fungus.

This infection lives in every third person. It may not manifest for many years, but as soon as will decrease the human immune system or have other diseases (diabetes, HIV infection, etc.), the fungus can Wake up and live, including on your nails.

Дрожжевой грибок на ногтях: как он проявляется и какими способами лечится?Most often the yeast find in women because of what it called a «disease of the Housewives». He willingly attacks the skin and nails on hands due to constant exposure to detergents and water.

Also at risk are the kitchen staff, women with fake nail, under which the fungus feels just fine.

Less often, the fungus attacks the nails of the child. This happens most often due to contact with a sick mother or father, as yeast fungus is contagious.

How to understand that I have a fungus of this kind?

The first symptoms of the disease – the defeat of the cuticle (the nail fold). How will she change?

Дрожжевой грибок на ногтях: как он проявляется и какими способами лечится?You will notice a strong reddening. It will gradually swell, to rise above the nail. In the area of swelling possible growing pain. Further will appear flaky scales.

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In extremely advanced cases the top layer of skin will shrink when pressed and possibly even pus.

What happen to your nail in case of late detection of yeast-like fungi?

  • The nail will become brown, dull;
  • The nail plate would be so thin and fragile that it would begin to crumble;
  • Marigolds themselves will have a depressed appearance, and on the plate will appear band.
  • There is a possibility of separation of the nail from the skin.

Tell me, do you want it? Of course not. Hence, it is necessary to diagnose the disease and start proper treatment. And how to do it? Read on!

Rules for the treatment of yeast fungus

Дрожжевой грибок на ногтях: как он проявляется и какими способами лечится?Now, you probably already have seen many photos of the affected nails of hands and feet and now want to get rid of it. So, I suggest to first see a doctor to confirm the disease 100 %.

Yeast a fungus is very difficult to treat. On average, the therapy may take about a year. However, the signs of the disease disappear faster.

That is why you should trust the professionals, because only through him you can cure the disease faster without side effects.

The most popular today are the ointment of broad spectrum. These include:

  • Clotrimazole;
  • Ciclopirox;
  • The isoconazole;
  • Bifonazole.

You can also apply Level, Nizoral, Daktarin, etc. Depending on the user to smudge them have from one to three times a day.

Some of the ointments contraindicated in children, pregnant women, lactating women, so you should familiarize yourself with the rules of their application.

Very good in the treatment of nail mycosis proved Ichthyol ointment. It perfectly removes inflammation.

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Дрожжевой грибок на ногтях: как он проявляется и какими способами лечится?As a system of medication given fluconazole or Arugal. Treatment can take up to 4 months. In the first time is to drink 400 mg of the medication, and after the elimination of acute symptoms, the dosage reduced to 200 mg per day.

Sometimes at a very advanced stage of the disease requires internal intervention. No, don’t worry, the finger you cut off, but the drug Kenalog may enter in the damaged finger. This is done with a syringe. Yes, the procedure is not pleasant, but that does not make for the sake of health.

An alternative to this therapy may be the ultrasound in combination with certain medications.

Nail plate alternately impregnated with benzocaine, fukortsin, sulfuric ointment , paste lassara. After that, they’re influenced by ultrasound. The treatment course includes 10-15 sessions a day. After a couple of months treatment should continue until complete cure of the disease.

Note that nail involvement treated in men as in women. However, if the fungus found on the mucous membranes, the treatment will differ.

How to treat Candida folk ways?

Remember, traditional methods of treatment are not basic. They can complement the treatment prescribed by your doctor. And here are the most popular ways:

  • To soften the skin with the nails, you can do the soap bath with the addition of baking soda and celandine. Grass can be dry or fresh. Most importantly, after the procedure is to cut the affected areas of the nails.
  • Wipe the nail plate, you can a mixture of: a tablespoon of alcohol, glycerine mixed with 2 big spoons of vinegar.
  • The honey relieves inflammation swelling, so do regular honey lotion.
  • Sore skin around the nail and the plate should be greased with a mixture of lemon juice with grapefruit.
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    Дрожжевой грибок на ногтях: как он проявляется и какими способами лечится?As mentioned above, yeast is a fungus most often affects the fingernails of those associated with kitchens and other «wet» work.

    The main advice is – wear gloves. Wash them dishes, house, apartment. Only in this case your skin and nails will remain beautiful and healthy.

    Also try to avoid the weakening of the immune system. Take vitamins, eat right, less nervous, exercise. And then not only fungus, but also the illness will not be able to break.

    I advise you to watch a useful video from the doctor Komarovsky.

    Well, dear readers. A useful article? We hope to see you in some of our subscribers, I mean, every day there are new and useful articles that help to combat skin diseases. Be healthy!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)