Youthful warts: causes and treatments

Юношеские бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияGlad to welcome our dear readers!

In today’s post, I want to talk about what youth (flat) warts and how to deal with them.

Because, as you know, young people carefully take care of their skin and very much worried about her health and beauty.

To a greater extent this applies to teenage girls, but boys also monitor the health of the skin.

What are flat growths on the skin and what they appear?

The problem with warty growths on the skin of the body familiar to most inhabitants of our planet. Practice shows that 90% of the population are personally acquainted with warts on the body.

Many patients in the early stages of the disease may not even be aware that they have warts, and I think that this is a simple pigment specks, that is especially important in case of flat lesions, which only slightly protrude above the surface of the dermis.

Юношеские бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияIn all clinical cases, the cause of this dermatological disorder is human papilloma virus. Sometimes referred to as juvenile warts, for the reason that in most cases they appear on the skin of children and adolescents more often than adults.

Dermatologists attribute this to the fact that in adolescence the strongest on the background of hormonal changes, immune system of children is very susceptible to different infectious lesions.

Youthful warts are transmitted by contact, by shaking hands, hugging or kissing. Contribute to the rapid penetration of the virus into the patient of small abrasions or wounds on the skin.

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It is worth noting that in some cases, the virus can a long time to remain in the body, does not prove itself, and only when a sudden disruption of the immune system, you may receive the first clinical symptoms of the disease.

Mostly flat growths appear on the face, neck, upper and lower extremities. It should be noted that the arms and legs flat growths are located exclusively on the back surface.

Doctors know many cases when these tumors took place without medical intervention, at physiological activation of the immune defense of the body. Predisposing disease factors can be:

  • the use of a razor;
  • a tendency to excessive sweating;
  • frequent injuries of the skin;
  • frequent respiratory-viral diseases.

How to appear youthful warts?

Юношеские бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияClinical manifestations of this dermatological disease are small convex tumor with a size of 2-3 mm in diameter and 1-2 mm tall.

In areas of rash, the skin may keep normal color, can sometimes be slightly pink or brownish-yellow.

Often, small flat warts coalesce into large conglomerates. Some patients noted the appearance of itchy areas of the lesions.

Especially the treatment of juvenile warts

Юношеские бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияAs already stated above, in practice often there are cases when the tumors disappear on their own after 6-12 months after appearance.

But, there are cases when an effective medication is necessary.

With this purpose it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination and dermoscopic to consult an experienced dermatologist who will select the appropriate treatment with all the characteristics of the patient.

Standard treatment of HPV infection involves the use of:

  • antiviral drugs (Amiksin, noirin, lavomax);
  • immunomodulatory drugs (tincture of Echinacea, immunal);
  • vitamin therapy (komplevit, I think).
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Юношеские бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияThe effect of these drugs is aimed at enhancing the body’s immune and physiological elimination of flat growths on the skin.

But, many patients are confused by the appearance of the affected area of the dermis, which is strewn with small tumors.

With this purpose, resort to surgical removal of warts, which can be performed by several methods:

  • laserology way;
  • removal of growths by radio waves.

The most effective and safest method is laser removal, and, in most cases only need one session. Be performed this procedure in a medical facility, in conditions of complete asepsis and antisepsis.

In the Internet you can find a lot of tips on how to get rid of warts with celandine or the liquid nitrogen.

Also, it is dangerous to use for burning the warty formations electrocoagulation, which is often used in beauty salons.

Юношеские бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияGiven the fact that flat warts are often located on the delicate facial skin, there is a great risk of damaging healthy dermis and the formation of rough scars, using the above methods.

To determine the way to get rid of warts and youth need highly skilled dermatologist.

Well established local treatment with ointments: oxolinic, salicylic, turbopanda. Do not expect instant results after applying the liniment to the skin, the therapeutic effect will come in about 2-3 weeks of regular use.

Accurate advice on topical treatment, choice of drug and duration of treatment determined by the attending physician.

State when you need medical intervention:

  • a sharp increase in the size of flat neoplasms, which normally never increase;
  • when injury warts, bleeding and prolonged regeneration;
  • if you change the color of the skin in the area of education growth, especially if the color of derma became dark brown;
  • when merging small foci of warts in a single conglomerate.
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TOP 10 tips to prevent infection with papillomavirus

To prevent infection with human papillomavirus, you must:

  • to monitor the cleanliness of the skin, especially exposed areas;
  • strictly adhere to the use of personal hygiene items;
  • choose comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics;
  • never to wear someone else’s shoes;
  • to strengthen the immune system using natural methods (hardening, eating seasonal vegetables and fruits);
  • balanced daily diet;
  • moderate physical activity;
  • avoidance of stressful situations and chronic fatigue;
  • timely treatment of foci of chronic infection, undermining the immune system;
  • to lead a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking.
  • The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)