Zinc ointment dermatitis: the reviews of people after treatment

Цинковая мазь от дерматита: отзывы людей после леченияHello, dear friends! Today again became popular forgotten for some time the zinc ointment. We were more accustomed to use it from acne.

Although the manual States that you can apply this remedy for diaper dermatitis and diaper rash in newborns. Let’s consider the probability of treatment of an adult, if he developed dermatitis.


So, the main component of the drug is zinc oxide. As we know zinc is an antioxidant and from this element directly affects the condition of our skin. Atopic dermatitis – means good heals and reduces inflammation.

How to apply?

Цинковая мазь от дерматита: отзывы людей после леченияTo cure peeling skin, like when seborrheic dermatitis – need to apply ointment in a thin layer, thereby covering the entire affected area.

This procedure is performed three times a day. It should be noted that the positive dynamics you may notice after a few applications, the discomfort and itching will pass after the first application.

If you use zinc ointment for allergic – don’t forget to eliminate allergenic foods from your menu.

Only with this approach you will be able to successfully cure the disease of the skin.

What else heals?

The scope of this pharmacy means wide enough. Here are some diseases that can be treated without too much difficulty:

  • the sweating sickness;
  • wounds;
  • the sores;
  • eczema;
  • herpes;
  • streptoderma and other.

The only contraindication is ulcers in the period of exacerbation. You also need to exclude hypersensitivity to the active substance.


Recently, when the popularity of simple, time-tested growing, you can find a lot of positive reviews of zinc ointment. The main thing is that it is completely safe for kids, has no harmful chemicals.

From dermatitis the tool is used not so often as in case of acne, but anyone who used it – it helped within a few weeks. It is important that relapse after such treatment was observed.

I propose to view an interesting video where the woman talks about the budget for skin care:

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It is important to note

As we have learned, the product has a drying effect, and if you intend to use it from the dry form of the disease, it is necessary to add a drop of oil for the body. In this case, the treatment is not going to be a problem in dry areas.


We understood how to use zinc ointment, in a situation when you have dermatitis. Do not forget that the skin is well cleaned with an integrated approach.

So you need to adjust the diet, do not forget about hygiene and if the problem was formed on the face – to exclude for a while cosmetics.

Let your skin will be healthy and body – beautiful! Bye!