Zinc ointment for chickenpox: the efficacy and rules of use

Цинковая мазь при ветрянке: эффективность и правила пользованияGreetings, dear readers! If you read the articles on this site, you probably know about the beneficial properties of zinc-containing preparations. Did you know that the zinc ointment for chicken pox also effective?

This unique drug has powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the severity of symptoms of the above disease and accelerate recovery.

If you are wondering how to apply zinc ointment to treat chicken pox, then read this article.

The features of the drug

As part of this generic drug is zinc oxide. The main action of zinc oxide can be described as follows:

  • quickly heals sore and neosporine wounds;
  • restores the skin;
  • accelerates the regeneration;
  • dries;
  • destroys viruses.

Цинковая мазь при ветрянке: эффективность и правила пользованияTo use the drug for treating adults and children of different ages. The zinc ointment is a minimum list of contraindications, so it’s safe to say that it is not toxic to the human body.

Moreover, overdosing using this medication almost impossible.

Zinc-containing ointment is prescribed even for pregnant and breast feeding. I think this is the best proof of its safety. Therefore, you can safely apply it on your skin blemishes, and how to use it, you learn, having read the article.

The composition of the above medicines it is surprising simple. It includes only two components:

  • zinc oxide;
  • vaseline.

In the pharmaceutical market it is difficult to find another as safe and effective. Zinc-containing ointment for the treatment of chickenpox can be purchased in any pharmacy without a prescription for just pennies.

Treating the symptoms of chickenpox

Цинковая мазь при ветрянке: эффективность и правила пользованияAs you know, the main symptom of chickenpox are watery multiple pimples covering the entire body of the sick. Continuously much they itch, burst, covered with crusts and cause a lot discomfort.

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The drug, which is the topic of this article, is able to remove most of the unpleasant sensations accompanying watery rash.

Treatment of watery pimples on the face

Despite the high security, I do not recommend the use of zinc-containing preparations for treatment of skin rashes on the face. And there are a few reasons:

  • if you use may experience excessive dryness of the skin;
  • dry pimples can turn into scars and pigment spots;
  • an ointment based on zinc and vaseline felt on the skin due to the dense structure.

It is advisable to use this drug for the treatment of viral diseases?

Цинковая мазь при ветрянке: эффективность и правила пользованияZinc ointment can be smeared on the watery pimples, jumped from chickenpox — a viral disease. Antiviral effect of this drug not too strong. So it is better to combine with a more powerful antiviral drugs.

Thus, we can conclude that the zinc ointment is more suitable to treat the main symptom of varicella, not its causes. But that is enough, as above, the disease can be treated only symptomatically.

The body must develop to it’s immune resistance. This will be the key to prevent re-infection.

Pharmacokinetic properties of zinc-containing ointment for chickenpox

The beneficial properties of this generic drug can be described for a long time. But I would like to highlight the main, due to which it is considered an indispensable tool for varicella. Here is a list of these properties:

  • wound-healing, antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties;
  • dries, disinfects, protects from bacteria and germs that can get into the wound from the environment;
  • removes signs of inflammation;
  • relieves itching and irritation.
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How to apply zinc ointment chickenpox?

Recommendations for use for adults and children alike. This is because the body in children and adults react to zinc oxide in the same way. The drug in cream form, easy to use, as it can be applied anytime and anywhere.

Цинковая мазь при ветрянке: эффективность и правила пользованияIt has no smell and color, so leaves no visible traces on the skin. Allergic to the zinc ointment may occur only in the case if you have the individual sensitivity to zinc oxide.

So, you want to know how should I use zinc-containing drugs in chicken pox? Then read carefully. The medicine is applied only to the affected areas of the skin (in other words, for every watery pimple spot).

After application it should not strongly RUB or wash, as you can accidentally injure the inflamed pimple. The drug is distributed on the surface of the problem areas of soft flowing movements that are performed with one finger, not whole hand.

If you have dry or thin skin, it is better not to use zinc-containing ointment in a pure form. Mix it with chamomile in equal proportions. As such, the drug becomes less effective.

Treating watery skin defects zinc drug should be not less than 4 times per day. I do not recommend to apply on the drug cosmetics, as it simply will not stick. And watery pimples better not to disturb.

Analogues zinc ointment

  • zinc cream beneficial properties are the same as the ointment, only weaker;
  • salicylic-zinc ointment is a powerful antiseptic combined type.

The above analogues can also be bought without a prescription. By the way, zinc is included in virtually all body care products for problem skin.

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To estimate the useful properties and the efficiency of zinc-containing ointments fully, you need to know people’s opinions about this drug. So let’s get to the reviews, which, incidentally, are almost always positive.

Marina writes:

Цинковая мазь при ветрянке: эффективность и правила пользованияThis is one of those medications that is always in my purse. Recently faced with the chicken pox (child is ill). The doctor advised me to use zinc ointment instead of green stuff. The treatment was without complication, quickly and comfortably. Once again convinced of the effectiveness and utility of this drug.

Larisa writes:

Цинковая мазь при ветрянке: эффективность и правила пользованияI also really liked the action of zinc on a watery pimples. They will be dry for a couple of hours, so much so that the next day was covered with scabs and heal quickly.

I hope this article answered all of your questions regarding the use of zinc-containing ointment for chickenpox. You can read share information with your friends on social networks. Also don’t forget to sign up for site updates. Good health and see you soon!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)