Zinc ointment for herpes: how to use it?

Цинковая мазь от герпеса: как правильно ею пользоваться?Hello, dear friends! What do you think, zinc ointment cold sore helps to get rid of or not?

I, for instance, very often recommend this remedy to my patients, especially girls in the state, and it can be used for the treatment of erisipela in children.

Want to know why herpes should try the ointment? Then read the article carefully!

What is this drug so popular?

Absolutely easy to guess that is the main component of zinc ointment.

This is a very popular means by which treated almost all dermatological problems ranging from teenage rash and ending with herpes.

The main advantage of zinc ointment is a cheap price to 35 rubles per 30 grams, and also its absolute safety, thanks to which it is administered to children at any age and even women in the state.

Than zinc ointment help with herpes?

Цинковая мазь от герпеса: как правильно ею пользоваться?As you know, infection of this virus. Unfortunately, zinc ointment, no antiviral effect, but there are other, no less important.

To herpes rash at any time can join a bacterial infection, as it is an open wound on the skin on the face or in any other place.

In addition, herpes long enough heals (1-2 weeks), constantly worried about the discomfort and itching, that looks sore and is quite well marked.

With all these features of girisindeki except viral origin, to cope zinc ointment. Its positive properties are as follows:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect of zinc slows down the work of mediators of inflammation – active substances that expand blood vessels and promote the accumulation of fluid in tissues, which appear redness and swelling.
  • Prevention of suppuration – the same component that kills pathogenic bacteria, for which an open wound can fester. Zinc oxide connected with natural proteins, which on the wound forms a invisible protective film. In addition, the aforementioned substance efficiently absorbs liquids, making pulls from the wound and pus.
  • Drying effect – it is as valuable in the treatment of different types of acne. Zinc immediately and very much dries, which it does not even suggest to use for people with excessively dry skin. Due to the drying of any skin blemishes, including herpes on the lips or somewhere else, become less noticeable and heal faster.
  • Regenerating effect – zinc is one of the most important trace elements that participate in the regeneration process of various tissues of our body.
  • See as much benefit from a cheap ointment? Frankly, this medication is much more effective than modern advertised counterparts.

    It can be used in labiales herpes on the lips and in the genital and other herpes on the body. Want to know how to use the above medication?

    Use zinc ointment against girisindeki correctly

    If you have those rashes, then just apply it on her every hour with a cotton swab.

    Try not to touch the surrounding tissue, so as not to dry them once again. The earlier you start to smear the rash, the faster it goes.

    There is another popular method of treatment of cold sores zinc – try this ointment Herpevir, apply the medications every hour the first days, and then every 4 hours until complete recovery.

    If ordinary zinc ointment will not help, then try a more powerful equivalent – salicylic-zinc. This drug is more powerful than dries, so use it with extreme caution.

    Цинковая мазь от герпеса: как правильно ею пользоваться?No salicylic or zinc ointment should not be applied to mucous membranes, otherwise it will be irritation or even a burn.

    So if you have a rash in a nose or in an intimate area, but on mucous membranes, then you should not smear it above drugs. These places need to use more «soft» drugs.

    Using the ointment on the face, remember that it is impossible to over apply makeup, otherwise it just drips off, as the drug is sufficiently fat.

    Because of the oily you will feel the presence of tools on the skin and will have to accept. Do not apply the medication in a thick layer!

    Can I use zinc ointment for the treatment of pregnant women and children?

    What do you think, is it possible smear it means herpes in children and pregnant women? You can!

    More to say, this ointment can even smear the baby’s bottom if he has diaper rash. The drug is completely harmless and all he can do is bad, it can cause allergies to the skin.

    I not once used the zinc, especially during pregnancy, when I had a relapse labiales herpes. Personally, I really like this feature, and not just me. For example, a review of one of my patients:

    Цинковая мазь от герпеса: как правильно ею пользоваться?«Anointed herpes child this way and he passed just 5 days! The child does not even capricious, because the tool is not pinching. And I loved the safety of the drug, so we will use in the future if required.»

    By the way, to use this medicine during pregnancy I was advised by my colleague, however, she said the following:

    «I am against any treatment during pregnancy, at least was the enemy until, until I found myself faced with herpes.

    I could not find a safe remedy for pregnant women, because everything antiviral are highly toxic.

    And then remembered about the medicine for external use on the basis of zinc and decided to try it. This treatment was herpes very quickly and never bothered! Now suggest this medicine to all my friends».

    And is it really so positive? It turns out that zinc is for external use generally have no flaws? It turns out there but only one.

    Side effects and contraindications

    This medication may cause individual allergic reactions, but fortunately, that happens very rarely.

    Only 2 of my patients were all allergic to zinc and, of course, they did not know about it before treatment.

    Allergic reactions usually local: the place to which was applied the medicine, itchy, inflamed, burning and it sometimes jumps of small red rash.

    If after applying the ointment you went to allergic, then wash it off immediately with soap and water and take an antihistamine medication.

    That’s all, dear readers. Treat cold sores zinc ointment safely, without worrying about the consequences, because anything bad will not happen.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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