Zinc paste for acne skin — beneficial properties

Zinc, being a element of the periodic table, are vital to man. As the drug is widely known zinc ointment effective for acne. The daily dose of this trace mineral is 15 mg. However, most of the received dietary zinc is excreted by the sweat glands and only one third is included in the intracellular processes. To preserve health is very important to replenish daily losses of zinc.

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  • What to include in your diet? What foods contain a lot of zinc?
  • Why do people need zinc?
  • Gorgeous skin with zinc oxide
  • Use the paste correctly
  • Doctors recommend:
  • What to include in your diet? What foods contain a lot of zinc?

    1. The high content of zinc are oysters. In 100 grams you have to 1000% (!) daily dose of zinc.
    2. A large number of trace elements included in the composition of wheat germ, which is unique in its biochemical composition. Up to 70% of the daily dose of zinc contained in 100 grams of dried pumpkin seeds and watermelon. Zinc-rich nuts and sesame seeds.
    3. Vegetarians should be aware that a large amount of zinc contains in meat. One hundred grams of lean beef almost covers the daily requirement of the trace element. A little less zinc is present in the lamb. Many of the trace element is in veal liver.
    4. Sweet tooth can fill the daily requirement of zinc chocolate or cocoa.

    Цинковая паста от прыщей для кожи — полезные свойства

    Given that all the plants are actively extracted from the environment with zinc, it is rich in almost all vegetables and many fruits. Insufficient intake of the trace element in the body suppresses the immune system, causes loss of appetite, hair loss and disrupts the functions of other internal organs, as zinc, in some ways, is a critical nutrient that controls the processes in every cell of the body.

    Interesting fact: zinc deficiency increases the susceptibility to alcoholism, reduces the smell, and cause taste perversion.

    Why do people need zinc?

    The human body is a complex multilevel system, coordinated work of which depends largely on minerals from food. What role in this system plays the zinc? So whether it is important for the normal functioning of the body?

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    To overestimate the role of zinc in the regulation of cellular processes is almost impossible. Zinc is a part of cytochromes, carrying out redox processes and respiration of cells. Regulation of the function of several hundred enzymes explain the involvement of this trace element in the work of all organs and systems.

    1. The participation of zinc in nucleic acid metabolism is closely linked to its role in the transmission of genetic information and the regulation of growth and reproduction of cells and the processes of formation of cancer cells. This trace mineral required to maintain normal structure and function of DNA. It is proved that his lack explain dwarfism and delayed sexual development.
    2. Zinc regulates the activity of the endocrine system. It is necessary for the implementation of the reproductive function, is part of the insulin controls the metabolism of carbohydrates, stabilizes the hormone — receptor complexes.
    3. The activity of the immune system and hematopoiesis in the red bone marrow need the presence of zinc. Protective role of zinc in addition to its ability to remove from the tissues carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol.
    4. This trace mineral promotes the activity of vitamin E.

    Цинковая паста от прыщей для кожи — полезные свойства

    But do not forget that excessive consumption of zinc disrupts the absorption of iron. The result is a reduced ability of erythrocytes to bind oxygen and increases the toxic effect of oxygen free radicals.

    Gorgeous skin with zinc oxide

    Salt or oxide of zinc are part of many lotions, ointments, pastes, and, when applied to the skin have a number of beneficial effects.

    Цинковая паста от прыщей для кожи — полезные свойства

    1. Zinc stimulates the growth and differentiation of cells of the skin, the sebaceous glands, accelerates the healing of wounds.
    2. Salt and zinc oxide to form on the skin surface protective film that reduces inflammation and prevents the effects of toxic agents.
    3. Zinc compounds have a devastating effect on the microorganisms that cause acne.
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    These properties zinc is widely used in cosmetics and treatment of skin diseases. But what better use for acne: zinc ointment, lotion or paste? A distinctive feature of pasta is its high content of indifferent powdery substances, often talc. Due to its composition of the paste adsorbs toxins and have a drying effect.

    The composition of the zinc paste or ointment is simple: the zinc oxide and starch in a ratio of about 1:1 to the vaseline. The ingredients listed on the packaging, if the cream contains something in addition.

    The drug is affordable and effective means of treating skin defects.

  • The use of zinc paste for acne and pimples reduces inflammation, normalizes the sebaceous glands and tightens pores.
  • Due to its antimicrobial activity, the drug became popular in the treatment of burns and scratches.
  • Zinc paste is very good for diaper rash, including in young children.
  • Two-week use of the drug six times a day removes age spots on the face known as melasma.
  • Zinc oxide provides protection from the sun.
  • Zinc paste is applied in treatment of dermatitis, eczema and streptococcal. The drug is part of a comprehensive therapy heat rash and bedsores. The advantage of the paste should be the safety of use in children of early age. However, before using the drug should consult with your pediatrician.

    Use the paste correctly

    The use of zinc paste requires compliance with the following rules:
    Цинковая паста от прыщей для кожи — полезные свойства

  • Before use of the drug is recommended to treat the skin with antiseptic.
  • Zinc paste apply a thin layer to rash and a small distance from the acne. Not apply zinc oxide on the open wound surface. In this case, you must handle the skin around the wound and use a gauze bandage.
  • The frequency of treatment depends on the severity of skin lesions. However, to achieve the effect you should apply the paste at least three times a day.
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  • The duration of exposure of zinc oxide on the problem areas of the skin varies from 30 minutes to three hours. The exposure time depends on the individual and the nature of the disease.
  • Effective course of treatment zinc oxide is 1 month.
  • Цинковая паста от прыщей для кожи — полезные свойства

    It should be noted the availability of the drug, the cost of which in Russia is slightly above 50 rubles. Despite the numerous advantages of zinc paste, should abandon its use in the treatment of acne in case of hypersensitivity to the drug components. If itching or burning sensation appeared some time after starting treatment with zinc oxide, it is recommended to stop taking the drug. As a rule, unpleasant symptoms quickly pass. If persistent irritation of the skin should contact a doctor for advice. Contraindicated zinc oxide in acute purulent skin lesions.

    Doctors recommend:

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits, to saturate yourself with nuts, oysters and not to give up meat. A balanced diet containing a daily intake of zinc not only offers you beautiful skin and thick healthy hair, but also give strength.
  • Pay close attention to their skin. In the case of infectious-inflammatory diseases of the skin the judicious application of the zinc paste will help restore a smooth and healthy appearance to the face.