Zodak from allergies: admission rules for adults and children

Зодак от аллергии: правила приема для взрослых и детейHello, dear visitors of the website on dermatology. Allergy is a common problem of the 21st century. Against her created a special drug — antihistamine. One of these drugs is the side effects of the drug Allergy.

It belongs to the second generation, which is distinguished by its safety and versatility. What it remarkable about the Zodak? Why he is so sought? You will find the answers in this article.

General information — why Zodak effective?

The effect of this medication is prolonged, then it acts much longer than the others of his kind. The main component of side effects of the drug cetirizine, digidrohlorid — blocker of histamine H1-receptors.

Зодак от аллергии: правила приема для взрослых и детейThese receptors catch the histamine, which is released by mast cells in excessive quantities by ingestion of irritant in the body. During the connection of histamine with H1-receptors allergic attack.

If the receptors in time to block, the attack will not occur or will occur more easily. That’s why Zodak vs hypersensitivity to use appropriate.

Another advantage of the above medicine, the absence of sedative effect if you take it at the scheduled dosage.

He begins to act within twenty minutes after consumption, and the effectiveness was maintained for 24 hours.

Thus, when Zodak in the morning, you can have the whole day to feel complete, who has no allergies.

In which cases are assigned?

Zodak is a universal anti-allergic agent, able to cope with:

  • rhinitis on the basis of hypersensitivity;
  • itchy dermatoses of various types;
  • pollinosis;
  • hives and similar allergic rashes;
  • swelling Quincke type and any other.

Zodak is available in different forms: tablets, containing 10 milligrams of active substance; the drops, intended for oral administration.

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Methods of application of various forms of Zodak

Having read up to this point, you probably had to evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of anti-allergic medication.

Зодак от аллергии: правила приема для взрослых и детейAnd now I propose to examine information about how to adopt it for the treatment of hypersensitivity. In the instructions to various forms of issue Zodak said this:

The tablet form can be taken regardless of meals. The tablets should not be chewed and definitely need to wash down abundant quantity of water.

Adults and children 12 years of age recommended pill once a day. Child six to twelve years of age can give the same pill, just splitting it into two doses (half twice a day).

Drops easier to take the kiddies, but adults can and in the dose of twenty drops (comparable to one tablet) once a day. For children from one year to two years — five drops twice a day. Children two to six years of age may be given to ten drops times a day, and from six to twelve years — ten drops a couple times a day.

There is also a syrup, but it is less popular than the above release form. The syrup can be drunk adults and kiddies 2 level scoops once a day.

Could it be side effects of the drug threat?

Side effects from side effects of the drug are extremely rare. The negative effects of the drug can cause overdose, but if taken correctly, nothing bad will happen.

How to understand that the dose of medication is too big? Very simple, according to the following impairments:

  • dryness in the mouth, accompanied by disturbances of taste;
  • nervous tension, irritability and depression;
  • drowsiness, lethargy, fatigue;
  • dizziness, accompanied by headache;
  • local skin reactions such as rashes, such as hives.
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Who should not use side effects of the drug?

Antihistamine medicines belonging to the second group, it is not recommended for women to drink, carrying a baby or nursing breast milk. Children under two years of age the drug in syrup form is contraindicated. But the bit you can drink from the age of one year.

Special instructions

Зодак от аллергии: правила приема для взрослых и детейIf you are an adult and suffer from allergies, such as food, then you will want to quickly get rid of this trouble, and so as not to disrupt the normal flow of life.

Many question arises: is it possible to combine side effects of the drug with alcohol and similar addictions?

My answer: Zodak categorically not be combined with alcohol! This mixture can cause side effects in the form of a constant desire to sleep and lethargy.

The price of various forms of Zodak and reviews

What we pay attention to when choosing any drugs, except for its intended purpose? Of course, on price as this is a very important factor influencing our choice. The cost of diverse forms of production in the above-described medicament is pleasantly surprising:

  • pills 130-140 rubles;
  • drop — 200-210 rubles.

The low price combined with the efficiency and long effect — that is the main reason for the demand for Zodak. By the way, what do you say allergies? I propose to study the most common reviews:

Patient testimonials

Angela writes:

Зодак от аллергии: правила приема для взрослых и детейGreat drug! Accept it, it happens when an allergic attack. I really like the fact that in the day you should drink just one pill. The best means from allergic attacks!

Maxim writes:

Зодак от аллергии: правила приема для взрослых и детейTreated with Zodak child (6 years old). The drops have virtually no taste, at least it can tolerate. Great tool quickly removes hives. The child drank it with pleasure and without hysteria.

Eugene writes:

Зодак от аллергии: правила приема для взрослых и детейTreated allergic to coffee pills. I liked it, as they do not affect overall health — do not cause drowsiness and lethargy. Tablets helped me live a normal life with allergies. The attacks after they took place very quickly. I recommend to all!

That’s all, dear readers. I hope the article was interesting and informative. Be sure to tell your friends on social networks and subscribe to the updates of the website, if you have on the site is like. All the best to you!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)