Zodak with the chicken pox, and how to properly drink it?

Зодак при ветрянке: поможет ли и как правильно его пить?Good day, dear readers. When the chickenpox is assigned a variety of means, including antihistamines. They are needed to relieve itching and swelling foldericon.

On one of these drugs I want to talk about the side effects of the drug. What is he like? How correctly to be treated? In General, you will learn all about him.

What is a drug?

This anti-Allergy drug 2nd generation. He has a longer action than its predecessors.

As the basic substance acts as cetirizine dihydrochloride. It is available in the form of syrup, drops, tablets, so it is very convenient to give even to kids.

How does the drug?

What good Zodak with chicken pox? All in his pharmacology. It is capable of:

  • Quickly relieve symptoms of any allergic reactions;
  • To improve the General condition of the patient child or adult experiencing painful itching of the body when chickenpox;
  • Reduces the likelihood of Allergy to other drugs medications that can be prescribed in large quantities;
  • Struggling with edema of mucous and bronchospasm (possible complications of smallpox).

As quickly helps medication? The improvement comes literally 15 minutes after ingestion. And its effect drug stores during the day, so taking medication just once a day.

Зодак при ветрянке: поможет ли и как правильно его пить?Moreover, it does not cause drowsiness, addiction, so it is prescribed as long as the pimples do not come from your body and will not stop itching.

Syrup with drops you can drink for children from years old, and tablets are assigned to kids from 6 years. Agree, not many drugs have as much forms of production, and this is very important, because sometimes the child just won’t cram no medicine, and another way to stop itching is simply impossible.

And if we adults are still somehow unable to control themselves, children are not capable of. And sore the blisters is the open «window» for different kinds of infections that can lead to serious complications.

How to drink the medicine?

Of course, before any medications, familiarize yourself with the instructions for use. I should note that dosage can differ from the one that will write you a doctor. It all depends on the severity of symptoms of chickenpox and the patient’s age.

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There are certain rules that you should follow when taking Zodak:

  • Do not exceed maximum daily dose. The doctor can divide the drug into several times, but monitor the overall amount of alcohol consumed, otherwise you may get unexpected side effects.
  • If you miss your appointment, you should immediately give it to a child or adult, as soon as you remember about it.
  • This tool is not tied to the meal, so you can drink it both day and night.
  • Pills swallow without chewing. It is best to take them with a small amount of water. If your child cannot or does not want to drink a tablet medicine, then ask him to drop or syrup.
  • The children from years old can receive drops. They can dribble right in the mouth, no diluting them in advance.
  • Regimens, and dosage

    As I said, the scheme and dosage can differ from the user. It all depends on the age of the patient. So, the drops give children from one year to two years. Receiving divided into 2 times (2.5 mg) morning and evening. It is only 5 drops.

    Syrup prescribed for children aged 2 to 6 years. Complete with medicine you get the scoop, which is equal to 10 grams. Exactly 2 such spoons should drink per day, i.e. one tablespoon morning and evening.

    Pills drink more than older kids and adults. Dosage – 1 tablet a day. It is equal to 20 drops of 2m measuring spoons syrup. If you for some reason do not want to take pills, please drink the medicine in the form of syrup or drops.

    Can also split the pill into 2 doses.

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    Possible side effects

    Alas, like any other drug, side effects of the drug can cause minor side effects. It is very rare, but to warn them, I obliged.

    So, it is possible to:

    • Shortness of breath;
    • Swelling;
    • Skin rashes;
    • Bloating and abdominal pain;
    • Excitement;
    • Dry mouth.

    If you see at least one of the above symptoms, you should consult a specialist to replace the medication.

    How to be overdose?

    Yes, it may happen that you have drank more than the maximum allowable rate (forgot what I was drinking earlier, or have the wrong dosage). In this case, can result in such symptoms:

    • Trembling of the hands;
    • Urinary retention;
    • Tearfulness, restlessness;
    • Dizziness;
    • Indigestion;
    • Palpitation of the heart.

    In this case it is necessary to make gastric lavage (via enemas) and have a sorbent (Enterosgel, activated carbon or other).


    Зодак при ветрянке: поможет ли и как правильно его пить?Zodak can’t drink people are hypersensitive, especially to hidroxizina. We have to be careful the elderly due to possible reduction in glomerular filtration rate and children up to years (conducted studies).

    Can I drink the drug for pregnant and nursing moms? I don’t suggest doing this without the doctor appointments.

    How much is a drug in Russia?

    The price of medication is not high:

    • Tablets are in the range of 130-150 rubles;
    • Drops about 200 rubles;
    • Syrup from 215 rubles.

    Is there anything like the presented tools?

    In pharmacies, there are many antihistamine medications. They are all good in their own way, but before you substitute one drug to others should be consult a doctor.

    Зодак при ветрянке: поможет ли и как правильно его пить?The same active ingredient (cetirizine dihydrochloride) is contained in Zyrtec, but it is more expensive than the side effects of the drug almost doubled.

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    In a similar action, it should be noted Suprastin, Aerius, Tavegil, claritin, but again – only with the permission of the doctor because chicken pox is not a joke disease, which, again, can cause complications.

    I also want to note that all known doctor Komorowski approves the admission facilities in all allergic manifestations, and when we study disease.

    Reviews about the medicine

    Many have noted a significant reduction in itching after taking side effects of the drug. Reducing the swelling and other symptoms of the disease. Only, some say that the drops have a bitter taste and it is better to dilute them with water (a small amount) and to give the kids.

    So, I hope you read everything carefully and make appropriate findings on the drug in the fight against chickenpox. On our portal you can find other antihistamine medications that are also prescribed for chickenpox.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)