Zoster on neck: if timely treatment of the disease the results will be favorable

Лишай на шее: при своевременном лечении болезни результаты будут благоприятнымиHello! Today let’s talk about ringworm. A theme dedicated to the stains on the neck, what could it be, treatment of different types of lichen.

Ringworm in humans — a group of dermatological diseases which are accompanied by the appearance of the skin spots, differing in color from the healthy skin.

The disease is accompanied by peeling, itching. The reasons are different, but basically ringworm is contagious in nature and is often fungal.

The exception is herpes zoster caused by the virus herpes, and pityriasis rosea, which experts believe infektsionno-allergic disease.

Spots on the neck

Лишай на шее: при своевременном лечении болезни результаты будут благоприятнымиCauses of spots on the neck can be such types of zoster: shingles, pink, scaly. Briefly about each:

Shingles is a viral disease accompanied by a rash herpetiformis and the appearance of pronounced pain syndrome.

Manifests itself in those individuals who have had chickenpox. The virus remains in some of the ganglia of the nervous system, and after activation manifests itself as a dermotropic and neurotropic pathogen.

How can you recognize? A rash may be localized in different parts of the body, even in the ear canal, but more often on the side surfaces of the body, in the course of the facial or trigeminal nerve on the neck.

The rash has the typical symptoms: appears on one side, first visible redness, accompanied by pain and a burning sensation.

Soon appear on the red background of skin small bubbles. They are filled with transparent content, grouped.

Can increase and hurt the regional lymph nodes, to rise the body temperature. After 6 days the contents of the vesicles becomes cloudy, and then in their place appear erosion and crust.

They fall off and leave light spots. In addition to cutaneous manifestations, disorders of the nervous system in the form of decrease or disappearance of sensitivity, lesions of the optic nerve, development of transverse myelitis, which is manifested by paralysis.

Neurological symptoms may persist even several years.

I enclose an interesting video where Elena Malysheva in his transfer to «Live healthy» talked about the white spots on the neck and why they occur:


Лишай на шее: при своевременном лечении болезни результаты будут благоприятнымиThe majority of the cases this disease ends by self-recovery. The patient is prescribed medication to relieve symptoms and to affect the virus.

Basically, it’s analgesic, antipruritic, an antihistamine. Antiviral agents are divided into local and General.

Local well-known ointment Acyclovir and its analogues: Famciclovir, Valacyclovir, Gerpevir. Acyclovir is available in tablet and injection form for oral administration.

If the therapy of the disease start antiviral means in the first 72 hours, significantly reduced pain, itching, burning, and the probability of neurological disorders.

Pityriasis rosea

Лишай на шее: при своевременном лечении болезни результаты будут благоприятнымиReasons not exactly understood, occurs after transferred colds. the feature of this dermatosis is that he disappears after 6-8 weeks even with adequate treatment.

Symptoms mostly of the skin, ringworm is rarely accompanied by itching. After it develops a strong immunity.

Sick persons ranging in age from 20 to 40 years, among younger and older cases pink lichen is extremely rare. Symptoms: on the skin, usually in the same place, there is a large maternal spot.

Color it pink and yellow, the surface is scaly. Gradually, the center of the spot becomes completely free from flakes and it becomes similar to the medallion (on the periphery persists dandruff).

After 1-2 weeks appearing child spot (podsypanina), they are smaller in size, are along the lines of Langer, i.e. places greater tension of the skin. frequent localization — the limbs and trunk (shown in photo).

On the neck pityriasis rosea is rare. The disease is characterized by self-cure, except in some cases.

But you can use home remedies to ease the disease. We wrote about it in this article. And I enclose for your attention a video about the recipes of traditional medicine against the disease:

In the initial stages avoid rubbing, pressure on the stain to prevent the development of the irritated form.

Of water treatment is best to limit shower without a washcloth and rubbing the skin with a towel. If worried about intense itching prescribe antihistamines, topical good ointments with corticosteroids weak action.

There is evidence that the use of erythromycin or acyclovir on the first day of the disease significantly reduces the risk of complicated and prolonged course of lichen.

Except hormonal ointments topically applied Tindal (mash) clean at the time of the usual cosmetics.

Pityriasis versicolor

Лишай на шее: при своевременном лечении болезни результаты будут благоприятнымиDermatosis fungal origin, which affects the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Some individuals have a predisposition or a combination of factors that contribute to the high risk of morbidity ringworm: patients with tuberculosis, AIDS, rheumatism, individuals with excessive sweating, a violation of the process of the peeling of the Horny layer of the epidermis, residing in hot countries, as well as the child in the period of puberty.

The clinical picture consists of the horse manifestations, rarely present subjective symptoms.

The skin of the trunk, neck, shoulders, back and chest spots appear noninflammatory nature. They become brownish, and grow and merge with each other.

Easy pokalyvanie their surface leads to flaking and the appearance of scales like bran. Treatment of tinea versicolor is performed on an outpatient basis.

The leather is treated with the D. a few days to lubricate the turns with 60% sodium thiosulfate water, 6% hydrochloric acid.

Лишай на шее: при своевременном лечении болезни результаты будут благоприятнымиLocal funds can RUB salicylic alcohol or salve, ointment on the basis of tar or sulphur, and an aqueous emulsion of benzyl benzoate.

Predictions are always favorable, but relapses to avoid any skin treat the skin courses with a break of 1-2 months.

Linen and bed the patient is recommended to disinfect by boiling. Is also conducting primary prevention, personal hygiene, handling of funds on skin care products (sponge, towels).

We hope that our article will be useful to you! Stay tuned, we got a lot of information that is useful for your health!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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