Zovirax herpes: how to use it?

Hello, dear readers. Almost daily to me for counseling people with herpes and ask how it can be quickly cured. Often I recommend to buy and try the Zovirax for herpes.

Why? What’s so good about this drug? In today’s article I will talk about the benefits of Zovirax over the analogues and the rules of its use.

What is this medicine?

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?Zovirax is an immune stimulant that fights herpes viruses: genital, citomegalovirus, varicella, Epstein Barra.

With this tool you easily get rid of bubble lesions on lips, body, genitals, body, lips.

The medication is produced by a major pharmaceutical Corporation called Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals SA and presented it in the form of:

  • 5% cream to use externally;
  • 3% ophthalmic ointment;
  • Tablet form;
  • Powder, which is made of an intravenous solution.

The cream contains in dvuhgolosyj the vial of plastic, and are also sold 10.5 and 2 gram tubes. The drug is painted in white color and is a smooth consistency.

The pill is also white. They are round shape with double – sided inscription- GXCL3. Ointment for eyes is a homogeneous oily mass without a smell. It is produced in tubes with a volume of 4.5 grams.

Powder (lyophilisate) is sold in two hundred and fifty gram vials (5 PCs pack).

Zovirax: its active ingredients

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?The main active substance in the present preparation is acyclovir, which has an excellent activity against viruses.

1 gram of cream has 50 mg of acyclovir, 1 tablet – 200 mg; 1 gram of the ointment to 30 mg, 1 ampoule is 250 mg.

In addition to acyclovir in each form of medication contain a variety of additional components, whose presence is to know for those who have allergic reactions. Here is a list of potential allergens in the mass Zovirax:

  • white vaseline contained in ophthalmic ointments;
  • paraffin, Dimethicone, sodium lauryl sulfate, the alcohol in the cream;
  • sodium hydroxide powder for injection;
  • starch, lactose, povidone 30 tablets.

Against any of the herpes viruses will help Zovirax?

Helps shown the drug to be cured from herpes? It will help you to get rid of: cytomegalovirus, virus Epstein-Barr, chicken pox, herpes simplex 1, 2 type.

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?Main acting component of Zovirax detrimental effect on the herpes viruses. No matter what shape you have the drug – its effect will be the same. The only difference is the magnitude of the therapeutic effect.

That is, if you drink the pills, the virus is destroyed inside your body. In the case of local use of you eliminate the symptoms of the infection – bubble rash.

This means that the antiviral effect is achieved only in the sector of the body where it was processed. But its effect is still the same with any method of use.

Who shows a drug?

The cream can be administered for elimination of lesions on the mucous membranes, lips, body. Ointment for eyes is good for eye herpes. Injections and tablets can be used in the case of homonymous indications, such as:

  • treatment of chickenpox;
  • in the prevention of girisindeki;
  • for the treatment of girisindeki caused by 1 of 2 types of viruses;
  • for the purpose of prevention of cytomegalovirus;
  • for treatment of newborns who are diagnosed with an infection caused by 1 of 2 types of herpes.
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Whom the drug is contraindicated?

General contraindication for all forms of Zovirax is excessive sensitivity to acyclovir and other components.

With caution the drug is assigned with: renal insufficiency; the lack of fluid in the body; neurological problems.

Tablets: instructions for use

I advise you to drink the medicine with plenty of fluids. The tablets preferably after meals.

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?Adults shown 200 mg (1 tablet) for five times per day with duration of therapy 5 days.

When the patient has immune deficiency caused by, for example, bone marrow transplantation, the dose should be more than 2 times (400 mg 5 times per day).

For the treatment of erisipela in children older than 2 years is also assigned the adult dosage.

I want to tell you that the sooner you begin to take Zovirax, the faster the disease will retreat. If you have a relapse of herpes, you start taking the pill at the first bubble.

In the prevention of girisindeki should take 200 mg, Zovirax 4 times per day or 2 tablets twice a day.

If the herpes is not manifested for a long time, it is permissible to reduce the dosage to 1 tablet thrice or even twice a day. If such a low dose helps to avoid a new aggravation of herpes, increase its not worth it.

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?Children older than 2 years to prevent taking an adult dosage, and those who are younger – half the adult dose.

Prophylactic course should be conducted several times a year. The duration of the medication depends on the risk of relapse or the severity of the disease.

To cure shingles and chicken pox, I suggest you increase the dosage taken. Drink 4 tablets five times a day during the week. Children need to be treated according to the following scheme:

  • over 6 years – adult dose;
  • from 2 to 6 years – 4 times a day 2 tablets;
  • under 2 years – 1 tablet four times a day.

Special instructions for use of tablets

If you are in old age, you should be cautious to drink Zovirax. I recommend all the time while you’re drinking pills to monitor creatinine levels to avoid renal failure. When the balance is disrupted, then reduce the dosage.

Also suggest to drink plenty of fluids until, until you finish the course of treatment presented by drug.

If you have renal failure with CC (the filter coefficient) is not less than 10 ml/min, Zovirax can you drink in a normal dosage. When this ratio is lower, your dosage in the treatment and prevention of this herpes – twice a day 1 tablet.

In the case of chickenpox and herpes zoster people with kidney failure need to be treated in the following way:

  • in QA 10 — 25 ml/min three times a day, 4 pieces;
  • if CC below 10 ml/min, twice a day for 4 pieces;
  • when QC over 25 ml/min, standard dose (5 times a day 4 tablets).

Rules of application of the cream

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?The cream should be treated immediately, those parts of the body that are covered with herpes sores. On the day you need to use 5 times over 4-10 days. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

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Zovirax applied in a thin layer on the damaged area, affecting the healthy surrounding areas.

Do it better with a cotton stick, disk or hands, but hands only after this procedure it is necessary to wash, not to transfer the infection to healthy skin.

Best of all, if you start to be smeared with cream as soon as I felt the first symptoms of herpes – itching, burning, swelling of the mucous membrane or skin redness. If you are treating cold sores on the lips, then make sure that the cream does not hit you in the mouth. If the rash on the lips is quite extensive, you can Supplement cream taking the pill.

If you are treating genital herpes, it is necessary to abstain at the time of treatment from sexual contact.

Eye ointment – instructions for use

Against ophthalmic herpes (eye infection) it is necessary 5 times a day to lay some ointment under his lower eyelid. The course lasts until then, until the symptoms of the disease + another three days.

If after applying you felt a strong burning sensation, it is quite a normal phenomenon which will pass on their own after some time.

While you use the ointment, you should not wear contact lenses.

How and when to apply liofilizat – Zovirax in the vials?

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?This medication is injected intravenously. It is often prescribed for severe herpes infections. The dosage is calculated by the doctor based on your body weight.

Adults usually appointed for 5 MK/kg every eight hours. If the patient developed severe disease, herpes encephalitis, then the dosage is doubled, i.e. 10 ág/kg. obesity is the patient’s dose is reduced to 2.5 ág/kg.

The course of treatment is 5 days. The elderly are assigned a reduced dosage of the drug.
This form of medicines can be entered in the preventive purposes. The dosage is the same as in the treatment of erisipela, but instead 5 times a day is administered once a day.

You can enter injection children since their birth. In this case, the dose will be calculated based on the surface area of the body. The course of treatment is 10 days.

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?Chicken pox requires the introduction of a large volume of the drug – 250mg/m2. Injections are made every 8 hours. In the case of kidney failure in child the dosage should be reduced.

The solution should be prepared before the introduction. The powder is diluted with water for injection or physiological saline.

For one ampoule you need to take 10 ml of water. After connection of all the ingredients mixed and added to a drip. The whole procedure should take no more than an hour.

Important! If when mixing you noticed that there was precipitate in the form of crystals or flakes, then use a medication prohibited!

Use of Zovirax during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?Components of the medicinal product in the case of local application is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, but experiments with pregnant and lactating mothers was conducted.

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I, as a doctor, often advised cream for the manifestation of herpes on the lips of expectant mothers. Also, they can lubricate the genitals through genital infection.

But tablets and intravenous injection I is prescribed very rarely, when the risk of complications. So I advise you not to self to take this medicine without consulting the doctor.

Negative effects

The negative effects of the different systems of the body from taking the pills and injected the following:

  • digestive system: stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, jaundice, increased activity of ALT and AST.
  • urinary system: increased creatinine with urea;
  • blood system: reducing the number of platelets with white blood cells; anemia.
  • CNS: tremor of the limbs, drowsiness, convulsions, coma, psychosis, vertigo.
  • Allergy manifested by angioedema, rash, urticaria, anaphylactic shock, shortness of breath.

After applying the cream you may experience: burning, redness, itching, tingling at the site of application, allergic dermatitis and angioedema.

If you use the eye ointment, the negative effects can be the following: conjunctivitis, blepharitis, point keratopathy, angioedema.

Which is better acyclovir or zovirax?

Зовиракс от герпеса: как правильно им пользоваться?Zovirax is the original medicine, which includes acyclovir.

If you see on the counter pharmacy Acyclovir with additional names AKOS, ACRE, Belupo and other, you know that it is generic, and between them and the original medicines there is a difference.

Generics are not so thorough research, as the original drug.

Original drug is an active substance without any impurities and additives, can not be said often about generic.

I always recommend original products. If you are unable (due to financial difficulties) buy Zovirax (its price starts from 170 rubles), tell your doctor, he will prescribe you a cheaper alternative.

According to the opinion of my and other patients, Zovirax lasts longer on the lips than Acyclovir, and course of treatment is reduced for a few days.

My advice is: if you jumped cold sores on the lips or inside the nose, get an tablet form of Acyclovir, so you will be able to suppress the development of virus.

After undergoing this treatment significantly reduced relapse. But to eliminate the symptoms of shingles or penile herpes it is better to purchase Zovirax.

That’s all, dear readers. Before using Zovirax or any other medications I suggest you to first go to doctor.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)