Zovirax in chickenpox: feedback on performance

Зовиракс при ветрянке: отзывы об эффективностиGood day, dear visitors of the website about dermatology! You’ve probably already heard about the drug Acyclovir, which is often prescribed for the treatment of chickenpox.

Did you know that there was a serious competitor, able to compete on efficiency and price.

The competitor is Zovirax. He is devoted to this article. In it I talk about why Zovirax is assigned when the chickenpox.

By the way, often the reviews say that Zovirax is much more effective than Acyclovir. So whether it is, in fact, and why? If you’re interested, happy reading.

Forms release and price

The drug, which became the topic of this article, is available in several forms:

  • tablets;
  • 5% cream;
  • ophthalmic 3% ointment;
  • lyophilisate for preparation of solutions for injection.

We are interested in the 5% cream and pills, since they are prescribed for chickenpox. The price of the drug in the form of cream is equivalent to 200-300 rubles, depending on the volume of the tube.

In pharmacies you can find 2-and 5-grambye tubes of cream. Pills cost about 900 rubles. The package contains 25 tablets, each containing 200 mg of active substance.

Efficacy and therapeutic effect

Зовиракс при ветрянке: отзывы об эффективностиThe above medicine copes with the chickenpox virus, which in medicine is called «Varicella zoste». After entering the human body active ingredient of the drug penetrates into the cells affected by the virus.

In the end viral the cells stop dividing, so that the person begins to actively recover.

The 5% cream and tablets can be used not only against chickenpox, but also against herpes, as the virus provocateurs of these diseases are very similar to each other.

Contraindications and side effects

Зовиракс при ветрянке: отзывы об эффективностиBefore we tell you about the ways of using drugs, I want to familiarize you with its contraindications and side effects. The only contraindication is the presence of Allergy to acyclovir or valacyclovir.

Overdo it with the Zovirax, so to experience any side effects, is very difficult. However, the drug they are, so to see them worth it.

Side effects of cream varicella are different types of local reactions, namely:

  • redness and peeling;
  • itching and burning;
  • small red allergic rash.

Side effects tablets the following:

  • nausea;
  • disorders of the digestive tract;
  • reducing the number of leukocytes and platelets in the blood;
  • dizziness and the like.

And now I propose to examine ways of applying the aforementioned drug. By the way, its effectiveness is confirmed by a great number of positive reviews on different forums.

To achieve maximum efficiency, it is necessary to know how to use Zovirax. How this is done read below.

The use of the cream against chickenpox

Зовиракс при ветрянке: отзывы об эффективностиThe cream should be applied to clean skin in a thin layer without rubbing. Treat the affected watery rash areas need at least 5 times a day.

On average, the rate of application of Zovirax in the form of cream is less than 4 days, but sometimes the doctor can increase it to 10 days (if the viral disease in the severe stage).

What do you think, is it possible to apply this drug on mucous membranes? And here’s the answer: it is possible. This is its main advantage, as almost all the ointments and creams against varicella may be applied only on the skin.

The cream doesn’t leave behind any traces and sensations. After applying you will notice the following effects:

  • itching and inflamed watery pimples will be reduced;
  • the crust will be soft and imperceptible;
  • partially subside the redness;
  • the pimples will begin to quickly dry out and heal.

Sometimes Zovirax in chickenpox is prescribed in pill form. How to take this form of medication?

The use of the tablets

The tablets should be taken with clean water and can be taken before eating, and after. The dosage depends on various factors such as the age and condition of the patient.

Зовиракс при ветрянке: отзывы об эффективностиBefore taking the pills I recommend to consult a doctor and consult with him. If you go to the hospital you don’t want to ask a professional dermatologist on this site.

Now consider a standard dosage for the treatment of chickenpox and herpes in children and adults. Adults appoint 4 tablets (800 mg) Zovirax 5 times a day. Tablets need to drink 5 days, if the disease progresses without complications.

Accepting the above preparation should start as early as possible. Ideally, treatment is initiated after the detection of the first watery pimples.

Treatment of chickenpox with the help of these tablets in children is slightly different. Adult dosage is prescribed children aged 6 years. Younger children the drug is prescribed:

  • 2-6 years 2 table. four times a day;
  • under 2 years old: 1 table. four times per day.

Zovirax in pregnancy

Pregnant women can be treated without fear of this medication in the form of cream. But take the pills I would not recommend, as the clinical study of the effect of the pill on pregnancy have not been conducted for obvious reasons (see, no woman in her position would not have gone to such experiments).


To understand how effective drug against chickenpox, you need to read reviews about it. Often people say that Zovirax is more effective against herpes than against smallpox. What else to say about him?

Eugene writes:

Зовиракс при ветрянке: отзывы об эффективностиThe drug helped me, but I can’t say that he is fully satisfied. It seemed to me that it needs to quickly deal with watery pimples, jumped from the chickenpox. Perhaps it was necessary to drink tablets, not to be rubbed with cream.

Elena writes:

Зовиракс при ветрянке: отзывы об эффективностиI have two kids had chicken pox at different times. I was treated with Acyclovir, and the second — Zovirax.


To be honest, not much difference I have not noticed, but the child claimed that the second drug is best, since after it less itchy pimples. Your child, I believe, so I have a positive opinion about this medicine.

Natalia writes:

Зовиракс при ветрянке: отзывы об эффективностиI effect after applying the cream very much! Yes, the price for some may seem high, but the drug is fully justified. Pimples after it starts to pass very quickly, cease to itch and hurt.

Suggest you watch the video where Dr. Komorowski says about how to treat itching a child with chickenpox.

I hope article about Zovirax have answered all your questions. If you read the information was interesting and useful for you, share it on your social networks with your friends and subscribe to site updates. I wish you good health!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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