Zyrtec for allergies: how to take children and adults?

Зиртек от аллергии: как правильно принимать детям и взрослым?Good day, dear readers! Zyrtec Allergy is one of the most reliable antihistamines the second generation.

The product has a simple structure, based on cetirizine, making almost no contraindications. Available in several forms for adults and children, has a pleasant cost.

Read more about Zyrtec against hypersensitivity read in this article.

What is the effect on the organism of the allergic person?

If hypersensitivity is actively secreted histamine — a substance produced by fat cells.

Fat cells, in turn, are located in almost all tissues of the human body and is strongly react to danger in the form of allergens and irritants that enter the body in different ways.

Зиртек от аллергии: как правильно принимать детям и взрослым?When an irritant gets inside of us, fat cells begin to actively produce the above substance which binds to histamine H1-receptors. During this communication is an allergic reaction.

To prevent it, you need to block the H1 receptors. Drug, which this article copes with this task.

Thus, Zyrtec helps prevent the development of symptoms of hypersensitivity such as itching of the epidermal integuments, allergic rashes, e.g. urticaria; sneezing and a constant feeling of nasal congestion; swelling of the mucous membranes and other tissues.

The main component of Sirtica — cetirizine not only blocks H1-histamine receptors, and other inflammatory mediators that are involved in later phases of development of hypersensitivity. Simply put, Zyrtec will help to eliminate not only allergies, but also complications.

The main therapeutic effects

  • decongestant;
  • antispasmodic (removes spasms of the bronchi and prevents cough);
  • protivozudnam;
  • anti-inflammatory.

How fast acting medication?

The medication has a decent pharmacokinetic properties. After ingestion the effect is half an hour (on average). The maximum efficiency of the preparation becomes after an hour of exposure.

Production forms

There are two the most common forms of this drug: tablets for adults and older kids, drops — for the very young starting at six months of age.

How to take Zyrtec anti-allergic?

The regimen is quite simple and straightforward. Is it possible to use this treatment for babies, you ask?

An additional advantage of Zirtek is safety, making it a certain dosage you can give babies from six months old.

Let’s examine the dosage of Zirtek prescribed in the instructions:

  • a drug in tablet form is assigned a quantity 1 piece (tablet) a day for adults;
  • kiddies tablet form, is available from the age of three in a quantity of 0,5 PCs per day;
  • drip the form to give adults in the quantity of twenty drops a day;
  • children 2-6 years of age it is recommended at ten drops a day;
  • for the treatment of hypersensitivity in a child aged a year or two, are assigned the same ten drops, but it must be split into two doses (five drops), as this will help to prevent overdose;
  • babies 6-12 months of age it is recommended that five drops a day.

Зиртек от аллергии: как правильно принимать детям и взрослым?Treatment of food or other «standard» hypersensitivity drug Zyrtec lasts a week. If hypersensitivity develops complications or is «specific», for example, emerged in the sun, the course may be extended.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency from the drug, I recommend drinking it one hour before or after meals. Drops Zyrtec have a slightly unpleasant taste, so drink it in diluted (with water).

Price is the main criterion of choice

Choosing a drug, we draw attention to the value, as at the present time she can reach exorbitant amounts.

Price Zirtek, fortunately, accessible to everyone. Drops cost 340 rubles, and the pills — about 300 rubles. Agree, this is not expensive these days, especially when you consider the efficiency and performance of the above drug.

When to take Zyrtec it is impossible, and if it can harm?

Treated Sitecom prohibited pregnant women and young mothers, breast-feeding. In addition, it is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to cetirizine. Patients with renal or hepatic nedostatochnosti this remedy is prescribed rarely.

Side effects can occur if you overdose. These include:

  • fatigue, lethargy, constant desire to sleep;
  • dryness in the mouth, bitter taste and similar disorders;
  • dizziness and migraine;
  • allergic reaction to cetirizine in the form of rashes, such as hives.

Allergies positive about the pills and the drops Zyrtec. The reason for this is the versatility of a drug, it is available for each cost and increased efficiency.

Зиртек от аллергии: как правильно принимать детям и взрослым?Antihistamines the second and third groups have virtually no contraindications and side effects.

Another advantage is dosage, as for getting rid of hypersensitivity, it is sufficient to take only one pill or a portion of the droplets in the day.

Remember that any antihistamine medicines are categorically not compatible with alcohol. During treatment of hypersensitivity of Sitecom refrain from alcoholic beverages and unhealthy habits as possible.

Better to endure a week than to suffer from the symptoms of an allergic attack.

That’s all the information about Zyrtec — powerful antiallergic medication. I hope I have fully satisfied your curiosity and was interesting.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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