Diet after gall bladder removal by laparoscopy

Any surgical intervention in the human body, even malotravmaticheskih operations and laparoscopy, may cause disorders in its work. If there are indications for removal of gallbladder, you should prepare for radical changes in his usual diet. Diet after the laparoscopic gallbladder are intended to stimulate the flow of bile and lead to normal metabolic processes. What diet is recommended after gallbladder removal by laparoscopic method? What foods allowed by the diet and which are banned?

What are the functions of the gallbladder? Indications for its removal

Bile is produced in the liver, then gets into her ducts, and then into the gallbladder and the duodenum. The digestion products pass with her. The gallbladder is a receptacle to supply bile the duodenum in the right quantity in the active phase of digestion. In this phase there is an incomplete filling of the intestine with the food, partially digested in the stomach.

If you do not follow the mode of food intake, often eat fried and fatty meals in large quantities and also dry food — there is a stagnation of bile in the bladder. Improper nutrition is the reason that may develop inflammation and form stones. This leads to thinning of the bladder walls. If you accumulate a lot of bile, the wall can rupture, and the entire contents fall into the peritoneum. In this case the patient threatens death if not urgently take the necessary measures. Therefore, in order to prevent these serious complications, you need to remove the body. Laparoscopy is the most gentle method of doing the operation, most commonly used in medical practice.

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Adverse reactions from the digestive system after the removal using laparoscopy

For several weeks after undergoing surgery may experience such reactions on the part of the digestive tract (symptoms after eating):

  • the feeling of bloating;
  • flatulence;
  • diarrhea, frequent bowel movements.

For frequent or, on the contrary, rare stool, diarrhea will help such adjustments in the menu:

  • to increase in your menu the content of the products, which contain large amounts of dietary fiber (for example, rice);
  • eliminate drinks that contain caffeine (tea, coffee);
  • eliminate dairy products, fatty and spicy.

What should be the diet after laparoscopy?

Diet after conducting a laparoscopy should become the norm for humans. The need for a special power due to the fact that the patient now has no authority, where previously accumulated bile. Biliary tract can not be after the operation to accumulate a lot of bile, so they need to unload. If the bile will accumulate, it can cause inflammation and appearance of stones. Food must be fractional, because the release of bile is made after getting food into the body. It is better to eat small portions up to 6 times per day. The meal must be made at certain hours.

The decrease in the number of enzymes that help digest fats that occurs after removal of the bladder. Therefore, the diet excludes products with a refractory animal fats: lamb, bacon or beef fat. Fats contained in dairy products and food of plant origin, help the rapid outflow of bile.

Proper cooking after laparoscopy gallbladder removal

Diet after gallbladder removal permits the presence on the table of the dishes steamed, boiled and steamed. Recommended to avoid fried foods because they contain substances that trigger the secretion of digestive juices, which irritating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. This is quite undesirable after surgery to remove the gallbladder.

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Preferred menu

After undergoing surgery, not all foods from the usual menu previously allowed to eat. Of the first dishes you can eat light soups of vegetables with cereals. Second, you can cook the meat of a young calf or chicken. Allowed to eat lean fish, but not often (2 times a week). Doctors recommend to give preference to marine fish, because it helps to digest fats.

You should take care that often the menu were buckwheat, oatmeal and other cereals. We should not forget about vegetables and fruits. Cheese and dairy products are good for Breakfast or dinner. Eggs can be eaten boiled but not hard-boiled or cook in an omelette. Fats are actively involved in metabolic processes in the body, so must be included in the menu, but better if it is butter or fat of vegetable origin. Diet includes foods that have a diuretic effect, such as melon and watermelon. Besides, they help remove toxins from the body. Jam, marmalade, jelly, marshmallows or honey is perfect as a dessert.

Unwanted products in the menu after surgery gallbladder removal

The first thing you need to eliminate from the diet: spices, onions, radishes, garlic, mushrooms, radish. These products irritate the stomach and intestines. Strong and fat broths, marinades, sour, spicy and salty and not worth it to use. After gallbladder removal enzymes bile is much smaller. Sauerkraut causes fermentation, and therefore it is not allowed to eat after surgery for gallbladder removal.

Exclude from the diet menu, fatty meat, bacon, mutton and beef fat, sausages. Prohibited pastry, including flour, and sodas. Foods with rough fiber in the composition (peas, beans) is also contraindicated. Spasm of the biliary tract can trigger cold food such as jelly and ice cream. Such food is also prohibited to use. It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages.

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Diet after surgery gallbladder removal includes:

  • the variety of available products;
  • the use of only fresh ingredients, steamed, way stewing or boiling;
  • reception of the products at room temperature — the food should not be too hot or cold.

Diet after gallbladder removal ensures a coordinated functioning of the body and will also help to organize the work of all its systems. Proper nutrition is the key to health!