Diet for thrush – recommendations and products

Thrush is a disease, which is often difficult to get rid of . The treatment is effective only if the woman’s changing lifestyle and food with a yeast infection. To combat fungi family Candida effectively, you must diet for thrush.

Products that cannot have candidiasis

You need to always remember that there are products, the use of which can cause candidiasis, but also to strengthen the manifestation of symptoms of fungal diseases:

  • Yeast dough and pastry is a favorite habitat of the fungus. In it, they actively multiply. In order to protect yourself from unpleasant diseases — candidiasis, you need to limit the use of honey, chocolate, breads, pastries, confectionery and other sweets.
  • Use vinegar and alcohol increases the acidity in the stomach and intestines. If the acidity is increased, the yeast multiply unchecked, and there is a candidiasis. It is necessary to exclude alcoholic drinks and acidic solutions from use.
  • Diet for thrush also implies that you can not eat sauces based on vinegar, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce.
  • Smoked, fatty and salty foods, caffeine, soda, mushrooms, spicy and overly spicy food also can not eat, as they provoke candidiasis.
  • You should also refuse food, which is composed of yeast. Not only is baking from yeast dough, but beer.
  • Dairy foods (except those that contain lactobacilli and bifidobacteria) can also trigger candidiasis.

Diet for thrush not only restricts the use of a certain product category, but also leads to the fact that of the huge number of delicious meals we have to choose only healthy food. You can not fry foods, use a lot of oil, spices, salt and marinade, if a person is candidiasis. Visit the cafeteria fast food is prohibited at the time of treatment of the yeast.

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Healthy food: what to eat with candidiasis

Diet for thrush in women involves a lot of fresh vegetables, steamed and baked, chicken meat, lean fish, as well as unsweetened fresh fruit, cereals and legume products.

Spices not like the fungus family Candida:

  • cinnamon;
  • Bay leaf;
  • carnation.

Use spices in powdered form, and whole. For example, a cinnamon stick or dried flowers of clove. They need to apply more often than the other spices. Other spices can only enhance the unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms of the disease.

The list of foods recommended in diet for candidiasis:

  • garlic, propolis, and red pepper;
  • cooked in a double boiler, boiled or baked in the oven meat, fish and poultry low-fat varieties;
  • fresh vegetables that need to be baked or prepared on pair (recommended often eat beets, cucumbers, cabbage and carrots);
  • fresh herbs: dill, parsley;
  • legumes: peas, beans, etc;
  • fresh carrot juice;
  • yogurts that contain bifidus bacteria without preservatives and additives;
  • yogurt helps to restore the natural balance of lactic acid in the body with a yeast infection;
  • fresh homemade cottage cheese;
  • cereals: buckwheat, rice, millet, oats, barley, wheat porridge;
  • fresh, unsweetened citrus;
  • seaweed;
  • pumpkin white seeds and weak roasted;
  • flax oil;
  • chicken eggs;
  • boiled the liver and kidneys;
  • a variety of seafood;
  • sesame seeds;
  • unsweetened fresh fruit: plums, apples;
  • dried rose hips or hawthorn;
  • the cranberries — not only the fruit but also the leaves.

For drinking, you can cook healthy teas from herbs that can help with candidiasis. You can use:

  • dried flowers of chamomile;
  • dry carrot in the form of grass;
  • the dried flowers of the hawthorn;
  • sea buckthorn;
  • blueberries;
  • rose.
  • clover;
  • alfalfa;
  • psyllium;
  • Rowan.

Apply these useful fruits and herbs can be individually or combining them. Combine them to your taste. Be sure to consult with a specialist.

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Also it is not necessary to postpone a trip to the nutritionist. This doctor can make a correct diet for candidiasis that are effective. This applies more to women who suffer from chronic and recurrent disease.

Sample menu and special dietary needs for women

Proper and balanced diet will help a woman to avoid relapse and contribute, along with medication to fast izbavlenie from the disease (chronic candidiasis is treated sometimes for years). Consider a sample menu, which should be observed as long as the unpleasant symptoms won’t leave you.

Menu for women

  • Breakfast – live yogurt, fresh cheese, salad of boiled or fresh vegetables;
  • Lunch – fresh carrot juice;
  • Lunch – soup in meat broth from lean meats, fish or poultry, hard-boiled egg, salad of beets and carrots, herbal tea;
  • Afternoon tea – fresh, unsweetened berries or fruit;
  • Dinner – salad with fish or liver, olive oil, stews, vegetables, fermented milk drink – kefir.

Menu for pregnant woman

Candidiasis during pregnancy is a frequent phenomenon, as a weak immune system women can not resist the onslaught of pathogenic microorganisms. Drug treatment is recommended to minimize, but the right diet diet for the expectant mother — this is what you need.

  • Breakfast – fermented milk (yogurt with a yeast infection — the best option), boiled egg, any cereal porridge, freshly squeezed carrot juice;
  • Lunch – fresh berries or fruit;
  • Lunch – you can eat pasta with a vegetable stew or soup of meat, fish, poultry low-fat varieties, fresh vegetable salad, boiled egg and herbal tea;
  • Afternoon tea – fresh fruit-drink or juice;
  • Dinner – you can eat any cereal porridge with meat, fish with garnish, salad, vegetables, fruit, kefir or yogurt, berry juice.
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The norm in the day: drinking drink — 150 ml, fish, poultry, meat — 100 grams of berries and fruits not more than half a Cup, ready meals — 200 grams.

The results and recommendations of medical diet

The results of treatment will be pleased, if you strictly adhere to the rules of clinical nutrition. Positive dynamics is expressed by:

  • in the rapid disappearance of the unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms;
  • the creation of an environment unfavorable to the development of fungi of the family Candida.

If a woman suffers from excess weight, then this technique will help her not only to cure the candidiasis, but also to shed a few extra pounds. Need strictly adhere to the diet until the complete disappearance of anxiety symptoms. The doctors are positive about the diet with candidiasis. It is recommended not to neglect the principles of healthy eating. If we add to this medication and proper hygiene, the disease can leave you forever. Diet for thrush can also be used in preventive measures to prevent fungal diseases.