Dioxidine in nose during pregnancy: is it possible to do with it inhalation?

How to take Dioxidine during pregnancy?

Dioxidine – disinfectant and antibacterial agent belonging to the category of derived chinoxalin. It has bactericidal effect on different groups of pathogens – gramatically bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, actinomycetes, staphylococci, and certain strains of pathogenic microorganisms that are resistant to other categories of antibacterial agents.

Means inhibits DNA synthesis, penetrating to the inside of microbial cells and causing the destruction (transformation in the structure) of the cell membrane. As a result, the germ dies. Despite its merits, pregnancy Dioxidine is contraindicated. Still there are cases when the use of funds is justified. In this article we will look at what is so dangerous the drug during pregnancy, in which cases it is still prescribed, and how to apply it to future mothers.

Why Dioxidine dangerous to take pregnant?

This antibiotic, like other not recommended for expectant mothers. The active ingredient, which is included in its composition, adversely affect the embryo and can cause different mutations. Its pharmacological characteristics are able to provoke abnormal development of the baby and prevent proper formation of the nervous system.

During pregnancy a woman’s body is very sensitive. Dioxidine may provoke the following States:

  • headaches of varying intensity;
  • chills, fever;
  • disorder of the digestive system;
  • cramps;
  • the inability of the skin to resist ultraviolet rays, resulting in rapidly formed spots;
  • specific symptoms of allergies.

If the remedy to treat the wounds, the likely manifestations of dermatitis on body areas that are close to the affected areas. While pregnant patients often complain of itching.

Indications for use

This medicine during pregnancy can be administered when alternative means are unable to resist disease.

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Indications for use Dioksidina in pregnant women there may be a pronounced inflammatory processes (in particular, accompanied by clots of pus):

  • purulent pleurisy;
  • recurrent cystitis or a pronounced form;
  • abdominal inflammation etc.

How to apply Dioxidine during pregnancy?

The solution of the drug can be used in pure form (vials with 0.5% solution) or divorce, with the addition of hydrocortisone or saline solution (ampoules with 1% solution). Daily reception of this money needs to be divided into several parts: inside of nose is buried 2-3 drops 3-4 times a day. The average period of drug treatment during pregnancy is not more than 7-8 days.

Important! In the treatment of Dioxydine use caution when doing potentially hazardous activities (eg, driving), as well as when performing jobs that require responsiveness.


Another method of getting rid of specific diseases when all other means are powerless in pregnancy are pulmonary with Dioxidine.

In the manufacture of solution for the purpose of inhalation dosage means should be adhered to. For this reason, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the product is sold in vials as a 1% and 0.5% solution. To carry out inhalation is possible with these two solutions. 1% solution should be diluted with saline in fractions 1 to 4, and the 0.5% solution diluted in the balance sheet 1 to 2.

For the implementation of one procedure is required 4 ml. To exceed this amount dangerous. Prepare beforehand and keep in the refrigeration unit is not more than 12 hours. The number of inhalation — no more than two times a day.

Attention! The duration of the procedures is determined by the doctor depending on personal tolerance means.

In the event of skin pigmentation, the dosage is reduced and therapy is supplemented by antihistamine agents.

If in vials with the means during storage to form crystalline compounds (usually when the temperature overcomes a 16-degree threshold), they must be dissolved, warming the vials in a water bath and razbaltyvaniya them to eliminate the crystals. Make sure that the solution was completely transparent.


In conclusion it can be concluded that Dioxidine in the process of gestation should not be used. However, in extreme cases, the doctors allow its use, when the intended benefits to the expectant mother is much greater than the risks to the fetus.

Thus, if you have to use the Dioxidine in pregnancy, burying his nose or doing inhalations, carefully follow instructions and observe precautions. Self-medicating is dangerous and even criminal.