Dioxidine: nasal rinses child and adult

How to wash the nose with Dioxidine?

Many people with symptoms of rhinitis that is accompanied by General weakness, do not even think about treatment. They believe that the disease will pass on their own. However, in some cases the first signs of rhinitis can be easily confused with inflammation of the sinuses, provoking the development of sinusitis.

There are many ways of dealing with different types of sinusitis. One of them is a nasal lavage. This method helps to get rid of mucus in the sinuses, which causes inflammation. Many medical professionals recommended to wash the nose with Dioxidine. In this article we will look at what constitutes a drug, how should it be used for nasal irrigation for adults and children, and how to breed used to recover independently.

General information about the drug

Dioxidine is an effective antimicrobial drug. Available in the form of ampoules containing 0.5% or 1% solution. It is most advisable to use this remedy after washing with a solution of salt. The reason is that the drug contributes to liquefaction of mucus.

Dioxidine kills germs and other harmful bacteria, which can cause further inflammation of the sinuses.

Indications and contraindications

Part of this medicinal product are derivatives of chynoxaline. They have a high degree of effectiveness during the treatment of severe purulent processes.

The drug is able to cope with different strains of the disease, even those that are resistant to treatment with antibiotics.

Medication is not recommended for children under the age of 12 years, and pregnant and lactating women.

The course of treatment with Dioxidine not recommended for longer than weeks. Before you start using this drug, consult a healthcare professional.

The medication has side effects. The most common include headache, increased body temperature. To reduce the risk of side effects, it is recommended to take antihistamines.

That gives a nasal wash for inflammation of the sinuses?

When a person is detected the first signs of inflammation of the sinuses, should immediately consult a medical professional. In most cases, after it was collected the anamnesis of the disease, the doctor recommends the procedure for nasal lavage. With it you can cleanse the nose of purulent accumulations.

Almost all patients who clearly followed the recommendations of a doctor, was able to eliminate the need to puncture. Nasal sinus puncture only in the case when no less painful method has not had the desired effect.

Now many hospitals have the equipment to wash the nose with sinusitis.

If the patient has no time to visit the hospital or other medical facility, he can take a nasal wash yourself at home.

For this you will need to purchase a special drug.

The process of cleansing the sinuses to reduce swelling of the mucous membrane, and to improve the immunity of the epithelium. He is having the fight this disease. One of the main functions of washing of the nose is not only getting rid of the stagnant mucus. This procedure helps to establish a natural way of getting rid of it.

How to wash the nose with Dioksidina?

Before you start the whole process, you should learn how to breed Dioxidine for nasal lavage. In most cases, medical experts advise to use a ready solution. However, if the patient has hypersensitivity to components of drug, in solution you can add either water, or sodium chloride in solution.

Before you wash the nose with Dioxidine adult and child, should be possible to clear the sinuses and get rid of congestion. When blowing your nose to achieve the desired effect failed, you should try the drug for vasoconstriction. For Example, Not Call.

Only then can you begin the procedure of nasal lavage:

  1. First of all it is necessary to achieve maximum liquefaction of mucus. This is done by using salt solution.
  2. Next, you need to gain Dioksidina solution in the syringe or its equivalent, to bend the head in front of the sink to the side.
  3. Enter the solution into the nostril that is higher than the other. Then slowly turn your head to the normal position. The liquid begins to flow from the other nostril.
  4. To avoid getting the medication in your mouth, medical specialists suggest the process to copy the sounds of a cuckoo.

Children instead of a syringe it is recommended to use other ways of introducing solution into the sinuses. This can be either a kettle, or it can be done with the help of self-inhalation of the drug through the nose.

Do not forget about possible side effects, especially when it comes to children. Before doing nasal rinses using Dioxidine, it is strongly recommended to consult with a medical professional. The decision to use the tool or choose another drug remains for patients.

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