Discharge after cauterization of cervical erosion shock: advice

Discharge after cauterization of cervical erosion, their nature, intensity, duration, smell, and appearance can tell a lot about whether the procedure was carried out. It is possible to determine, for example, whether restoration of the damaged portion or Vice versa in case of complications. Any qualified doctor from the discharge will determine one or the other factor. Color, amount and consistency of discharge can also vary depending on the stage of healing of erosions.

What is the procedure: current cauterization of cervical erosion

Cauterization of cervical erosion is the most current popular method of treatment. The doctor uses a tool that looks like a soldering iron. Moxibustion is the treatment of cervical erosion, which occurs due to the electric current under the influence of high temperatures. Such a procedure may conduct any qualified gynecologist, as the device is common and should be available in any medical institution. Usually manipulation is done outpatient at the doctor.

If after the procedure there blood is considered normal. Spotting can go on for another 3 weeks after cauterization of cervical erosion. Of course, there are cases where such selection may be indicative of deviations. This will cover a little further.

Also important after the manipulation to follow the rules of personal intimate hygiene, to again trigger the reproduction of inflammatory and infectious process.

The scar that remains after the burns heal itself, but in order to help him you need to follow these rules:

  • some time after the procedure, it is impossible to take a hot bath-only shower;
  • you must abandon heavy physical exertion and heavy lifting;
  • for 2-3 weeks sexual intercourse is forbidden, it is necessary to wait until the scar heals.
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So if you follow the doctor’s recommendations and rules of personal intimate hygiene, a full recovery is guaranteed. Sometimes women say that a week after moxibustion spotting increased in volume. Of course, this is not always a bad thing, but still to keep under control this issue because the truth can only gynecologist.

Such selection may indicate that:

  • I got my period earlier than expected;
  • there is damage to the scab;
  • selection began after lizirovania scab (wound after moxibustion is covered with a thin film for fast, safe healing of the scar).

The reasons for discharge with blood may be different, so you need to seek the advice of a gynecologist who directly held cauterization of cervical erosion. A doctor will diagnose which will help to establish why there was blood after the procedure.

As a rule, to blood was less to carry out moxibustion is recommended for 5-6 days after menstruation. But in case of large blood loss, therapy, hemostatic drugs.

If the discharge more like daub, it is in the normal range. Then make the preparations there is no need to self-medicate is not worth it.

What should be the selection

After the procedure, usually there is discharge that has a watery consistency and clear color. They are not plentiful and can go for about a month. They can also be bloody, and then white to delicate pink hue. Then the pink color is replaced by white, this time from vaginal fluid abundant in nature. Then such allocation replaced by dark brown, which have a thick consistency. In General, they follow each other.

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The normal process of discharge after cauterization of cervical erosion:

  • liquid and transparent color (can be with a splash of blood);
  • pink, tender;
  • scant brown spotting.

Also the patient may notice small particles are pieces of scab. Highlight scab may last from 1 to 3 weeks. At the end can occur little bleeding lasting 2 hours. If the period of such secretions more, urgent medical attention.

Such measures are necessary, because sometimes it happens that the burst blood vessels to stop the blood loss can be with ligation or cautery, which should be conducted by the gynecologist.

Selection after treatment of cervical erosion may be accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and perineum. Special concerns should not arise, since these pain reminiscent of the pain during menstruation. It is considered a burrowing of the healing process, so you can just pills to drink.

What should be alerted?

If 3-5 days after cauterization of cervical erosion appeared yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor – it says that the wound got infected. This color indicates that began to form pus. In such a situation, an urgent need to visit the doctor, to have it under General anesthesia had a complete wound cleansing.

After this procedure the woman is prescribed a course of treatment with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Also bright red highlight almost immediately after the manipulation may indicate uterine bleeding, which is dangerous for life. Therefore, if for two hours the situation has not changed — it is better to call an ambulance.

To rehabilitation is successful and to avoid strong discharge is necessary to abandon the intimacy at the time of healing of the scar, not to take baths, to stay healthy, not to lift weights, play sports, use tampons, only pads, do not visit saunas, solariums, swimming pools, baths. If this summer is not a month to go to the beach. Direct sunlight has a negative impact on the body. Neglect of the recommendations may provoke strong selection.

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