Dizziness and tinnitus: causes and treatment, weakness, nausea

Why dizzy and buzzing ears?

Symptoms such as ringing in the ears and dizziness is familiar to many people. Some have experienced these symptoms once, but in most cases, other sounds in the ears are continuous.

In the second case, it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination as dizziness, tinnitus, nausea and weakness only the first heralds, and the body is severe inflammation.

On the causes of noise in the ears and other symptoms

In life many situations where he can experience pain in the organ of hearing. Do not be afraid of a rustle or squeak in my ears, and General weakness, if it happened once. In this case, medical treatment and drug therapy are required.

But if the double vision, the rustle and dizziness occurs regularly, a person should seek medical help, as this way the body signals the beginning of the inflammatory process.

Noise, squeaking or crackling in the ears, dizziness and loss of stability – the first signs of many diseases.

The causes of dizziness and tinnitus in children can be associated with the entry into the phase of puberty, and the elderly with natural changes of the body.

To identify the causes and treatment of dizziness and tinnitus should consult a qualified doctor.

In case dizziness in adolescents do not panic. The most common reason in this case – enhanced bone growth and overall development of the body.

With the growth of muscular system hormonal changes child, causing lack of vitamins and proteins. In this case, it is necessary to follow the diet and to eat plenty of vitamins, calcium and other nutrients.

Tinnitus and slight dizziness may occur after swimming in a lake or pond, and also when you travel and when you rise to great heights.

If you are a lover of baths or saunas keep in mind that for a long time in hot places lead to increased blood flow. As a result, the man increases metabolism, which dizzy. The same effect occurs if you abruptly came in from the cold into a warm room.

Remember that stress, depression and other strong emotions can trigger similar symptoms.

Mental and physical stress is another cause of extraneous sounds.

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Try to avoid prolonged eye strain. So do not spend a long time watching TV or working at the computer.

In addition, pain in the head and ears and also vertigo may trigger the tracking of fast moving objects.

Nausea, dizziness and headache can cause alcohol abuse. So, in a state of intoxication or a hangover, the person experiences severe pain in the head, and also instability of the whole organism.

Women may experience the described symptom during menstruation or during the menopause.

The described symptoms do not require treatment in medical centers and are associated with the physiology of the body. In most cases they quickly pass, and the person returns to normal activities.

Vertigo in diseases of the

If dizziness torment you for a long time, should undergo a full examination of the body. Most often this symptom occurs due to inflammation such as:

  1. Trauma to the brain or pathological structure of the skull. At this time there is dysfunction of blood vessels, as well as the development of the disease.
  2. In the case of hemorrhage in the brain, the formation of hematoma and, as a consequence, the appearance of a hemorrhagic stroke. This causes severe pain and dizziness.
  3. Hypertension.
  4. The change in blood pressure.
  5. The appearance of fatty plaques that accumulate in the blood vessels, the patient experiences a decrease in blood flow to the brain. Often atherosclerosis the person experiences dizziness, and nausea.
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease. In the process of development of this inflammation there is a loss of brain tissue and dizziness.
  7. In the case of epilepsy also appear symptoms, which excite the neurons of the brain. In this case, the person experiences cramps, darkening of the eyes, and the whistling noise in the ears.
  8. In the case of degeneration of brain tissue, many people feel not only dizzy, but nausea, vomiting, weakness, loss of sleep, pain in the ears and head. Encephalopathy most often occurs as a result of infectious diseases or in case of poisoning of the organism.
  9. In the case of dysfunction of the Central division of the cerebral hemispheres in humans arise such inflammation as a disease of the inner ear or facial palsy. It causes severe dizziness and pain in the organ of hearing.
  10. Otosclerosis.
  11. The formation of cerumen.
  12. Deformation of the vessels.
  13. The brain tumor.
  14. Meningitis.
  15. The otitis.
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In addition, one of the common causes of pain in the head, dizziness and nausea is a migraine. The patient experiences severe irritation to loud and sudden sounds. This inflammation can be caused by viruses, changes in the ambient pressure, allergic reaction or stress.

The manifestation of the described reasons, it is important to check the body completely. As nausea or dizziness often signals the beginning of tumor formation.

How to treat ringing in the ears and dizziness

It is impossible to treat dizziness or headaches, not knowing the exact causes of inflammation. These symptoms can manifest in many inflammation, so the patient must take the full course examination, which includes the following procedures:

  • magnetic resonance imaging of the head;
  • an ultrasound examination;
  • examination of the cervical vertebrae and blood vessels;
  • radiography;
  • audiometry.

After research body assigned to the accurate diagnosis of inflammation. Only then the patient is prescribed complex treatment.

In the event of problems in the vascular system prescribers that can restore movement and circulation.

In addition, to restore blood circulation essential vitamins and nootropic drugs.

After treatment, which lasts at least one week, the patient experiences a recovery of the Central nervous system and improve memory, recuperation and stimulation of mental activity.

In case of fatigue and stress prescribed anti-depressants and nootropic drugs. In addition, the patient it is important to follow the diet and there is a large amount of time outdoors and active in sports.

In the case of pain in the ears or head, called otitis media, is assigned to medical treatment, including ointments, drops specialized. In running situations, and also in the case of acute otitis media antibiotic treatment. In the process of healing the body patient necessary physical exercises.

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Most often, the inflammation of the outer, middle or inner ear prescribed «Drops «Otinum», «Otofa».

If the cause of the pain and dizziness became cerumen impaction, it is necessary to lavage the ear.

If the earwax is soft and yellowish tint is allowed washing at home by using drugs such as «Remo-wax» or «HHonors». When solidified, the tube is brown you must consult ENT doctor.

If the cause of dizziness and General weakness associated with the issue of the vestibular apparatus, the patient is assigned a specialized exercise and massage. They effectively relieve pain in the head and ears, and also clean the symptoms that bring inconveniences.

Remember that self-treatment is unacceptable. Despite the simplicity of the exercises before gym you should consult with your doctor.


Remember that feeling dizziness or nausea, you cannot ignore these symptoms. In the periodic occurrence of unpleasant symptoms, contact the clinic and the examination of the body. Thus, you will be able to detect the start of inflammation in the early stages and start the treatment immediately.

In addition, it is important to take care of your health and follow the diet, exercise and more likely to be outdoors.