Do I need to treat cervical erosion? Answer the question

One of the most common diseases of the female reproductive system can be called a pathology like cervical erosion. After learning the diagnosis, some women begin to self-medicate, while others simply ignore the presence of pathology. What is this disease? Do I need to treat it? Do I have to burn?

What is cervical erosion? Principal

In fact, the term «cervical erosion» now includes several types of this disease, its origin, consequences and ways of treatment.

  1. True. Due to damage to the mucosa at the site of the cervix no normal squamous epithelium. True erosion gynecologist can see during the inspection. It looks like a small wound in the cervix. Among the reasons for the formation of a true erosion can be distinguished: inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system; chemical or physical effects. Erosion of this species lives from 10 to 14 days. If you eliminate the cause, she begins to heal, cauterize is not necessary. With proper healing is formed on the surface squamous epithelium. If the wound heals improperly, under the squamous epithelium mucus accumulates, resulting in formation of cysts. Ignoring the disease threatens the development of cervical dysplasia.
  2. Ectropion. This species may occur as a consequence of interferences inside of the uterus (complications during childbirth, abortion, curettage for diagnosis, etc.). The cervix can wriggle out, if gaps were not promptly sutured. The formation of ectropion is due to the fact that the mucous membrane of the cervical canal is partially outside. Inflammation of a chronic nature support the ectropion, as well as increase the risk of cancer.
  3. Ectopia. Occurs as a result of hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Columnar epithelial cells of out of the cervical canal, located on the outside of the cervix. There are subtypes: physiological and pathological. Physiological ectopia can occur during pregnancy, to exist a few months after birth and disappear by itself, so to treat it is not necessary. Also frequently diagnosed in girls before the age of 25, in which the transition of the columnar epithelium in the flat is layered over the outer mouth of the uterus, which is caused by the hormonal features of the female body, peculiar to this age. If diagnosed pathologic ectopia, to survey the hormonal background of the organism, then the doctor will prescribe medications, the effect of which is aimed at regulating the level of hormones in the body.
  4. Dysplasia. Pathology of the cervix. This is the most serious form of the disease, it should be treated, perhaps, cauterizing, otherwise there is a high risk of transition to malignancy. It is therefore important to detect this form of disease of the cervix at an early stage and begin treatment.
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Symptoms of the disease

Cervical erosion refers to those diseases that are asymptomatic. A woman can consult a doctor only if the pain. But it’s often too late because the pathology degenerates into malignancy.

Cheerleaders have these symptoms:

  • spotting, especially after intercourse;
  • pain pulling character in the abdomen;
  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • abundant whitish discharge from the vagina;
  • disruptions of the menstrual cycle.

If a woman notices at something similar, be sure to pass examination by a gynecologist. To be frightened in advance is not necessary. No one is saying that even if will be diagnosed with erosion of pathological forms, it will need to be cauterized.

Diagnostic pathology is also complicated by the fact that the clinical manifestations of erosion is similar to many other diseases of the female reproductive system.

To correctly diagnose the disease can only gynecologist during the inspection using a colposcope.

Whether or not to treat cervical erosion?

Treatment physiological form of the disease is not required, it really will be alone after some period of time.

When it comes to pathological process, and in any case cannot be ignored, treatment method, which is prescribed by a doctor. It should be noted that girls who have not yet given birth, surgical intervention is contraindicated for the treatment of erosion. If you do not treat erosion, or treated improperly, it is, as mentioned above, threatens to degeneration in cervical cancer.

To cauterize erosion is not required. It is proved that in many cases, to recover from erosion is possible, giving birth to a child, but it also means the physiological type. In this case, to cauterize the wound is not necessary. After childbirth the tissue of the uterus and its cervix are updated, the level of hormones.

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There are many methods of treatment of erosion, the main of which are:

  • cryotherapy (cauterize liquid nitrogen);
  • laser vaporization;
  • chemical coagulation;
  • treatment radio wave knife;
  • surgical diathermy.

Each of these methods has both advantages and disadvantages, so must be selected only by the attending physician taking into account individual peculiarities of the female body.

Strictly forbidden to treat cervical erosion of folk remedies. This may not only improve the state of the disease, but also exacerbate it. Folk remedies can contribute to prolongation of the wound, but it will begin to develop in depth, which can lead to oncological processes.

Regular inspections at the gynecologist can help detect abnormalities at early stages to avoid more serious health problems. Time identified the disease and its proper treatment is the key to a full recovery.