Does not hear ear: causes and what to do, how to treat

What to do if your ear can’t hear?

Throughout life, one faces many infections that cause inflammation in the body. Most often the first to suffer the ears. The reason for the decline of hearing acuity or congestion depend on the lifestyle of the patient or the immune system. Regardless of the factors, why they do not hear the ears, it is important to know what to do if one ear is hard of hearing, as well as how to give first aid.

The hearing loss occurs gradually, and to encounter this problem anyone can. Often reducing sensitivity and lowering the threshold of hearing occurs after colds, flu and other inflammatory processes. However, there are many factors and causes, if the ear can not hear, but doesn’t hurt. Consider these questions in more detail.

Symptoms and signs

Probably every person at least once in life faced the problem of loss of hearing acuity. The upper hearing threshold decreases due to many factors that are not always rooted in the pathological process. There are cases where the phenomenon takes place quite quickly and independently.

Unfortunately, this factor is extremely rare and is an exceptional moment.

So if the bad ear hears, but does not hurt or cause pain, you should consult a qualified specialist and receive treatment.

Among the symptoms of inflammation in the ears signs are the following:

  • deterioration of General health;
  • the patient appears weak and fatigue;
  • palpation manifested by pain in the ear;
  • there are signs of intoxication;
  • in the evening increase the pain in the temples and frontal part of the head;
  • there are noises, squeaks and bells;
  • laying ear;
  • a person has the sensation of having a foreign object in the ear.

If you do not hear one ear, the reasons may be different than in the absence of sensitivity to sound in both ears. It is therefore important to examine them, and then to start care immediately.

It is important to find out why the hard of hearing left ear or both ear at the same time, to diagnose causes and factors. Thus, people will be able to take action and pass a comprehensive treatment.

Causes of hearing loss

The inflammatory process after colds is the main cause of poor audibility.

These reasons include otitis external or middle ear.

After inflammation of the ear occurs on swelling, secretion of mucous or purulent sectors, malfunction of the Eustachian tube.

The combination of these factors ineffable leads to hearing loss and even temporary deafness. In the case of delayed treatment or improper treatment, the deafness may continue for quite a long time and in high-risk cases remains for life.

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Another common reason for hearing loss become waxy build-up. They are formed in connection with the trauma of the ears or in the absence of proper care, and also because of the excessive work of sulfuric glands.

Pain, signs of inflammation, damage of the auditory tube causes penetrated into the ear of a small object. It can be a detail of LEGO or any other toys that severely hamper the passage of sound frequencies.

Another common reason is the formation of a tumor. It not only disrupts the work and functioning of the elements of the organ of hearing, but also causes deterioration of health of the whole organism.

A tumor in the middle or inner ear particularly dangerous to health in connection with the close location to the brain. Therefore, when the first signs of tumors should immediately seek medical help and prepare for operations.

A common cause of hearing problems is getting water in the ear.

Any liquid, if it is not eliminated immediately after penetration, causing inflammation, as stagnant water is a favorable environment for many bacteria.

In addition, the fluid trapped in the ear canal, significantly reduces the human ear.

Be mindful of trauma to the ear. This cause is particularly common in children and adolescents. Because with an active lifestyle and regular games, children can injure the external ear. If the wound is not timely treated, it can become inflamed and cause disturbance in the hearing.

The hearing loss caused by changes in blood pressure. This phenomenon often occurs during flights, as well as when traveling on mountainous terrain. At this time, distorted the position of the membrane in the eardrum, therefore reducing sensitivity.

If you do not hear the right ear, what to do and what treatments to take to help the doctor, after the establishment of the violation.

In addition to these reasons, the hearing may consist of a pathology of the structure and vnutrishniy pressure.

In addition to these reasons, which are considered major, it is possible to allocate additional characteristics:

  1. Long-term use of drugs.
  2. A weak immune system.
  3. Uncontrolled bleeding caused by trauma to the head or ears.
  4. Changes in the body caused by age.
  5. Formation fluid in the middle part of the ear.
  6. Professional work in noisy places (on the construction site, in a nightclub).
  7. Atherosclerosis.
  8. Stress and depression.
  9. Predisposition caused by inheritance.
  10. Hormonal disruptions.
  11. Diabetes.

In addition, hearing loss often manifests itself during the child’s expectations.

Pregnancy does not require drug treatment, in contrast to other reasons. If you are not pregnant and you can not hear the ear, what to do and what preparations are necessary, read the following section.

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How to treat if the ear does not hear and noise

Before prescribing treatment, the doctor assesses the patient as a whole body and ear on.

Be prepared for the fact that you will be required to donate blood and undergo otoscopy, audiometry, x-rays.

If the rumor is deteriorated immediately after the adoption of water treatments, perhaps in the ear is exposed to water.

Try to get rid of it as soon as possible. To do this, jump on one foot, tilting his head to one side.

In addition, wipe the outer ear and ear canal gauze turundas or type flagellum soaked in olive oil in the outer passage.

There is another method of getting rid of water. Pull the earlobe down and make five swallowing movements. Liquid residues should be collected with a cotton swab.

If the ear hurts and the patient experiences hearing loss, possibly because of the pressure change. At this time, it is necessary to make massage of the ears, and also to swallow saliva and simulated chewing. For these purposes fit the use of chewing gum.

In case of problems with the ear, caused by otitis media should undergo a complex treatment. It includes not only drug therapy, but also physiotherapy.

For treatment, specialists prescribe:

  1. Ear drops with antibiotics or not «Drops», «Otinum», «Otofa», «Sofradeks» and others.
  2. Ointment «Levomekol», Vishnevsky ointment.
  3. Vasoconstrictors «Nazivin», «Otrivin», «Naphazoline», «Glycine».
  4. Antibacterial drugs Anuran, Tsiprofarm, flemoksin, Ospamox, Azitral, Cipromed, Augmentin, Spiramycin, Cefuroxime.
  5. In addition, it is important to reduce the inflammation with anti-inflammatory drugs and to bring down the temperature antipyretic.

In some cases of otitis media are assigned to alternative therapies. So, in case of inflammation of the outer ear, the doctor may recommend infusions of propolis or chamomile, and various lotions and dressings with the use of onions, hawthorn and other plants.

To use these treatment is necessary only after consultation with the doctor, as in some types of otitis media alternative medicine can only aggravate the situation.

In some cases, pain and disturbances in the organ of hearing occur due to allergic reactions.

At this time, it is important to identify the cause of its occurrence. This may be due to prolonged use of antibiotics.

In this case, you must stop the course and assign other treatments.

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In some cases, Allergy appears on earrings and other jewelry on the earlobe.

The inflammatory process moves to the tragus of the ear and the entire part. For getting rid of this type it is necessary to replace the decorations or even to remove them. In order to avoid allergic otitis media patient assigned to anti-histamine medications and anti-allergic drops.

How to cure ear if it does not hear in the case of formation of cerumen?

To do this, the ear should be washed with drugs «Remo-wax» or «cerumen And».

Previously sulfuric stopper in an ear it is necessary to soften the peroxide, and then rinse with medication.

In the case of old tube dark colors this operation it is necessary to trust the doctor, because self-removal of the tube may cause perforation of the eardrum or damage the integrity of the ear canal.

In some cases, the cause of the hearing loss lies in the development of hearing loss. Treatment in this case should be comprehensive and rather lengthy, since pathology in this case undergo surgery and medical treatment.


Due to the fact that ear problems are quite dangerous for the overall health of a person, to treat any inflammation you need in a timely manner. In this case, you will avoid many complications and quickly restore the ability to hear.

In some cases, drug therapy is ineffective. In this case, the patient needs to have surgery to hold surgery.

There are times when the operation does not make sense or lesions are inaccessible, and the patient is appointed for hearing AIDS.

In order to avoid complications make preventive health care. This should avoid strong sound pressure in the ear, and close your ears during water treatment. In the summer while swimming in lakes and rivers, dive into the water.