Dolphin for nasal irrigation for children: instructions for use, how to wash

How to wash the nose «Dolfina» child?

The need to clean the sinuses occurs in lesions of the mucosa by pathogenic strains, allergens, prevent respiratory diseases. Children often suffer from inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. This explains the fact that the immature immune system of the child is favorable microflora for reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

Widespread in otolaryngology received the mineral-plant complex «Dolphin». The drug is used for treatment of nasal cavities, has a good therapeutic effect in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Like any medication has contraindications, requires proper use.

Pharmacological description of «Dolphin»

Domestic producer sells children’s «Dolphin» in the form of a container with a capacity of 120 ml, with cap dispenser, which regulates the power flow of the medicinal fluid. Included are one gram packets of salts and phyto-extracts, 30 pieces each.

Feature of medication is the approximate composition of the physiological fluids of a human, which minimizes the probability of immunological response. The product crystallized ocean water with impurities useful minerals: nitrogen, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, and bromine.

The powder is available in pure form (for patients prone to allergies), with the addition of rose hips and licorice.

Action of medical solution aimed at the inhibition of synthesis of infectious agents, the prevention of intoxication by the products of their vital activity. The drug promotes active regeneration of the epithelium, restoration of water-salt balance.

Sodium chloride and iodine have antimicrobial effects, stimulates increased production of mucous secret, which prevents drying and traumatization of the soft tissues.

For reference! Components of plant origin increase the protective properties of the organism, provide the transport of biological fluids to the tissues, and magnesium salts formed a strong local immunity.

Instruction for use of «Dolphin» for nasal irrigation in children determines its effectiveness in the treatment of ENT diseases:

  • bacterial, viral rhinitis;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • inflammation of the maxillary sinus;
  • acute frontal sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • violations of vascular tone inner shell;
  • atrophy of the mucosa;
  • increases pharyngeal tonsils (adenoiditis).

The drug is designed for the hygienic and therapeutic procedures in the home. Used to prevent the development of respiratory viral pathologies during preparation for surgery, recovery after surgery.

At what age can wash the nose «Dolfina»

«Dolphin» is a gentle therapeutic effect, limited to the affected area. The medicinal product is not absorbed into the systemic circulation, does not cause side effects, discomfort. The exception is individual hypersensitivity to the individual components.

Manufacturers recommend that the drug is a therapeutic regimen for children older than 4 years. Age limit explains the fact that lavage of the paranasal sinuses device requires conscious action. To perform the procedure for the child impossible.

The task of parents to explain the sequence of actions, if necessary, to show by example, to monitor the process. Failure to do so is dangerous to the leaking of fluid into the nasopharynx, the Eustachian tube.

Important! For the treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis, ranging from the age of seven, used the inhaler «Dolphin». The principle of operation is based on irrigation canals from evaporation of essential oils. After the procedure the patient’s normal breathing, reduces swelling.

Doctors agree that wash TV-the child is three years of age. It is important to withstand the dosage, preparation of solution, a sequence of actions. It is strictly forbidden to use grown-up «Dolphin» for young patients, where the amount of salt exceeds a child’s rate of two times.

How to wash the nose «Dolfina» child

The suspension is prepared immediately before the flushing of upper body. In the preparatory phase in the vessel with water t 35-37°C and diluted the contents of one sachet. If medicinal solution is used as the running water, it must be brought to the boiling point, cool.

Failure to comply with the thermal readings is fraught with hypothermia the inner lining, increased secretion mucous secretion, expansion of the capillary. Solution vzbaltyvayut until dissolved.

If the child has a runny nose, disturbed natural breathing is essential to ensure the free circulation of air masses. To remove the swelling of the sinuses, to reduce the amount of blood vessels in porous tissues use decongestants.

Main vasoconstrictor drops for the pharmaceutical line of: «Glycine Ksilo», «Natalbany», «Nazelles», «Nazivin», «Nesolagus».

When breathing is restored, you can begin the procedure. The kid must perform the following recommendations:

  1. To take correct body position. Standing over the sink, the baby’s head is in a horizontal position. Look purposefully at the floor. To perform actions can be sitting over a basin, but maintaining the angle of +- 90°.
  2. Mouth slightly open, deep breaths to hold your breath.
  3. Firmly press the device into one nostril, the tube inserted too deeply so as not to damage the channel communicating the middle ear with the throat. Gently squeeze the bottle until it stops. The water washes the nasal cavity goes through the free hole. In one procedure consumes approximately 40-50 ml of fluid.
  4. Clenched the device to remove from the nose.
  5. To clear the sinuses of mucus a sharp exhale.
  6. The device acquires its original shape by filling with air. The same method to wash out sinuses the opposite nostril.

Upon completion of hygienic measures, the vial is treated with a soap solution remains in the open until dry.

For reference! If you were able to keep the device, so parents can restrict only medicinal powder.

To prevent just one procedure per day. In violation of the integrity of the respiratory tract acute or chronic forms of the multiplicity of processing channels increases up to 2-3 times.

Regimen and duration of treatment determined by the doctor, based on physiological characteristics, etiology and extent of disease, the anamnesis of the patient.


Dolphin — vegetable-mineral complex is intended for mechanical cleansing of the nasal sostav. The drug is effective when exposed to the epithelium of aggressive external and internal factors.

Natural composition predetermines its use in the treatment of children from the age of four. Irrigation of the cavity in a child requires compliance with the action sequences, instruction and control from adults.

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