Dolphin hit in the ear: what to do, it hurts the ear after a Dolphin

What to do if a Dolphin after laying the ear and it hurts?

Few know what an unpleasant feeling causes the penetration of the solutions for nasal lavage in the ears. In most cases this causes severe discomfort to the ears of the patient, the appearance of pain, the formation of nasal congestion and other unpleasant symptoms.

If this has happened to you, and when flushing the nose is stuffed up ear after Dolphin, check out some recommendations. They will help you to get rid of the consequences of the penetration of the solution into the ears. So if you are alarming the question of what to do at home, read this material.

About the drug Dolphin

If it hurts the ear after washing Dolfina, it is necessary to conduct several procedures. It is clear that the solution gets into the ears an accident, but it causes severe discomfort in the ear of the patient and can influence not only the health of your ears, but also the General condition of the patient.

Most people know that lavage of the sinuses produces physiological solutions, that is, the consistency of the drugs should be practically the same as the liquid inside the human body.

Therefore, almost all the medicines and solutions to wash the sinuses with a cold or influenza consisting of saline.

Part of the Dolphin medicine includes the following components:

  • chloride, coal and salt crystals;
  • a mixture of iodine and silica;
  • chemical element of the nitrogen and bromine;
  • the extract from the fruit of licorice and rose hips.

Association of plants and the chemical elements have a positive anti-inflammatory effect, but also has immunomodulatory effects. In addition, iodine is part of the Dolphin, has an antiseptic effect.

This solution allows not only moisturize the nasal mucosa, but also to destroy many inflammatory processes, as well as softening the crust formed in the nose.

In addition to the described elements, the Dolphin has the ability to heal the affected cells in the mucous membranes.

Most often, the Dolphin is used in various ENT inflammations and prevention in the season of acute respiratory diseases.

In some cases, the solution used in the Dolphin snoring, as well as in case of adenoids or viral rhinitis.

In the process of rinsing of the sinuses, the liquid solution can be in the area of the middle ear.

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At this time, the patient experiences extreme discomfort.

Particularly strong negative symptoms experienced by children. What if the Dolphin hit in the ear and after the Dolphin has an Earache in a child, consider the following.

As the Dolphin gets into the ear

Nasal lavage may provoke strong pain in the ears, and in some cases there is pain in the frontal sinus. What if after the Dolphin sore ear, an open question.

In General, the procedure for washing the nasal cavities have long been known.

This files most often for washing use solutions and powders, which includes sea salt.

During flushing, it is necessary to strictly act security regulations, as the fluid can easily flow in the ear.

Jet which is directed into the nasal passages should not be in power, otherwise there is pain and congestion in ears.

If after the procedure of washing the patient lays one ear or both, you must know what to do first and how to get rid of discomfort. To do this, let us examine the anatomy of the ear structure to determine methods of getting rid of fluid in ear.

The middle part of the ear connects to the nasopharynx by using a channel called the Eustachian tube. Its main task is the regulation of the internal pressure and getting rid of water and fluids.

In case of contact with water or mucous secretions in the Eustachian tube, a certain amount of fluid enters the middle part of the ear.

The liquid can penetrate into the middle part of the ear on for many reasons. Here are the main ones:

  • lavage of the sinuses with congestion;
  • strong pressure on the packaging;
  • illiterate the introduction of funds into the nose.

In this case the liquid gets into the ear, the patient experiences pain and severe congestion of the ears. So try lavage Dolfina under the supervision of a specialist.

In the case of moisture in the middle part do not perform manipulation with a Hairdryer. It is known that thermal effects can disrupt the delicate cover of the auditory organ and cause inflammation.

Often the solutions fall in the ears of the deviated septum or due to abnormal ear structure of a body. In this case, it requires especially careful lavage of the nose or possible replacement this procedure on vasoconstrictor drops.

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The consequences

In the case of negligent treatment and infiltration of water or solution into the ear, it is necessary to withdraw the liquid as soon as possible.

As the consequences of stagnant water in the middle of the ear uncontrolled and extremely dangerous, as any water in the ear triggers the emergence of germs and bacteria which spread rapidly throughout the body.

To understand that water got into ears it is easy:

  1. The patient appears sharp ear pain and congestion.
  2. There is a feeling bubbling.
  3. Formed noises.

Most often, the Dolphin solution alone leaves my ear via the auditory tube.

In some cases it is necessary to consult with a doctor, so if the liquid after the treatments do not evaporate, ask for help from a specialist in the field of otolaryngology. In this case, the doctor will help to pump moisture with the aid of medical instruments.

If this process is ignored, the moisture will trigger the proliferation of germs and bacteria, leading to otitis media and other ear infections that cause fever, headache, purulent secretions and other symptoms.

At this time the patient is substantially deteriorating health, reduced working capacity, fatigue. In this case, the patient will prescribe antibiotics and other strong medications that decrease the immune system.

Prolonged exposure of the solution in the ears is fraught with the fact that medicine is a lot of salt.

It irritates the mucous membranes and cause the appearance of inflammation.

If the water does not leak on their own, bring it without the help of a doctor is quite difficult.

As the solution is in the middle part, penetrating gauze or ear sticks is impossible and not worth trying to do so. In this case consult your doctor as soon as possible.

What to do if hurts after Dolphin ear

If you felt like the solution came in the Dolphin middle ear, tilt your head and jump up to complete removal of the liquid. Immediately after that, you will feel significant relief and improvement of hearing. After that, the outer ear should be wiped with a dry cotton pad, and the procedure of nasal lavage continue to do as accurately as possible.

If this method proved to be inefficient, make a few more exercises.

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Make five movements, swallowing, and then take a deep breath.

Hold your breath for a few minutes, and then repeat the swallowing procedure. At this time, the liquid will flow back into the Eustachian tube and will flow out through the nose.

Another method is to actively chewing gum.

If after getting the solution in your ears you feel the swelling of the auditory tube, it is necessary to make use of vasoconstrictor drugs. At this time, people suffering from severe allergic reaction, often severe inflammation.

For getting rid of the symptoms, you must drink antihistamine. After the action of the drug you will feel the restoration of function of the Eustachian tube. At this time you need to repeat the exercises described above.

If these methods did not help you, you need to consult a doctor. The procedure itself will remove moisture from the middle ear is unpleasant and requires complex operations. Most often, a specialist for the removal of moisture is necessary to pierce the eardrum.

During puncture patient is experiencing severe pain. And rehabilitation takes at least two weeks.


During flushing of the sinuses Dolfina need to be especially careful because the bacteria and germs, quickly developing in the liquid, can cause serious illness. In addition, the ear may be formed purulent disease. Most often, the fluid is removed surgery through a small incision in the eardrum.

To prevent such complications, it is important to wash under the supervision of a physician.