Dolphin in pregnancy: a manual for use and can be washed, reviews

Is it possible to «Dolfino» to wash the nose pregnant?

The procedure for nasal lavage mandatory included in the therapeutic regimen of treatment for inflammation of the mucous membrane, paranasal sinuses, allergic rhinitis. Irrigation treatment (scientific / medical name nasal lavage) has virtually no contraindications and can be used at any age.

The preparations of the current generation for irrigation manipulation, representative of which is «Dolphin», no vasoconstrictor and hormonal components. Physiologically adapted solution helps to increase body resistance, so the drug can be used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Is it possible to «Dolfino» to wash the nose pregnant?

Pregnancy involves the exclusion of many medications during the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, rhinitis, etc.).

Isotonic solution developed by Novosibirsk company, is similar to the well known over-the-counter drugs such as «Phrase», «Akvamaris», «Humer», etc., to effectively clear the nasal passages during the period of carrying a child.

Instruction for use of «Dolphin» during pregnancy is not prohibited to use the shower for your nose during the entire gestational period, subject to compliance with the recommendations of the attending specialist and precise self-monitoring of the health of pregnant women.

Caution the use of salt solution is the possible risk of nasal bleeding, due to the increased vulnerability of the mucous membrane of the nose in this period.

During the nine months of carrying the baby, especially in the 1st trimester the woman’s body actively produces the hormone estrogen that causes edema of the mucosa, dilation of blood vessels and narrowing of the nasal passages. All of these changes, the misuse of complex «Dolphin» provoke the development of epistaxis (blood from nose).

Important! The symptoms of cold-related runny nose and rhinitis in pregnant women is almost identical, so the necessary medical assistance for accurate diagnosis.


The main indications for the use of the Russian equivalent are:

  • itself hormonal rhinitis;
  • infectious rhinitis, bacterial and allergic origin, occurring in acute or chronic form;
  • dystrophic changes in the mucosa of the nasal passages;
  • types of sinusitis;
  • inflammation of the lymphoid tissues of the pharynx (tonsillitis, adenoiditis);
  • excessive dryness of the nasal mucosa.

«Dolphin» effectively clears the nasal mucosa, acts as a individual local protection against infection, so can be used as a preventive measure during the seasonal period of acute colds.

Contraindications to the implementation of irrigation

Despite the highly purified and physiologically adapted solution, without the content of chemical elements «Dolphin» still has a number of contraindications to use.

Factors, which excludes the possibility of nasal lavage with «Dolphin»:

  • predisposition to inflammatory processes in the ear or otitis is diagnosed;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • predisposition to the flow of blood from the olfactory organ;
  • the presence of benign or malignant tumors in the nose (polyps, cancer);
  • birth defects – obstruction of the nasal passage, deformation of the partitions;
  • complete nasal congestion.

Failure to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and while ignoring the list of contraindications possible side effects in the form of:

  1. Allergic reactions.
  2. Rupture of capillaries in the nose and nasal bleeding.
  3. Complications of the course of otitis media with the transition of the inflammatory process to the Eustachian passage.

The sequence of the procedure of washing

The drug is «Dolphin» produced a complex which includes – bottle irrigator, sachets of powder and endonasal nozzle.

The contents of the sachet dissolved in 240 ml. of boiled water (on the bottle marked with the maximum level of the liquid) until smooth. A solution is prepared per the procedure of washing, do not leave the cooked liquid for later manipulation.

Should avoid cooling of the solution, as this may reduce the protective function of the mucous membrane of the nose and contribute to hypothermia.

On the contrary, much hot liquid for washing can degrade the patency of the nasal passages, that will make the procedure ineffective, and cause increased production of secretions.

Important! When rinsing the nasal passages must adhere to the correct temperature of the solution. The optimum temperature level for pregnant women is equivalent to a 30-34⁰С.

Shower nose should fulfil the following recommendations:

  • torso, forming a parallel with the flooring in the room.
  • the device must be kept at a right angle;
  • press firmly endonasal head to one nose hole and slowly squeeze the bottle with the solution after taking a deep breath and holding his breath. The result is true manipulation done will be the flow of solution from the opposite nasal opening;
  • next, you need to get rid of grout in the nose by bismarckiana;
  • similar actions repeat with the opposite nostril.

How many times a day can wash the nose «Dolfina» during pregnancy prescribed by your doctor. Often for preventive purposes are assigned to one procedure per day, for acute and chronic disease — no more than 2 $ /day.

Therapeutic course of treatment should not exceed more than seven days.

In case of impossibility to carry out the procedure because of the difficulty nasal breathing, it is recommended 10-15 minutes before washing the drip vasoconstrictor nose drops.

Important! You can’t achieve a sharp compression of the bottle with the solution, action needs to be smooth. It is strictly forbidden to use water from the tap.


Elena. During pregnancy faced with hormonal rhinitis. By his own stupidity began to use a vasoconstrictor drops, and of course, there was the getting used to it. I’m dependent on drops, when the child was six months. Attempts to alleviate the condition of children’s nasal medications were not successful. The doctor advised to wash out the nose «Dolphina».

It took me at least a week to notice the result, doing the procedure 2-3 times a day. Now I want to share a frequenter of my kits, with the first bouts of colds avoid nose drops and rescues only them.

Violetta. For the past three years, I can breathe freely thanks to the «Delfino». This medicine excels in the prevention of colds and in the treatment of the latter. During an epidemic of influenza is constantly washed the nose «Delfina» and did not get sick, while my husband was grippable, being with me in one apartment.

Throughout pregnancy saved me from nasal congestion, even in the 1st trimester are faced with rhinitis pregnant. Definitely, effective tool, which suggest many people for many years.


Complex nasal lavage Dolphin is quite effective in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and respiratory disease prevention. Patient testimonials confirm that «Dolfin» is not inferior to foreign analogues, but requires compliance with certain rules of use.

Due to the absolute harmlessness of the composition, the practical absence of contraindications and side effects, can be included in the therapeutic regimen of the pregnant woman in any trimester.

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