Dolphin to me: is it possible to wash the nose and how to wash

The sinus rinse nose Dolphina?

Sinusitis is a very serious disease, characterized by inflammatory lesions of the maxillary sinus, and often with the formation of purulent masses. The occurrence of this pathology occurring due to the improper treatment of the common cold or the absence of any action on the part of the patient.

With this ailment specialist always prescribes a comprehensive therapeutic approach, consisting of several groups of drugs and certain procedures. Quite often, this scheme can meet the wash procedure of the nasal cavity. In this regard, then talk about whether it is possible to wash the nose Dolfina in the sinus and as it to run properly.

Is it possible to use Dolphin to me

Dolfin – complex preparation designed for washing procedures of the nasal cavity. Farmcrest contains a blend of sea salts, herbs and minerals.

According to the instructions of the drug, inflammation of the maxillary sinus is one of the indications for its use, that is, the Dolphin in the sinus is not only possible but also need to apply.

With the help of this tool, you can cure sinusitis, it’s important to avoid the procedure puncture. This opportunity offers the following work principle of drugs:

  • removal of pathogens from the nasal cavity and sinuses;
  • improving the discharge of pus from the paranasal sinuses;
  • the elimination of stagnation in the paranasal sinuses;
  • removal of edema of the mucosa, the anti-inflammatory effect of the drug;
  • improving the efficiency of the use of local medicinal substances.

In addition, the pharmaceuticals are able to restore the mucosa and the ciliated epithelium, and stimulate local immunity.

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Another property of Dolphin — prevent occurrences of complications of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, which is important because of the location of the paranasal sinuses in the immediate vicinity of the brain.

Important! Lavage Dolfina when sinusitis is strictly prohibited, if there is a lack of patency of the nasal passages or the nose is fully incorporated.

In this case, to predict which path the solution is impossible. It is fraught with development of otitis media, because fluid, and possibly infected mucus through the Eustachian tube may enter the middle ear.

The order of execution of the washing

In order to know how to wash the nose Dolfina with sinusitis, you should read the annotation to the drug, which is in detail described procedure.

The drug unit includes a powdery mixture and the vial, equipped with a nasal attachment.

The powder should be dissolved with 240 ml of warm boiled water, and its temperature should be between 34-36°C.

In the end it should be a full vial of the prepared solution. This adult capacity for carrying out the same manipulations.

Help. Before washing should be drip nasal drops with vasoconstrictor action to clear nasal passages and relieve nasal congestion.

Then you can initiate the procedure of washing, which looks like the following:

  1. Lean over the sink forward to the right angle.
  2. To hold the breath on the inhale and slightly open mouth.
  3. Attach the nozzle to the nostril and gently squeeze the bottle. If done correctly, the solution should flow from the other nostril.
  4. With the introduction of half of the solution, the vial is removed, but of course it needs to hold, not to relaxed.
  5. Blow your nose to clear the nose.
  6. To repeat the procedure in the same manner with the other nostril.
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Once the liquid runs out, the bubble is compressed, you need to enter in the nose, alternately in each nostril. He decompressed that allows you to extract all remnants of the solution.

The optimum rate of application of the solution is 1-2 times a day. The duration of therapy is not limited.

Dolphin from sinusitis you can use during the entire course of treatment, and after him (short) to consolidate the results.


It is easier to prevent disease than to suffer from long-term therapy. This is especially true of inflammation of the maxillary sinus, and when some procedures are not only unpleasant («cuckoo»), but scary (puncture).

That is why it is very important to end cure the common cold. If you still had to deal with sinusitis, to treat it is under the supervision of a physician.