Doses of boric acid in the ear of the child and whether it is possible to do this?

Doses of boric acid in the ear of the child?

All known ear pain can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. So, if an adult can independently determine the symptoms of the disease, whether it is otitis media or other ear infections and to promptly seek medical care, for children is more problematic because of their age.

Although it is known that in children ear diseases occur two times more often than adults. Therefore, the appearance of the baby in your family is especially important to understand the basic medical issues and understand what to dig and apply it in the first place, if the child has an Earache.

On the treatment of boric alcohol

In the case of lesions of the ear in children or for otitis media, many parents are wondering whether to start treatment ear boric acid in children.

It is known that boric alcohol has many positive components that allow you to quickly and effectively to cure various diseases.

Many adults at the first symptoms of external otitis or inflammation of the ear due to various infections using this remedy.

In addition, it suggest almost all medical professionals. However, is it possible to use boric acid in the ears of the child?

This tool is known not only in Russia but also abroad thanks to its antiseptic properties. It has been used successfully since the early nineteenth century, which proves the effectiveness of the medication.

Boric acid has disinfecting agent, as well as antifungal and antiviral action.

Describes the tool efficiently helps in the following diseases:

  1. In the case of external otitis.
  2. In contact with infections in the outer ear.
  3. The sores and other skin problems.
  4. Inflammation of the ear canal.
  5. In a variety of respiratory diseases.
  6. For the prevention of inflammation in the outer region.

However, the use of this medication is strictly prohibited in the case of the formation of holes in the eardrum, and when the middle or inner ear infection. In addition, do not use the product in the event of dysfunction of the Eustachian tube.

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This tool is considered to be incredibly toxic, so when injected into the Eustachian tube it certainly gets into the blood vessels. In this case, the irreversible process of a drug overdose.

Remember that boric acid is excreted from the body very slowly. Minimum the process of liberation of the body may take five to seven days. With such a long excretion of acid in the body accumulate alkali and other harmful substances. They contribute to a strong poisoning of the body.

Therefore, in the case of a large penetration of drug into the blood immediately call for help to the professionals. In the opposite case may occur fatal intoxication that will cause imminent death.

In the case of competent use of the drug, the effect is favorable. Boric alcohol has antibacterial properties and effectively removes many ear diseases.

Due to its inexpensive cost and the local application, the drug has gained great fame.

But, despite all of the positive side of drugs, many young parents are still concerned with the question whether the use of boric acid in the ear for kids.

Boric acid in the ear of the child manual

In the case of treating the youngest patients need to establish the root cause of inflammation. It is necessary to apply to the children’s clinic and examined by a ENT doctor.

After a visual inspection, conduct audiometry and other tests, the specialist will deliver an accurate diagnosis and provide comprehensive treatment which may include laser therapy, and thermotherapy.

In more advanced cases, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and surgical intervention.

In order to prevent complications daily closely monitor a baby’s ears.

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Stick to basic hygiene rules and wash your child’s ears every day.

In the case of lung inflammation some specialists can prescribe boric acid.

Remember that the tool passes easily through the outer tissue of the organ of hearing, and penetrates the body. Therefore, the use of boric acid in the ear children 3 years of age and under is strictly prohibited.

In addition, treatment of external otitis are described only tool is not enough. As in this case, the ear infection will go via the auditory canal to the middle ear, causing suppurative otitis media.

Do not use this method yourself, as it is important to know the exact dosing of the drug. Excessive independence can lead to serious complications, including partial or complete hearing loss, as well as different types of hearing loss.

Therefore, before using boric alcohol in the ears of children consult the doctor. The use of this drug can be permitted only if it is impossible to acquire other tools for the treatment of children.

Doses of boric acid in the ear of the child

In cases of otitis or other inflammation in the outer ear, check out the technology of application of boric alcohol in relation to children.

  1. First warm the drug to body temperature. To do this, you can hold the medicine over a steam bath or RUB into hands for one minute.
  2. Next, place the child on one side. Be careful to make the child comfortable.
  3. Next, you need to clean the baby’s ear with the help of assisted drops. If specialized pediatric drops in the refrigerator at home, it is enough to clean the outer ear with a cotton pad.
  4. Then gently pull the earlobe down. Movements should be soft and smooth.
  5. Enter in the sore ear means, strictly following the prescribed dosage. Commonly in the ears kids buried not more than a drop.
  6. If necessary, insert the second ear.
  7. Next, wipe every wrinkle with a cotton pad.
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Repeat the operation no more than once per day. The treatment duration can be no more than seven days. In case of no result after the second time the procedure should cancel and contact your doctor.

It is important to understand the seriousness of the situation with instillation of boric alcohol in the ears of the child. Remember that this tool can cause serious side effects.

Often you experience the following side effects:

  • renal dysfunction;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • cramps;
  • disruption of the ossicles.

The tool is strictly contraindicated for pregnant women and new moms, nursing your baby breast. Infants the use of boric acid is strictly prohibited.


Boric alcohol effectively and painlessly helps in many cases. However, favorable action it has in the case of age of the person.

The use of drugs in case of illness of children most desirable. But in the case of the indispensability of some pediatricians allow its instillation.

However, the instillation of acid should be done under strict medical supervision.