Douching with a yeast infection at home

Thrush is a common fungal disease that is most often found in women. This infection need to be treated. Experts together with the medication can prescribe douching for thrush. It is an effective method of treatment of the disease, which is caused by pathogenic fungi. In gynecology douching at home is used quite often.

Treatment of thrush in women douching

Yeast infection treatment at home enema involves the introduction into the vagina of solutions for hygienic or therapeutic purposes. It is also used to prevent unwanted pregnancy after intercourse.

The experts in this matter are contradictory. Some believe that comprehensive medical treatment for thrush without irrigation is impossible, but there are doctors who believe that this procedure prevents a full treatment of candidiasis, since the cleaning washes away from the vagina all the good bacteria. In some cases this method of treatment does not fit all.

Contraindications to the douche against thrush:

  • women who have menopause (vaginal mucosa is dry);
  • in pregnancy, the treatment in this way can transmit the infection from mother to fetus;
  • during menstruation, the probability of deep penetration of pathogenic microbes;
  • the first month after delivery or abortion (during this period the female body is weak and vulnerable);
  • it is impossible to douche before going to the doctor — this may hinder correct diagnosis.

Before you start treatment with douching, it is better to visit a doctor and discuss a course of treatment that will work for women (with specific symptoms). If a woman decided to hold the enema at home by yourself, you need to study in detail the recommendations to the drug. Instructions included for all finished pharmaceutical solutions.

In order to carry out the enema at home, you need a minimum set. In the pharmacy need to buy a special syringe – the rubber bulb, which is equipped with a plastic tip (alternative a mug Esmarch). You can also apply for the procedure of an ordinary 20-waste syringes without the needle.

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Rules for home douching for women

There are some rules that will help to make the procedure efficient:

  • the water should be warm (optimal temperature is about 36.6 degree);
  • the solution from the syringe can not be released under strong pressure, as the mixture can penetrate into the uterus and cause inflammation;
  • before the procedure is necessary every time you need to sterilize the entire set, and boiling it for 5 minutes and then rubbing alcohol;
  • syringe not to do enema;
  • the syringe is the equipment for personal hygiene, therefore, be used by other it cannot;
  • procedure is approximately 15 minutes;
  • treatment more than 10 days without consulting a doctor is strictly prohibited.

Douching with a yeast infection: technique of

Better douching to do in the bathtub, sitting in it and resting his feet on the bumpers. You can also use the toilet. During the procedure, you must enter a tip into the vagina to a depth of 5 cm Solution should be easy to join and lead the outside without penetrating deeply. This method should not cause discomfort or pain.

If a woman feels pain during the injection or directly in irrigation of the vagina, it is best to stop douching. It is recommended to avoid sudden movements — they can cause small wounds on the mucous walls of the vagina.

Recipes homemade douche against thrush in women

Typically, douching candidiasis used solutions anti-inflammatory and astringent character. Home women tormented by thrush, you can apply solutions pharmacy origin, and also cooked myself.

For self preparation is better to use the healing herbs: the series, calendula and chamomile. Drugs pharmacy effects is also effective in combating the disease. Among them – chlorhexidine, furatsilin etc. Miramistin with a yeast infection is also effective. Do not forget about the soda solution for cleaning, also used against candidiasis.

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Consider the most effective recipes douche against thrush in women.

Douching with baking soda for thrush

Soda is an effective tool that is recommended by the gynaecologists. You need to take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve it in half Cup of boiled water. Treatment is carried out to not more than 2 times a day. Such use of the solution over time to create the vagina the environment that will be unfavorable for the fungi family Candida.

Douching chamomile for thrush

Recommended chamomile for thrush. It has antibacterial and antibacterial properties that allows it to treat many diseases in gynecology. You need to take 3 teaspoons of dried flowers of chamomile, pour boiling water and infuse for 3 hours. Also chamomile for thrush may be used in combination with oak bark in equal proportions. A solution of herbs has anti-inflammatory effect and inhibits the multiplication of the fungus. Can this solution to wash, replacing water herbal blend. You need to douche 2 times a day.

Chlorhexidine for irrigation

Chlorhexidine can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is quite acceptable for the price. Chlorhexidine is available in a convenient package. You can use it without a special syringe. Capacity with name «Chlorhexidine» has a special nozzle through which the solution can be introduced into the vagina. The procedure will be enough 200 milliliters of the drug Chlorhexidine. Do you need douching 2 times a day.

Furatsilin candidiasis

Buy furatsilina in pharmacy. The price of furatsilina acceptable. You need 1 teaspoon of solution furatsilina, 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide diluted in 500 milliliters of boiled water. This mixture helps to get rid of the primary symptoms of thrush. But still furatsilin has no antifungal effect. It only reduces the severity of symptoms of thrush. Do you need douching 2 times a day.

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Douching. — the procedure is popular and quite effective. Calendula has a broad spectrum of action: bactericidal, regenerating and anti-inflammatory. These features help in the fight against pathogenic fungi. You need 1 teaspoon of dried flowers of calendula pour 300 ml boiling water, to insist to cooling. The broth can be used for cleaning genitals, but also in the quality of the drink.

Miramistin — douching of a yeast infection

Miramistin is a means antiseptic effect. He has destructive properties against fungal infections in women. Miramistin for thrush is used to relieve symptoms and cure a candidiasis in women. Also the mortar can be washed away. For irrigation uses 10 milliliters miramistina. The vagina irrigated with a solution at a shallow depth. The course of treatment — 5-10 procedures. The instructions to the drug is necessarily attached. Without careful study it is not necessary to begin treatment.

Also the product is recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation. It can be used for douching. This solution is possible and to wash.

Now it is easy to understand the question of how to treat a yeast infection by douching. It is desirable to use medicinal herbs and pharmaceutical drugs: furatsilin, chlorhexidine or Miramistin. Their advantage is that solutions can also be undercut and apply them during hygienic procedures.