Drip nose Penicillin for the common cold and sinusitis

Does penicillin from rhinitis and sinusitis?

The penicillin for sinusitis – the main representative of antibiotics, the spectrum of which has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal action. For many centuries people believed that to be cured of most diseases is impossible.

There was no money, which would destroy pathogens, while not causing damage to human health. In this regard, the cause of death in most cases was the wound that was struck bactericidal organisms, sepsis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, otitis and other dangerous diseases. But this theory was disproved when was the discovery of antibiotic drugs.


1928 marked the opening of the drug, as penicillin, that became a decisive event in the history of medicine.

Sir Alexander Fleming became famous worldwide for his discovery, which he made in the walls of his laboratory. In one of the cups he’d forgotten to wash after tea, I noticed mold. But it wasn’t just the mold between its colonies were seen in the gaps.

Ian Fleming considered that bacteria and mold would have been replaced by microorganisms, thereby preventing their growth. After that, the scientist began to observe the mold and discovered penicillin.

The action of penicillin

The composition of the antibiotic penicillin exerts a bactericidal action or bacteriostatic. Acting bactericide, penicillin is able to destroy pathogenic organisms that caused the development of the disease that, in its majority manifests itself in acute form and causes severe health consequences.

Bacteriostatic effect of the drug is necessary to combat ailments, the average shape of gravity to stop the process of dividing microorganisms.

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In cell membranes in the human body no matter peptidoglycan, penicillin so antibiotics do not affect the state of our body.

The drug may have different dosages, calculated based on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, thereby preventing side effects. This feature allows you to drip penicillin children in the nose, which will not affect their health.

The bulk of the drug leaves the body through the kidneys. Some drugs based on penicillin are excreted in the bile.

How to treat sinus infection and runny nose penicillin

Sinusitis may occur due to the ingestion of streptococci, staphylococci, Haemophilus influenzae.

With the aim of destroying pathogenic organisms, the most effective is the use of penicillin.

This drug perfectly copes with the Streptococcus bacteria, while not causing side effects that can affect the kidneys, joints or heart.

It is not safe to speak about the effectiveness of penicillin treatment in the fight against staphylococci, so it is administered after clinical studies on inoculation into maxillary sinuses. After that the attending physician assigns the most effective nose drops.

In addition, for the treatment of sinusitis prescribe medications inhibitorsdisease penicillin, whose action is directed to the inhibition of the activity of pathogenic organisms. They are composed of supplements that hinder the process of destruction of the germs an active substance that does not allow them to reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Which antibiotics belong to the penicillin series:

  • means comprising sulbactam and ampicillin – Ampicil, Unasyn;
  • tablet form of Amoxilav, Flemoklav, Solutab, dry powder substance for the preparation of suspension, based on clavulanate of amoxicillin.
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These two components are very effective in the treatment, destroying pneumoniae and pyogenic stafilokok, preventing the start of activities in the body Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus.

The dosage of the pill of penicillin calculated as follows:

  • for an adult 2 tablets in 24 hours;
  • children are given the formula: 1 kg of weight of the child 40 mg of the substance.

Taking the drug for 7 days.

To use penicillin for the common cold can be in the form of drops. This should be purchased at the pharmacy a bottle of dry matter, fill it with boiled water and stir thoroughly. Drip nose penicillin should be intervals of two hours until, until the medicine is over.

Here the main thing – not to interrupt the treatment and thoroughly stir before use.