Drop from ear plugs: solvent remedies and medicines

What drops can drip into the ears of cerumen?

The formation of tubes in the ears – a problem spanning all age groups. Struggling with an unpleasant feeling by washing and burying means for dissolving sulfur clusters.

Ear drops, based on the softening of the cerumen should be in the body of people with impaired secretion of sulfur glands. Let’s look at what drops from the ear plugs the most effective and safe.

The causes of traffic jams

Sulfur protects our body from all sorts of stimuli. For its production in charge of a special gland. In normal condition the secretion of goes away from the auditory canal when manipulation of the temporomandibular joint.

Increase in the production of sulfur occurs for many reasons first and foremost it depends on the characteristics of the structure of the organ of hearing, genetic predisposition. Often production is increased when the failure of metabolism, trauma, prolonged listening of music in headphones.

In addition, influence the size of production of the secretion, can improper cleaning of age-related changes. In the first case, the ear sticks we are violating the natural process of withdrawal of sulfur from the auditory canal.

When you return changes, the body itself loses its natural property of the output of sulphur, in addition, in the Eustachian tube in the elderly increases the number of hairs they delay the secretion.

What is the effect of sulfur accumulation in the ear

Caught in the ear of dust particles, water and the keratinous structure of the skin, mingling with the sulfur becoming viscous mass, overlapping the auditory channel. Over time, this consistency can become rocky. Then for the dissolution of cerumen in the course are ear drops, which break down the structure of substances and the withdrawal of its remnants out.

Such education brings discomfort in the form of hearing loss, sometimes accompanied by pain. Because the accumulation of sulfur pressure on the eardrum. You need not guess what was the cause of unpleasant symptoms and it is better to promptly contact a specialist.

Symptoms of ear plugs

Sulphuric education, maybe for a long time do not submit themselves felt, until does not cover the whole ear canal. Noticeable discomfort, usually when bathing. In ear penetrates the liquid sulfur after contact with her begins to grow and completely blocking the doorway.

Are sulfur clusters as the eardrum and close. In addition to water, locate the tube help the nerve receptors in the ear. They touch starts to go irritation, nausea, dizziness, cough.

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If you have these symptoms you need to contact the doctor. Otherwise, the constant interaction of sulfur with the eardrum can cause inflammation. What drops can you take for otitis media look here.Not to wait for complete blocking of the channel need to apply the drops in the ears, which immediately eliminates cerumen without applying any effort.

In addition, the use cerumenolytic possible as a preventive measure to avoid excess separation of sulphur. These tools are recommended for people with hearing AIDS, swimmers, children, elderly people and those whose work takes place in a dusty place. If the ears with a cold, what can be done, read here.

The most common drugs

Drops are assigned only by the otolaryngologist based on the characteristics of each patient and the type of disturbing traffic. As the auditory analyzer constantly exposed to the onslaught of the external environment, means of traffic jams help to create a gentle care, the cleanliness and health of the auditory analyzer.

How to cure stuffy ears can be found here.

Seeing widespread use, the pharmaceutical market offers an impressive selection of drugs to combat this problem. There are two main groups of funds:

  1. Water-based. To them ranked as: Aqua Maris OTO, Remo-Vaks, Audispray, Oteks, cerumen And, Colace, hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Oil-based. This includes Waksal, Cerustop and Earex, etc.

All the drops in the ears to remove cerumen have a nozzle for easy application. With the exception of hydrogen peroxide. Burying her going through the pipette. To answer exactly what drugs better not. Let’s take a look at the most common drugs separately.

Aqua Maris OTO

Based on drops from cerumen is a natural component, which is famous for its therapeutic action in diseases of ENT-organs. Drops do not have aggressive components, so can be used in children from one year of age.

Paid solution is very simple. Manipulation is best done over the sink. You need to tilt the head to one side and make the injection into the ear canal. When you see sulfur, remove it with a napkin. To completely remove the tube you need a few days to use the solution.


These drops are the most popular. They stand out a complex activity that is focused not only on the lysis of the formed sulfur, but also for the restoration of elaborate secret. The drug was safe and has been used since the infancy, because it is harsh components and antibiotics.

In the structure Remo-Vaks there are a lot of surfactants and allantoin, phenylethanol and sobrenome acid. These components tighten pores and moisturize the epithelium inside the ear.

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I use drops in the following way. As prevention is assigned to no more than 1-2 times a month. For the release of fresh secretions sulfur drip 15-20 drops of slightly warmed solution. Then there lay the cotton wool and rest for 30-60 minutes or leave overnight.

To remove rocky education to douching. Enter the product it is under slight pressure, while from the ear will not leave a pure liquid. Perform the procedure once daily for three days.

Cerumen and

The tool from the tube contains components in the ear, cleaning the ear canal and prevents excessive secretion of sulphur. The drug can be combined with other drugs. It is presented in two forms: drops and spray.

The tool is not manifested by any systemic effects, so it is allowed to use during pregnancy, lactation and citizens with burdened anamnesis. Cerumen and sulfur breaks down fat, due to the presence of surfactant components.

The only disadvantage of the drug is that it can not be used for otitis media, the deformation of the membrane and the presence of pipes for ventilation of the middle ear. As prevention is applied two times a week. During treatment manipulation is carried out once or twice for 3-4 days.

Cleansing this solution is much faster than in the previous cases. For this purpose, the passage of each ear make one injection. A moment later, you need to tilt your ear to one side, the substance with the gray beginning to freely leave. Further, the ear is flushed with a saline solution or boiled water and wiped off.


The tool is used in the treatment only as directed by your otolaryngologist. The doctor prescribes a strict dose of the drug, because for different age groups it is individual. Drops antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.

The structure of the drug includes Finasol contributing to the development of prostaglandin and Lidocaine to reduce the pain threshold. Otipax is prohibited to drip with history, as well as children who are allergic to the components available.

Make the tool acceptable to children with one year. The duration of treatment to 10 days. Prescribed for children from 4 to 8 drops. Here you can learn how to take drops of Otipax. Note that to self-medicate with this drug dangerous.

Hydrogen peroxide

Despite the availability of a large range of funds, many prefer to celebrate the old-fashioned way. To perkiset hydrogen, cheap remedy for ear congestion. When using it is released of oxygen, which contributes to the destruction of sulfur.

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The substance is administered in the ear with a syringe without a needle or pipette. Poured half a pipette means for half a minute. The destruction of disulfide bonds, sulfur will be heard the characteristic hiss. After, head tilted to the solution left ear. The treatment is repeated up to 5 times a day. Details about how to treat ear peroxide see here.

Treatment acceptable if the patient is sure that has a sulfuric stopper. The procedure is disallowed when the ear develops otitis media, there is a foreign body, occurred perforation of the eardrum, and if the patient is hypersensitive to remedy.


Than suffer with congestion when sulphuric tube better to throw in ear drops based on olive oil. Waksal at the same time has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal and cerumenolytics actions.

Thanks to softening and moisturizing properties, the drug slows down the production of secretions, it envelops the cavity of the ear, not allowing during water treatment to form the tube. In the treatment drops are used twice a day for five days. As prevention is enough to bury once a week.

Before use, the vial with drops of warm hands, then produce irrigation of each ear cavity spray. Next, do a light massage of the tragus. One bottle is for the prevention lasts for six months. People, perforation of the eardrum and allergic to olive oil, the drug is prohibited.


As the organ of hearing is one of the main tools of perception, you should closely guard its safety. As hygiene do not rely on regular cleaning, it is better to apply the drops, has antibacterial properties, is able to suppress the development of pathogenic bacteria.

In addition, the active substance of cerumenolytics deliberately narrow pores, but also have selesai effect on the dead cellular layer of the walls of the ear canal.