Drops and sprays in the nose are not causing addiction

What drops and sprays are not addictive?

Each of us though time in life, but always faced with the common cold. Moreover, this phenomenon occurs not only in adults, but even the younger children. To fight the cold is sometimes very difficult, and not always drugs, even the most expensive, can quickly deliver us from this problem. And those drugs that quickly it can solve, addictive, with regular and uncontrolled use.

To drugs, causing addiction, apply vasoconstrictor drops. If they are used longer than the specified term – there drug-induced rhinitis, to cure which is very difficult. Therefore, most of the question arises — what nose drops do not cause addiction?

Nose drops do not cause addiction

When a person has a stuffy nose and he feels bad about herself, he wants as soon as possible to get rid of this «weak» state, and as early as possible to return to a normal life. In such situations starts taking any drugs.

But for those who care about their health and wants to get rid of the cause, it is recommended to know what drops is used, so they have not emerged addictive.

Among the most effective, safe and relatively inexpensive of nose drops can be called the drug Release.

It drops composed of natural components, chief of which is the extract of eucalyptus.

Sometimes it just helps to remove nasal congestion, reduces swelling and eliminates the cause of the common cold, because has a bactericidal effect. The only contraindication to its use is children up to age 3 and allergic to any component.

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The following safe and less effective drugs, which also do not cause addiction, you can call salt solutions or seawater. Such include:

  • Saline;
  • Akvamaris;
  • Marker;
  • Humer;
  • Physiomer;
  • But Sol;
  • Dolphin and so on.

All these solutions help quickly clear the nasal cavity from a variety of dry crusts. To make the liquid more dense and difficult bismarckiana snot, and also to moisten the nasal mucosa and thereby facilitate breathing.

We examined nasal drops, not addictive, but are there any sprays with a similar effect? Yes, there are drugs that are produced in the form of a spray, and they also are not addictive.

Nasal spray non-habit forming

Include such medications which include interferon:

  • Nasopure;
  • Alferon;
  • Ingaron;
  • Derinat;
  • Grippferon;
  • Tafen

Among these, one should highlight Derinat and Taven.


Universal remedy for the common cold, which is produced in different dosage forms (injections, solution for external and local use). A drug for local use in the nose, not addictive. It consists of two active components:

  • sodium desoxyribonucleate;
  • sodium chlorine.

While using this medication increases local immunity and resistance to numerous viruses.

The drug is a unique agent because in addition to antiviral and immunomodulatory effects, it is able to provide and regenerating effect.

Due to this property quickly to heal inflamed and damaged tissue, decreases swelling and eases breathing.

The nasal tool is allowed to use not only for adults but also for babies and expectant mommies during pregnancy.

Derinat is safe even with prolonged use, it does not cause side effects and addiction.

The effect after application is developing quickly, after a couple of minutes after instillation of the nose is relieved breath. The drug is also approved for use in the injections and for inhalation.

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The drug Derinat shown:

  • in acute respiratory viral infection;
  • as a preventive and therapeutic agent in SARS;
  • inflammatory, inflammatory and degenerative pathologies;
  • when inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth;

Also, in combination with other drugs, but are allowed to use:

  • in rhinitis, sinusitis;
  • while it is hard to heal wounds, trophic ulcers;
  • when gangrene;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • with necrotic lesions of tissues.

That’s not all indications for which this drug can be used. More detailed information can be found in the instructions.

Spray Tafen

Very effective drug. Nasal spray non-addictive treats the common cold (and even drug-induced rhinitis).

The drug belong to the group of glucocorticosteroid drugs.

This group of drugs, which can be used only after consultation with the doctor, since their use is necessary to calculate the exact dosage.

It can make the doctor individually.

Part Tapena included budesonide is a substance effectively eliminate Allergy symptoms and inflammation. This reduces swelling, nasal exudate, and inflammatory process, in the case of secondary bacterial infection.

Prolonged use Tapena not addictive. The drug effectively fights colds and allergies, while positive dynamics is observed in two days.

Contraindications to the use of the spray are children up to age six years, breastfeeding, hypersensitivity and tuberculosis pulmonary tissue. During pregnancy, the drug should be taken with caution only after consultation with the doctor.


Remember all the drops used in the treatment of rhinitis should be individualized. It can be done only by a qualified technician.

Do not trust advertising and to be treated on the advice of friends. Contact your doctor and any cold will pass quickly, leaving no consequences.

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