Drops Derinat in pregnancy: instructions for use and 1, 2, 3 trimester

How to take drops Derinat during pregnancy?

During pregnancy it is quite natural for a reduced immunity in the body. The decision to adopt at this time, the immunomodulators, such as, but, can seem quite logical.

However, is it safe? Can I take Derinat during pregnancy?

Description of the drug

Derinat is a promising domestic development. Made from Molok sturgeon. That is, it is a completely natural product, for many people today it is important, especially for pregnant women. The active ingredient of the drug – sodium desoxyribonucleate.

Pharmacological action of the drug is that it significantly increases the immune system, so the body’s ability to resist diseases. Moreover, it not only increases the overall immunity, but also specific reactions to different types of infections: viral, fungal or bacterial.

Of course, cure the infection by itself it is not capable, but maybe:

  • to prevent infection by airborne droplets;
  • to significantly accelerate the recovery from SARS and other similar diseases;
  • to accelerate the recovery in the complex treatment of serious inflammation.

In addition, Derinat has a positive effect on the lymphatic system, thus allowing faster and detoxification of the body, that is, the removal of harmful metabolic products of the bacteria, viruses or fungi.

Important! Derinat is not antifungal or antiviral medication, like an antibiotic.

By itself it does not fight off infections, it only helps the body to cope with infection. Boosts the immune system.

This drug is available in solution for administration intramuscularly in the form of a drop or spray for local use. Even if the drug is applied topically, it is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body.

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Independently, but is assigned to:

  • prevention of sinusitis, acute respiratory infections And colds;
  • the management of minor colds;
  • inflammation in the eyes or mouth.

In combination with other drugs it can be used to treat sinusitis and other chronic inflammation in the nasopharynx, urogenital system, the anus and so forth, ulcerative skin disease, necrosis and gangrene and similar diseases. For otitis drops Derinat can drip into the ears.


In the instructions for use of the drug is only one categorical contraindication – idiosyncrasy. Accordingly, the side effect may be an allergic reaction: rash, itching, and the like.

Important! Not allowed Derinat administered intravenously.

With caution the drug is in the presence of diabetes, because in this case it can cause hypoglycemia.

Derinat in pregnancy: instructions for use

According to the instructions, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding but can be used, but with caution and only on prescription.

To understand how dangerous it is enough to remember what is it. It increases the overall immunity. What’s wrong with that? In General, of course it is, but not always.

No wonder pregnant women have normal decreased immunity. The fruit, anyway, is a foreign body that contains the DNA of the father, and therefore conflicting with the mother’s DNA. Remember, the human body rejects a foreign organ transplantation? And here. Low immunity is a necessity, allowing the fertilized egg to gain a foothold in the uterus.

Enhanced immunity as a result of receiving Derinat may lead to rejection of the fetus. It follows that it is particularly dangerous in pregnancy in the 1st trimester.

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Later, when the fertilized egg thoroughly secured, and the fetus begins to grow, the risk of miscarriage when taking Derinat is reduced. But during pregnancy in the 2nd and 3rd trimester it is possible to apply, but only with caution and, of course, on prescription.

Important! But pregnancy is not used vaginally and is not introduced into the rectum.

It is not desirable to apply intramuscular injections. Perhaps only a local application. The dosage and course of treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis and other diseases are assigned only to the attending physician.

To apply or not, but during pregnancy, a private matter of each individual woman. But in any case you should consult with your doctor. Especially in the early stages.