Drops Derinat in the sinus: reviews and application

How to use a drop of «Derinat» in the sinus?

Recently in the therapeutic treatment of inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinuses can be found such a drug as a «Derinat». What causes such popularity of this medical product and what is the effect on the sinuses «Derinat» in the sinus, will consider in this article.

The action and composition of the drug

The pharmacological market every year is increasing the number of drugs that do not contain in its composition of chemical compounds. The composition of these medicines close to the internal human environment, which contributes to better digestibility, absence of side effects and contraindications.

Medicines of the new generation have a real impact on the immune system of the human body, significantly accelerating the healing process.

Such drugs include «Derinat».Use in sinusitis this medication promotes rapid regeneration of the nasal mucosa, thus exerting anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect.

It is understood that «but» cannot be an agent for the treatment of sinusitis. More rational use of this medical product in the complex therapy with antibacterial drugs of the group.

The fact that under the influence of «Derinat» in the body triggers a natural process of resistance to pathological microorganisms, thereby activating immune processes, enhancing the effect of antibiotics and significantly reducing the duration of therapy.

Important! With simultaneous or subsequent use of other pharmacological products, «but» has no quantitative or qualitative impact on changing the effects of drugs, i.e., interacts well with all medications.

The tool is available in three forms – drops, solution for local use and liquid dosage form for parenteral administration (injections).

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The main component of the drug is Sodium deoxyribonucleate – an extract from Molok sturgeon family of fish. According to studies, this substance is a kind of immunomodulator and stimulator of regeneration.

«Derinat» has quite a wide range of applications in medicine. Quite effective in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as:

  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • SARS;
  • septic ENT pathologies.

Use of this medicine simultaneously solves several problems:

  1. There is a restoration of local immunity.
  2. Pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed.
  3. Is reducing inflammation and swelling of the mucosa.

Methods of use of the drug in sinusitis

Depending on the stage of sinusitis, the attending specialist to tailor the treatment regimen.
Drop «but» from sinusitis quite often used in the treatment of both adults and children.

Recommended dose:

  • adults – 2 to 5 drops, depending on the destination, in each nasal passage;
  • children from birth to 2 years – 1 drop of the drug in each nostril;
  • from 2 to 10 years – is assigned to 2 drops of the medication;
  • over 10 years – 3-4 drops in each nostril.

Therapy can range from one to two weeks of application.

In acute forms of the disease it is better to use the injection method of administration of medication. The rate of application and the dosage is calculated in each case individually. Basically, the average course of treatment does not exceed five injections.

Many experts recommend re-treatment with injections in chronic sinusitis, which helps to maintain the immune status and prevents the resumption of the clinical manifestations of the disease.

Important! Prohibited local use of the drug in combination with ointments on the greasy basis.

Some cases may involve inhalation method of use «Derinat», often this method is widely used in Pediatrics. Depending on the etiology of the disease, can be used as 0.25% and 1.5% solution.

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This medicine involves dilution with saline in the ratio 1:3. The required daily levels of «Derinat» defines the pediatrician, but mostly this indicator does not exceed 2 ml. of the drug.

It is possible to use medication as a solution for rinsing the sinus. Data manipulations are carried out strictly in a hospital, under the supervision of medical staff.

Side effects and contraindications

«Derinat» is absolutely safe drug product, therefore, can be used to treat children from the first days of life, pregnant women and nursing mothers. The use of the drug eliminates the manifestation of any side effects.

Also virtually no contraindications, with the exception of patients with individual intolerance of active components.

In the injection method, possible redness of the seat of the injection, which soon passes.

«Derinat» in the sinus: reviews

Alice. First learned about «Dominate» being the fourth month of pregnancy. I have chronic sinusitis, plus everything else and cold. In order to avoid relapse, my doctor prescribed me this drug. Nasal congestion it is, of course, did not take off, but it’s not. But what accelerated the healing process and prevent the resumption of sinusitis, it is a fact. Now I use it as a prophylactic during a season of acute colds.

Irina. At the first sign of disease use «Derinat», breathe a nebulizer. With the drug face is not the first time, and conclude that it is more effective as inhalation. Wife medicine also contributed to a speedy recovery, he revealed sinusitis. In a joint treatment with antibiotics – simply amazing result.


«Derinat» is a relatively new drug that contributes to the emergence of mixed opinions and many discussions among experts. Although it should be noted the recognition of the drug by many patients, as evidenced by the positive reviews.

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