Drops Dexamethasone nose kids: instructions for use

Is it possible to drip «Dexamethasone» in the nose children?

Because children are still immature body, the protective function is not always able to effectively cope with the penetration and impact of pathogens. As a result of frequent colds and viral diseases, especially in the cold season.

Sometimes these diseases can cause serious complications, treatment which requires a serious approach. Next, let’s talk about the instructions for use of nose drops «Dexamethasone» for children, as well as the safety of such treatment.

What is «Dexamethasone»

«Dexamethasone» — a drug, which belongs to the group of corticosteroids synthetic origin, that is, in other words is a hormonal substance.

The tool is intended for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases, however, often used in the treatment of ENT-organs.

Available in the form of eye drops, which represent a clear, colorless liquid.

Packed in plastic vials-droppers (5 ml) for ease of use.

Help. In addition, farmcrest is 2 dosage forms: ampoules for injections and pills.

The active substance dexamethasone sodium phosphate. Additional components are boric acid, benzalkonium chloride, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, water for injections, disodium edetate dihydrate.

This combination drops have diverse effects on the human body:

  • anti-allergic;
  • antishock;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • immunoregulatory.

As mentioned earlier, the pharmaceuticals used for therapy and prevention of various pathologies of organs of vision:

  1. Acute and chronic nature, blepharitis, iritis, purulent conjunctivitis, keratitis, damage to the cornea of various origins, inflammation of the posterior segment of the eye.
  2. Allergic nature – conjunctivitis and keratoconjunctivitis.

But there are also instances of its effective use for otitis media and pathologies of the nasal cavity.

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Quite often when applying drops may experience side effects such as transient burning, stinging, redness.

If the drug is used for the treatment of diseases of the nasal cavity, among the contraindications we can only highlight the following: intolerance to any of the components of the tool.

Is it possible to drip «Dexamethasone» in the nose of children

In the official annotation, the manufacturer has focused on the fact that «Dexamethasone» in the form of drops intended for local use only in adults.

That is, children up to age 18 years is a contraindication for treatment this means.

And then, as pharmaceuticals is a very complex and serious a drug, even for adults treatment they should be thoroughly justified.

It does not apply to ordinary colds, the drops shown in severe pathologies of the nasal cavity:

  • sinusitis that can not be assigned to the procedures.
  • severe congestion in the sinus;
  • the lack of results with long-term treatment of rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis;
  • medication vasomotor rhinitis (damaging the shell of the nose with prolonged use of vasoconstrictive drops).
  • a severe allergic reaction.

Method of application in such situations is to strictly instill 1-2 drops 3 times a day, no more.

Important! To use the drug for more than 7 days not because it is hormonal.

For kids there is still the option of using this tool. «Dexamethasone» in the nose of children can be applied in complex drops.

Quite often, doctors prescribe various combinations of drugs that can effectively cope with complex disease. We give one such combination drugs (in the form of injections):

  1. «Dexamethasone» (1 ampoule).
  2. «Ceftriaxone» (1 bottle).
  3. A saline solution (1 ampoule).
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The key role of this structure plays a combination of drugs «Ceftriaxone» and «Dexamethasone». Complementing each other with their functions, they quickly eliminate the inflammation even acute infectious maladies.

Important! To treat a child like that is not worth it. Appointment complex drops, selection of drugs and dosage needs to comply with the attending physician in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.


The use of any drug should be agreed with a specialist, especially such serious as «Dexamethasone». As for the children’s age, should not even be present no attempt self-treatment.

Homemade recipes and self-selection of the drug from a huge range of drugs can play havoc with the health of the child.