Drops for the nose in case of rhinitis: what it is better to choose

Effective nasal drops: which is better to choose

Runny nose poisoning the lives of children and adults, stopping to enjoy every day. He is the cause of the spread of germs, mucus in the nasopharynx. If the disease is not treated correctly, leading to frequent complications such as otitis media, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia.

When a person has difficulty breathing because of a stuffy nose, it is necessary to solve the problem of selection of effective nasal drops. What better choice for a runny nose? How much time and how often to treat? These and other questions are discussed with your doctor individually.

The types of rhinitis

Before starting treatment, determine the cause of the disease.

A runny nose is of three kinds:

  • infectious;
  • allergic;
  • medication.

The latter species develops from an overdose of drugs.

Even the best drops for the nose can be addictive. As a result, swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose, difficulty in nasal breathing almost all day.


This type of medication works almost instantly. He is on a fixed term reduces mucosal edema, reduces the amount of secretions from the nose, frees the breath.

The indication for the use of a vasoconstrictor:

  1. A child or adult can’t breathe through the nose. Breathing occurs through the mouth.
  2. The patient is unable to breathe with no nose or mouth (e.g. angina). The only salvation is a good nasal drops, as the effect occurs within three minutes.
  3. A cold accompanied by high fever.
  4. The patient complains of pain in the ears because of otitis media.
  5. A sick man is in a room where hot, humid or dusty enough.
  6. The injured person is asthmatic.

Decongestants are effective at the beginning of treatment. Doctors consider them as a kind of emergency aid in critical situations. When consumed have to be strictly followed dosage. Medicine is actively used within three to five days. Otherwise, even good drops in the nose can cause high blood pressure, enhanced heart arrhythmia and headaches.

What harm can cause medications?

If existing funds are used more often than 4 times a day, there is a feeling of dryness in the nose, burning, tingling. Incorrect dosage leads to additional swelling of the mucous membrane. This fact requires urgent medical intervention, but when using other pharmaceutical drugs.

Patients age after 40 years, the overdose of such drugs provokes heart attack.

Another situation: imagine a normal minor child who contracted bacterial or viral infection with stools. Usually parents do not even doubt what the drops in the nose good and immediately give their child. The student complies with the instruction of adults, but due to inexperience and inertia swallows the medicine in his mouth.

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Thus, the drug can directly enter the bloodstream of the patient.

In humans the drug acts as a stimulant, causing an increase in blood pressure.

But if this process is combined with poor health — the patient’s body is dehydrated, the temperature rises above 39 degrees.

In this case, the consequences can be critical.

Attention! If the child has snot easily removed by bismarckiana, the introduction of vasoconstrictor medicines are required. During partial breathing difficulty uses only salt solutions.

Method of use

Even the most effective vasoconstrictor nasal drops can hurt you, if you do not follow the rules of their use.

The algorithm of use of the drug as follows:

  • prior to backfilling it is recommended to free the sinuses from accumulated mucus by bismarckiana or flushing;
  • washing solutions made with salt water (firstvolume);
  • during the procedure, the patient is in the supine position with head slightly throws up;
  • after instillation be advisable to make a gentle massage of the nose;
  • the number of drops in the nose will be implemented in accordance with the prescription.

We should not forget that vasoconstrictor drugs are accepted only in every third case. It passes gradually, and when idle, as the recovery from SARS, acute respiratory infections, influenza. For parents and relatives of the patient it is important to follow the course of antibiotics, tablets inside. It is also necessary to regularly ventilate and humidify the room where the sick person.

The exposure time

Vasoconstrictors are capable of swelling of the mucous of the nose and to restore breathing in almost any kind of cold. Therefore, they are considered the best means from a cold when the patient needs immediate attention. However, the effect they give, though powerful, but temporary.

Vasoconstrictor drops vary in duration of exposure:

  • Naphazoline, Sanorin operate on average for 4 hours;
  • Ksimelin, Tizin Ksilo — 6 hours;
  • Nazivin, Nazol — more than 8 hours.


When you need an effective nasal spray to relieve runny nose without side effects and the threat of habituation, widely used in brine solutions — other types of pain, Throat, Kviks, saline. This is purified water with sea mineral salts.

The solutions used for nasal lavage in both adults and children. Kids up to 5 years medium instilled into the nose. It is recommended to do it as often as possible, to moisten the mucosa and prevent drying of the mucus in the nose.

Sea salt in saline has a clear advantage because, unlike vasoconstrictor, is not addictive.

This means that its use is safe in any amount to:

  • hygiene and humidification of the nasal mucosa;
  • the prevention of colds.
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Salt solution or saline is easy to prepare at home. For this you will need one teaspoon of salt in a glass of water.

Pharmacies offer a variety of means on the basis of sea salt, with additives and without. Among them are vasoconstrictors, and medications based on herbs:

  • Aqualor Extra Forte with aloe Vera;
  • Snoop with vasoconstrictor effect;
  • Dolphin with rose hips and licorice.

Oil solutions or essential oils

On the question of what nasal drops best help, many answer that this funds based on vegetable oils such as eucalyptus or mint. These drugs are gently. They cleanse the mucous membrane of the nose of the «scabs», partly to facilitate breathing. The full effect of the treatment occurs in the third to fifth day. However, their use is recommended only when the mucus in the nose dried up and you want to protect it from cracking.

The use of the oil drops with the running of the mucous can lead to blockage of the nose and disruption of the ciliated epithelium.

The best drops in the nose among oil solutions are Packed and Evosat.

The drugs are no particular contraindications.

They are shown to pregnant women and nursing mothers, and for children from 2 years.

The only limitation is the tendency of a patient to allergic reactions.


If allergic rhinitis is taking shape, try to influence the mucous membrane with antihistamine sprays. Of course, they do not give complete cure, but for a short period stop the allergic reaction.

Compared with vasoconstrictors, the effect of which on average occurs within 5 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours, antihistamines bring a sense of therapeutic effect 30-60 minutes after use. The duration of this operation is on average 10-12 hours.

The best drops from a rhinitis of allergic origin are considered to be Glycine, Allergy, Allergodil, Histime. Instillation of these drugs in the nose is not addictive. Means «envelop» the nasal passages, as a result, the allergens may not affect the patient.


Recently the ranking of the best drops for the nose appeared hormones. They are unknown to the General public because of high cost.

However, doctors prescribe hormonal medications, as they:

  • non-addictive;
  • clear the sinuses of mucus for 24 hours;
  • enter the patient’s blood.

Hormones start «working» only a few hours after instillation. They inject hormones, which do not render harm to the body.

In the line of pharmacy means these drugs more effective and safer than antihistamines and vasoconstrictor.

Among the most famous of hormonal methods are:

  • Almost four years;
  • Nasonex;
  • Syntaris;
  • Flixonase.
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Tool combination

Drugs of combined action is the best option if you have complex diagnoses.

These include:

  • Polideksa – a drug that is often used in sinusitis;
  • Sinuforte is used for lingering colds, include herbs cyclamen;
  • Vibrocil – strong antihistamine agent with vasoconstrictor effect;
  • Rinofluimutsil — «thins» the mucus and reduces swelling.

Nose drops and spray: what’s the difference?

The most effective means of a cold able to give fast result and free from mucus for a long period. As a rule, they are more expensive than others. The same trend can be traced when comparing prices for drops and sprays. Why is the cost of spray above?

In the instructions for use of the spray, he can see that the injection occurs in a sitting position (horizontally and vertically). This means that the task of the adult or adolescent patient is facilitated. The dispenser will allow you to enter the required proportion of the drug. The exact dosage will reduce the risk of side effects from the drug.


When you need an effective nose drops, a rating of the best drugs is considered only in passing. The choice of treatment depends on the patient’s age, state of health, diagnosis and duration of illness. In patients with different types of rhinitis, the same drug may have a completely different effect.

Any spray (or nasal drops) will give a good effect only if it is used to solve the corresponding problems. So what drops are best suited to the patient in a particular case can be determined only by the doctor, who will diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment. For its part, the patient only can find a good doctor and follow all his recommendations.