Drops from nasal congestion for children: how to choose a good baby drops

What drops drip in the nose with congestion?

Rhinitis and nasal congestion most often occurs in the cold season or with reduced immunity. The accompanying symptom of colds can cause redness of the organ of breathing, pain in the paranasal sinuses and the temporal part, to provoke a temperature rise and a number of other signs.

To eliminate these symptoms you can use nasal drugs. Today the market offers numerous products, capable in one application to eliminate the secretions and to restore the sinus. However, if the treatment adults can pick up the drug without the help of a physician, when treating children, it is important to get detailed advice from a specialist. Drops from nasal congestion for children should be chosen according to the type of disease and its nature, therefore, trust the professionals.

What causes stuffy nose

Nasal congestion is not an independent disease but only a symptom. Most often it occurs when infectious catarrhal inflammation, when the patient’s immune system is severely weakened. In addition to viral destruction of the body, congestion can occur due to trauma to the nasal passages and mucous membranes, as well as due to the penetration of a foreign object.

The last reason is the most common in children in connection with active games and lack of experience.

To get rid of congestion is necessary at the initial stage of the disease. If the inflammation of the mucous membrane will become acute, the disease can cause the formation of sinus infection, sinusitis or otitis media.

Such diseases occur when accumulation of mucous secretion in the nasal sinuses. The mucus becomes the breeding ground for the development of pathogenic bacteria, so if you don’t want infecting organism harmful microorganisms that start timely treatment.

When looking for a good drops for children need to know the cause of the formation of congestion. In case of occurrence of the symptom of acute rhinitis, it is necessary vasoconstrictor drops.

If the reason is viral inflammation, the patient is assigned antiviral and anti-inflammatory medications. If the disease acquired bacterial form, patient required antibiotic therapy.

A list of effective medicines

When you search for children’s drops, it is important to know about the absence of allergic reactions to certain components of drugs. Therefore, when buying, carefully read the instructions and follow the dosage of the drug without violations.

Almost four years

Intranasal for the treatment of nasal congestion, the drug almost four years. It has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, and has anti-allergic properties.

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Almost four years active ingredient acts directly on the cells responsible for synthesizing protein molecules. Thus, the patient noted improvement of function of the organs of breathing and a beneficial effect on sinuses immediately after application of the drug.

Beclomethasone, a part of almost four years, destroys the inflammatory cells and reduces the development of the disease. Therefore, apart from a pronounced decongestant properties, almost four years has anti-inflammatory action.

Due to the suppression of receptive receptors almost four years is considered a powerful drug with congestion due to exposure to allergens. Often this medication is prescribed as the primary medication for seasonal or year-round allergies.

For the treatment of children this tool fits perfectly, as it is quickly absorbed. Its low bioavailability allows the use of the drug in the treatment of patients, even newborns.

  1. 6 years is assigned two inject in the morning and before bed.
  2. To 6 years – one introduction when preparing to sleep.

Important! Almost four years can apply only for five days.


When nasal congestion, you can use one of the most popular medications called Glycine.

Its effect lasts for six hours, and the liberation of the paranasal sinuses occurs immediately after use.

The course of treatment should not last more than 5 days.

  1. For the treatment of children 6 years of age and assigned to three drops in each nasal passage.
  2. For treatment before reaching the age of six the treatment is chosen individually in accordance with age, height and weight.

Before buying Tizin, you must ensure that the child has no special sensitivity to the drug. You cannot use and diabetes.


For the treatment of nasal congestion in children can use the medication Nasonex. Its active ingredient has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect.

In addition, Nasonex helps with congestion due to exposure to allergens.

Doctors without fear prescribe this medication for the treatment of children, as the medication can cause systemic effects.

To use Nasonex can be nasal in the following cases:

  • seasonal or year-round allergies accompanied by runny nose;
  • in the case of acute sinusitis;
  • for prevention.

You cannot use Nasonex for the treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis or frontal sinusitis if the kid hurts an allergic reaction to the drug components, and if goes untreated infection in the mucosa. In addition, it is undesirable to use the drug, if the child recently had surgery in the nasal cavity.

With caution apply means before the age of two and watch for side effects. When the pain in the head or ears, nausea, dizziness and other signs of intoxication application Nasonex must be stopped.

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Such symptoms can occur due to mismatched dosages. Usually, doctors prescribe two introductions per day. If a toddler plagued by acute symptoms, your doctor may increase the treatment.


For kids well suited spray Flixonase. It helps to eliminate congestion and improve the function of organ of respiration almost immediately after application.

Intranasal drug has not only anti-edema effect, but a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

The active component of the drug reduces the impact of histamine, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, cytokines. The therapeutic effect is achieved in properly selected dosage.

Usually the little patient is prescribed one dose in each nasal passage, no more than once a day. For the treatment teenagers, the doctor may prescribe two injections.

Before use, need to clean nasal passages specialized fibrestore.

Keep in mind! Use Flixonase only four years old.

The drug cannot be used in congestion with hypersensitivity to the components of the substance.


If nasal congestion formed due to vasomotor or allergic rhinitis, your doctor may prescribe Nasobek. This drug eliminates the symptoms of inflammation on the third day of treatment.

The medication can eliminate allergic reactions and to reduce inflammation without harming the body of the child.

However, use of the drug is only five years old. In connection with the active components of medication, Nasobec can cause severe reactions in young children. Among other contraindications says:

  • tuberculosis;
  • viral infection in the nasal passages;
  • fungal disease;
  • frequent bleeding from the nose.
  • special sensitivity to the components.

For the treatment of children should strictly observe the dosing:

  1. Six years the doctor prescribes one injection in each nostril twice a day.
  2. With twelve years you can increase the dosage to two vspryskivaniu twice a day.

With care it is possible to apply the remedy in the case of a deviated nasal septum after recent surgical procedures in the nasal cavity.

Nazol Bebi

To eliminate congestion in infants you can use the drug Nazol Baby. Usually it is administered from two months to two years.

Nazol Bebi is one of the most effective drugs, the safety has been proven by numerous studies.

The effect of the spray is manifested immediately after application and lasts six hours. Through this action, use Nazol Baby can be as often as three times a day.

In the treatment it is important to follow the dosing of the drug:

  1. For the treatment of children from two months assigned to one drop twice a day.
  2. For children from six months you can apply two drops twice a day.
  3. With one year allowed the introduction of three drops three times a day.
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Nazol Baby can cause a strong addiction, therefore, treatment needs to be compiled with the help of a doctor. If rhinitis in a child lasts more than four days, the doctor should prescribe a more powerful eye drops.

Drug for treatment of children for use in the event of an allergic reaction is not necessary. Also attention need to apply the remedy in the case of dysfunction of the heart muscle.


Widely known medication for the treatment of nasal congestion in children – Naphazoline. Its active ingredient is naphazoline. It allows you to eliminate the symptoms of inflammation after five minutes after injection and its effect lasts for four hours.

Unlike other medicines, Naphazoline quickly removes all signs of acute or chronic rhinitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis and other inflammation in the nasal cavity. But to use nasal means only three days.

To use Naphazoline can only twelve months.

Using the drug more time, you can cause the formation of addiction. In the days of the treatment the little patient can be administered two drops morning and evening.

If after the introduction of the child manifested signs of intoxication and deteriorating health, intake of Naphazoline should be discontinued.


Treatment of nasal congestion should be aimed at eliminating the causes. So, if the airway obstruction appeared due to allergic reactions, first determine the type of pathogen and eliminate it.

In the case of viral or bacterial respiratory disease need medical help. In such a situation to prescribe the drug should only by a qualified doctor.