Drops in a nose Kromogeksal: instructions for use, during pregnancy and for children

How to apply drops Kromogeksal?

Allergic rhinitis is familiar to many. It’s a nasty inflammation, which gives a person severe discomfort. To recover from such illness allow antihistamines, which gained wide popularity in Russia due to its quick results. One of these medicines – «a good cough medicine».

The drug has a pronounced effect and in a short time eliminates the symptoms of allergies, clears the Airways and normalizes the mucosa. Take this medication allowed people of different age, but the drug has some side effects and contraindications. Study them before using the product «- a good cough medicine» during pregnancy or in any other case.

On the drops «- a good cough medicine»

Drops in the nose «- a good cough medicine» — an effective remedy for the acute rhinitis or allergic rhinitis. Metered-dose nasal spray is available in fifteen or thirty milliliters seats 85 and 170 doses, respectively. The drug is sold in plastic bottles in conjunction with a metering device.

In addition to the nasal spray, there is an identical drug for the eyes and solution for inhalation. All medicines made in the form of a solution of transparent color. The composition of the medicament does not include mechanical activation.

The active ingredient of the nasal spray sodium cromoglicate.

This component normalizes membranes sensitised fat cells.

This allows you to slow down the activation of calcium ions. Thus, there is a release of cells from harmful viruses and infections.

Sodium cromoglicate effectively fights inflammations such as:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • atopic asthma;
  • asthmatic triad;
  • chronic bronchitis.

The use of such substances is justified in the case of food allergies, and ulcerative colitis, diseases of the mucous membrane of the sigmoid and rectum, purulent inflammation of the mucous membranes, inflammation group, in which a large amount of accumulation of mast cells in tissues.

Sodium cromoglicate is often used when seasonal allergic reactions and in the case of acute seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.

To the auxiliary substances of the drug include:

  • inorganic compound, an acidic salt derived from alkali metal sodium sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate. Such a compound quickly dissolves in water, forming a water molecule;
  • antiseptic medicinal component, which actively effect the defeat of an organism by viruses fungus or Antiprotozoal disorder — benzalkonium chloride. A substance having the contraceptive effect and destroys malicious viruses;
  • syrup with a high content of mannitol — sorbitol liquid recrystallizational. Such a component having the obstacle of crystallization;
    the sodium salt of hydrochloric acid, better known as salt is the basic substance sodium chloride;
  • inorganic compound, in which the produced metal salt of sodium and phosphoric acid. Dissolves in the water of disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate crystalline forms;
  • active a natural component, providing an active effect on the immune system — disodium edetate. A substance having an antiviral effect and activates the body’s defenses against malicious minerals;
  • purified water.

In addition, the composition of the drops include sodium hydroxide is the most common alkali, medicinal actions which allow you to quickly eliminate the symptoms of inflammation.

In some cases, can be treated «a good cough medicine»

Large list of substances eliminate the inflammatory processes in the initial stage of the disease.

But applying this medicine in case of acute illness, one should expect effective results.

Medication prescribed for the following ailments:

  1. In the case of year-round or seasonal allergic rhinitis.
  2. Seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.
  3. Serious allergic reactions to local stimuli (flowers, dust, Pets, and so on).
  4. Hay fever.
  5. Bronchial asthma.
  6. Disease of the conjunctiva inflammation of the cornea.
  7. Allergic keratitis.
  8. Allergic conjunctivitis.
  9. Severe irritation of the mucous membranes.
  10. Preventive measures.

To apply medication is recommended only after you make sure there are no allergic reactions to the drug components. It is best to establish the absence of hypersensitivity with the help of a physician.


The use of medication must be authorized by the attending physician.

Since the drug has several contraindications, should pay attention to this aspect.

  1. You can not use the medication in case of special sensitivity to the ingredients of the medication.
  2. Do not use the tool in case of pregnancy without a doctor’s prescription.
  3. Do not use tool in the treatment of children up to five years. In extremely rare cases, allow the treatment of kids in the form of drops or solution bole at a younger age.

In renal insufficiency, need to consult with a doctor as the possibility of using medication in this case should be solved the attending physician. With special care needs treatment with this medicine when polyps in the nasal passages.

Side effects

After the purchase of the drug read the instructions on the application of nose drops «- a good cough medicine» because the drug has side effects.

In order to protect themselves from unwanted consequences read them, as well as the proper dosage of medication.

  1. In the case of a burning sensation in the mucosa or manifestations of severe irritation, you need to wash the nose with warm water. Bury the drug in the future is undesirable.
  2. There is heavy and constant discharge from the nasal passage.
  3. A strong secretion of mucous exudate some hours later after application.
  4. Pay attention to side effects, if after the injection, the patient had severe coughing or sneezing. The introduction of the drug in the future you want to suspend.
  5. In rare cases, patients complained of the appearance of epistaxis and a feeling of itching and a rash. Other side effects include difficulty in swallowing, swelling of the mucous membranes, breathing problems, headaches and temporal pain, loss of smell.

Often the unpleasant symptoms go away after discontinuation of treatment.

In especially rare cases, blurred vision, feeling of foreign object in the nasal sinuses, pressure in the nose, change in blood pressure, lacrimation, swelling of the conjunctiva, dryness of the eye.

These occurrences are extremely rare but when they occur it is necessary to consult a doctor for medical help. After the consultation, you need to replace the drug on the other drug component.

Special instructions

This medication is not intended for long-term treatment. It is therefore necessary to monitor the course of therapy.

It is important to note that the nasal spray «- a good cough medicine» is not able to completely cure symptoms of acute asthmatic attacks is, therefore, required a comprehensive treatment under medical supervision.

After treatment to check the condition of the kidneys and liver. Thus, confirming the absence of start unwanted processes in the body.

In the case of amplification of mucosal secretions with the introduction of the drug, its use should be discontinued.

How to use the drug

In each case, the drug should be monitored by a qualified physician. It is especially important to consult with a specialist during pregnancy or to treat small children.

During pregnancy

In case of pregnancy, use the drug only after a personal consultation with your doctor.

Clinical studies on the action of medication on the fetus was not, so it’s not worth risking their health.

You need to ensure there is no risk to the fetus, and only after that to use this tool.

The spray is applied only locally. Before the introduction of the drug spend cleansing the nasal passages with the help of special medications. The drug should be administered at the prescribed dosage.

Usually the application of the drug during pregnancy involves one injection three times a day. In the case of acute inflammation is assigned a greater number of vspryskivaniu, but this question is discussed individually in your doctor.

After reducing the signs of inflammation should reduce the number of doses of the drug, and within a few days to stop vpryskivat at all.

In the treatment of children

Apply «- a good cough medicine» in the case of acute inflammation of allergic rhinitis in children with caution.

Treatment of children up to five years with this medicine is strictly prohibited.

Nose drops for kids «- a good cough medicine» it should be used with extreme caution.

At an older age is assigned to one injection every five hours.

In the case of complications of inflammation of the the frequency increase to every three hours. Immediately after reducing the severity of the symptoms to use the drug should less. In this case, only two vspryskivaniu per day.

Continue to use the drug should only by direct allergen exposure.

Keep in mind, if you take the tool in the form of inhalations, the treatment period is increased to one month. To cancel the use of the drug should not immediately, but slowly reducing its effect within seven days.


Reviews about the «good cough medicine» for the nose seem very positive.

Sergei Ivanov: «Used» — a good cough medicine» allergic reactions such as runny nose at the cat. Previously, this symptom was not noticed, but by the nature of the activities had one month to live in the same apartment with a cat. On the third day there was itching and heavy discharge from the nose. The pharmacist advised me to buy this spray. Used it for the whole time stay in one injection».

Christina Getmanenko: «When I was pregnant with a second child, the immune system is strongly reduced and appeared allergic to pollen of flowers, though in the past these symptoms were not noticed. The doctor enjoyed «a good cough medicine». Was sprashivala twice a day for five days. After this time everything went.»


Treatment of allergic rhinitis begins with establishing the cause of the inflammation. To begin therapy without a proper diagnosis and refer to all of the symptoms impossible. Therefore, when the first signs of this disease will help doctors.

After that, patients will prescribe a comprehensive treatment using pharmaceutical drugs. Often patients inject only «good cough medicine», as this drug has a powerful effect. But to apply the remedy alone is not recommended, because you can trigger dangerous consequences.

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