Drops in his ears, Remo wax — instruction and patient feedback

How to take ear drops «Remo-Vaks»?

In the modern world the most common disease is considered to be inflammation of the ear. It can be outer, middle or inner ear infection, the appearance of fungus in the ears or infections associated with colds and flu.

Commonly all symptoms of disease are similar. It can be full or partial hearing loss, discomfort in the area of the outer ear, at least – headache in the temporal part and allocation of yellow color from the ears.

At the first appearance of painful and itchy symptoms in the ears, consult a qualified doctor for examination of ears and assign an accurate diagnosis.Commonly, the patient is prescribed physiotherapy, heat therapy and laser. However, when more serious diseases can not do without antibiotics.

Experts recommend to use special drops in your ears, «Remo-Vaks» at the first symptoms of disease to improve health in the first days.

The treatment of the patient ear drops

For the effective treatment of otitis and other ear diseases doctors usually prescribe ear drops specialized.

However, it is not always certain funds for each and every member of the family. As part of a medications may be elements that are not suitable for individual characteristics of the organism, before buying the drug, carefully read the user manual.

In addition, there are certain types of ear drops:

  • antibacterial agents in medicine. They are present in such drugs as «Cipromed», «Otofa», «Normaks»;
  • drops with glucocorticoids found in the «Dexon», «Aneurine» and «Sofradeks»;
  • anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal means «Drops» and «Otinum».

In order to determine the necessary drop, refer to the otolaryngologist.

You should know that the numbness of the ears and bad audio sounds can be caused by earwax build up.

In the absence of hygiene 30 days earwax can accumulate in the ear canal up to 20 mg.

It is known that the human ear is self-cleaning and sulfur excreted independently in the period of active operation of the jaw, such as eating or communication.

However, with increased work of sulfuric glands sulfur does not have time to correct itself. This provokes the emergence of cerumen.

Waxy build-up can close the entire ear canal.

Once you put an accurate diagnosis and determine the type of disease assigned ear drops. Stick to certain rules backfilling and study them before instillation:

  1. Swipe the hygiene of the ears by clearing their specialized ear sticks or hydrogen peroxide. After this procedure, thoroughly dry the ear, and wipe it with a cotton swab.
  2. Heat prescribed by the doctor drops through a water bath or RUB the bottle in his hands. It is important not to overdo it, ensure that the jar became hot. Thus, you shorten the shelf life.
  3. Sterilize the pipette before burying. To do this, dip it in boiling water for a few seconds.
  4. Lie on one side, a sick ear up.
  5. For ease of backfilling, pull the earlobe down and back. Therefore, the tool will soon pass into the middle ear.
  6. Inject the medication slowly and carefully.
  7. For several minutes, hold your position.

Observing data are not difficult rules, you will not harm your own health or health of the child.

About the drug «Remo-Vaks»

To lay ears for various reasons, but the most common of them is the overabundance of earwax.

Earwax is a substance produced naturally in the ear passages. Has a yellowish tint. Sulfur allows you to keep the ears clean helps to filter dust and debris. The function of sulfur in addition to cleansing the ears, is to protect against fungi, virus bacteria, and even insects.

Pay attention to the health of the body, if you or your child appeared:

  • a feeling of irritation in the ear;
  • after using earphone or earplug of some reddening in the outer ear;
  • if water itching.
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The fact that Seurat began to stand out more you will understand in the first days. The accumulated sulfur presses the eardrum, which leads to partial hearing loss.

In addition there are the following symptoms:

  • dizziness;
  • vomiting;
  • cramps;
  • noise in the ears.

Noticing these signs, start to use products in the form of ear drops «Remo-Vaks».

It is known that these ear drops solve the problem of the formation of cerumen delicately than others. This is due to the structure of medicine and its ability to clean the ear without physical action. Use drops when cases such as:

  • the emergence and growth of cerumen;
  • if excessive allocation of sulfur in the ear passages;
  • to cleanse the ears and maintain hygiene in children, including up to one year;
  • for cleansing the ears of the people deep age natural hearing loss;
  • care and cleansing of children suffering allergic reactions;
  • the care of the ears in pregnant women;
  • the ear care in nursing mothers;
  • if you frequently use headphones or earplugs and hearing AIDS;
  • for hygienic prevention.

Manual of the drug warns that in case of using this medication the use of q-tips prohibited!

Part medications include active elements that allow to penetrate into the core tube and dissolve it. The resulting liquid is excreted from the body in a natural way.

The structure of the active substances are:

  • organic compound phenylethyl alcohol;
  • water-soluble, colorless crystals;
  • natural preservative for food products, produced from the juice of mountain ash;
  • antiseptic for disinfection of the oropharynx;
  • food additive E321.

These elements practically do not cause allergic reactions.

In addition, the ingredients are acetylated lanolin obtained by anhydride treatment; fat, obtained in the processing of captured mink pelts; additives for connection of emulsions of different liquids; purified water.

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Thanks to these components, ear drops «Remo-Vaks» allow irritated skin to calm down quickly.

Ear drops «Remo-Vaks» how zakapyvanii

Before drip, the drug is not forget to warm the bottle to body temperature. You can use the water bath or hold a few minutes, medication in hand.

Tilt your head depending on the one hand, what ear is processed.

To control the dosage and the correct procedure, ask for help relatives. To bury so that the liquid level reached the level of the auditory meatus or the ear.

Lie on one side, and slide in this position for about 30 minutes. At this time, the tool will actively work to eliminate waxy build-up.

After the allotted time the need to go to the patient’s ear on a cotton swab to remedy emerged in a natural way.

Usually the cure for a minute flows out completely.

Then rinse the ear with warm water. To maintain the effect, close the ear with a cotton pad.

There is another way of using the product:

Moisten a cotton swab into the remedy and insert it into the outer passage. Close the ear warm scarf and leave it on all night. In the morning don’t forget to flush the ear and dry it to wipe.

In the case of an old ear tube procedure should be repeated for several days.

To prevent cerumen from use «Remo-Vaks» for two times in a month.

Pay attention to your feelings during backfilling. If you feel a sudden pain, the use of drugs urgently need to cancel. The pain can be caused by tumors in the ear or a ruptured eardrum.

In this case, immediately consult a specialist.

In the presence of a shunt in the ear instillation of the drug is also prohibited.

However, to prevent diseases in children the use of medication is not prohibited, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Reviews ear drops «Remo-Vaks» collect positive. Find out what you think about the drug «Remo-Vaks» readers:

Oksana Kovalev talks about his experience: «At the appearance of the ear plugs my husband asked for help to a friend pharmacist. He suggested «Remo-Vaks». Hygienic means of quickly dissolved all of the tubes. Four days later, the problem disappeared and the problem was never us not caught up. Now sometimes I myself buried myself for prevention. Great drop».

«In the summer went to the beach to relax. My daughter loves to swim but always dives head first. Sea water got in the ears, and the next day she complained about something that was worse to hear. The hotel nurse visited and gave the «Remo-Vaks». Said formed ear plugs, but there was nothing to fear. Received three times, and the child’s condition has improved significantly. In my opinion the downsides of the medicines no, but if you travel to buy it immediately at home,» — shares his impressions of Alla Iskritskaya.


If you often have ear plugs use «Remo-Vaks» for treatment and for prevention. Don’t forget that ears are a very delicate organ and if the disease will start, complications will not keep itself waiting long.

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So do not forget to carry out the hygiene of the ears, but be aware that the ear sticks can cause serious injuries to ear until the rupture of the eardrum. The use of cotton swabs is becoming a frequent cause of external otitis.

Therefore it is better to replace them with specialized ear drops.

Besides, one of the obvious advantages of funds — the expiration date at the opening of the bottle is not reduced.