Drops in the nose when the adenoids in children: what to drip, adenoid mix

What to drip in nose child with adenoids?

Adenoids are a serious disease in which inflamed nasopharyngeal tonsils. The disease is widely prevalent among children, so to avoid complications, you should promptly begin treatment of the problem. This can be done only with the help of a doctor.

To treat in two ways – to remove them and to treat conservative method. We recommend that you treat drugs. Conservative therapies are often used in an integrated manner. Learn more about the treatment of adenoids in children.


The most effective treatment for adenoids and other diseases of the respiratory system – vasoconstrictor drugs. They reduce inflammation, and reduce swelling. Also, these medications prevent an abundant secretion of mucus from the nose. Drops in the nose when the adenoids in children are encouraged to use caution after consulting with a doctor.

Attention! Uncontrolled use of vasoconstrictive drops may lead to a sharp decrease in blood pressure and occurrence of severe side effects.

The most effective and safe vasoconstrictor drops Nazivin. The manufacturer releases it in a bottle of dark glass with lid-pipette.

The dosage is different:

  • children from birth to one year is 0.01%;
  • children from one year to six years – 0,025%;
  • children from six years and adults is 0.05%.

Due to the distribution of dosage, selection of effective remedies for different ages easier.

And the concern about the negative impact disappears.

Also, this group may include the following medications: not effective, Children and others.

What else can drip into the nose adenoids?

Parents who are interested in the question of what to drip into the nose when the adenoids the child, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Since this condition, doctors often prescribe:

  • hormonal drugs (Nasonex, Flixonase, lower blood pressure mother);
  • antibiotics (Bioparox, Sofradeks, Izofra, Polideksa with fenilafrinom);
  • rewetting drops (Aqua, Maris, Phrase, Humer etc.).

In some cases, may be designated homeopathy (oil of thuja or drug Lymphomyosot), as well as treatment of folk remedies.

Folk remedies also effective. They involve making drops for the nose of medicinal herbs. These drops can drip without any side effects or overdose. Just make sure he’s not allergic to the components available. Good effect:

  • the infusion of the leaves of plantain, sage, marigold flowers;
  • decoctions of cowberry, cranberry, raspberry and oak bark;
  • juices of carrot, beet, radish.

Hormones and antibiotics

The most popular hormonal drug which can cure the mixture of adenoid in the nasopharynx – the cure Nasonex. The product consists of a steroid similar to natural hormones. Similar substances the body produces. Using the spray can to remove the swelling and get rid of the painful symptoms.

The main advantage of the drug – the lack of ability to get through mucous membranes and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

In the result of side effects from hormonal treatment minimal.

Spray can not only remove the inflammation, but also reduce the chance of allergies.

Note that taking any medication, especially hormonal, preferably only after consultation with a competent Tippet.

Antibiotics are prescribed if the disease was joined by a bacterial infection. In such cases, antibacterial drugs are indicated only after detection of the seeding tank of the nasal cavity.

Important! Be sure to inform the doctor about the antibiotics that the child had used previously. This will help prevent the addiction to drugs.

To treat, it is recommended to use the following groups of antimicrobial drugs:

  1. Derivatives of penicillin: they have broad spectrum of use. Such funds are non-toxic and they have a high antibacterial activity.
  2. Macrolides, that is, drugs that contain erythromycin.
  3. Great tool – drugs from the group of cephalosporins that are resistant to modern antibiotics.

Among the well-known and highly effective medicines doctors prescribe:

  1. Bioparox – aerosol, which includes the antibiotic fusafungine.
  2. The drug Polideksa, which includes phenylephrine. The substance is able to facilitate nasal breathing, remove the swelling of the mucosa, to kill pathogenic microorganisms.
  3. Izofra – sprey, main ingredient of is an antibiotic that has a bactericidal effect.
  4. Sofradeks drops, the composition includes not only antibiotic, but also a hormone.

Drops Lymphomyosot

Effective hormonal drops into the nose when the adenoids – Lymphomyosot.

Manufactures them, a German company specializing in the production of homeopathy.

The composition of the drops is included seventeen substances. The drug is actively used for the treatment of adenoids in children.

He lymphotropic reduces the load and improves tissue repair.

The drug consists of components such as Juglans and calcium fosforikum. Also, the drugs included Gentiana, lutea and Aranea Diadema. Important components of drops nasturtium the offitsial iodine and iron.

The data from the manufacturer in vials. Is drug inside. There is also the solution that need to be used intramuscularly. Often the drug is available in tablet form.

Lymphomyosot is a medication that is shown to use in various pathologies of the lymphatic system. Its action is due to the influence of the components.

The drug is indicated:

  1. In the complex treatment of chronic tonsillitis.
  2. When drug intoxication.
  3. When the lymphatic and perineural edema.
  4. In diseases of the skin.
  5. With asthenic-neurotic syndrome, asthenia.
  6. If limfadenopatii.

The data is also useful in adenoids in children and adults, as well as hypertrophy of tonsils and enlarged lymph nodes.

Important! The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing. Children and adolescents should be used with caution, only after consultation with the doctor.

The Drug Protargolum

Protargol consists of Proteinate silver. This drug contains two percent.

Pure silver is up eight percent from media.

Its molecules are potent antiseptic, which provides considerable effectiveness.

Thanks to the silver ions actively destroyed many well-known bacteria. As a result, the infection of the mucous membrane is quickly eliminated.

Note, however, that a ready solution is unsustainable in the case of lighting effects. It accelerates the body’s reaction to the components.

The solution should be stored in orange jars away from sunlight. The length of time – one month. This leads to rapid binding of silver ions. Colloid is sold in pharmacies.

Protargol is recommended for the treatment of acute rhinitis, the main symptoms of which is severe nasal congestion and swelling of the mucous membrane.

In the case of acute form of the disease, it is recommended to use two-percent solution Protargola.

Adults are recommended to drip three drops three times a day, and children two drops twice a day.

The recommended course of treatment – a week. The course of therapy in adenoids and chroniclecom a cold is two weeks.


Adenoids to treat difficult. Sometimes advanced is the disease leads to serious consequences, which as a result can be cured with surgical intervention.

Therefore, it is important not to run disease and not let it go. Adenoids can be cured with the help of various drugs, which appoints doctor, looking at the General picture of the status of the child. Independently take any actions it is not recommended to not run the disease. Remember, your baby’s health is in your hands.

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