Drops of Dimexidum in the sinus: how to apply in nose child

How to apply Dimexide in the sinus?

The number of diseases of ENT organs is not only not reduced, but rather growing. Moreover, in the first place is it sinusitis. And all this against the background of the emergence of various new drugs, but in reality, only some do this. Dimexide in the sinus shows an excellent result.

The drug is topical application that is often used exclusively in the treatment of musculoskeletal, copes with sinusitis. Has anti-inflammatory action.

The Drug Dimexidum

The tool is actively made by most major pharmaceutical companies in three ways:

  • ointment;
  • gel;
  • liquid.

In addition, it is added in the different drugs to enhance their therapeutic effect. Dimethyl sulfoxide (the active ingredient) diluted with water to reduce the concentration of the active substance.

Purchasing a drug at the pharmacy, instead of a liquid in a vial you can find the crystallized substance. This is because at temperatures below +18, substance kristallizuetsya. Before use, it is recommended to heat in a water bath.

The gel is sold in a concentration of 50 and 25%. Of the ointment may contain a different active substance. Quite recently began to produce ointments, which is the basis of mink oil is the emulsifier.

The tool has antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. It is worth noting the unique absorption of the drug into the mucosa, skin and other tissues.

Once the tool is applied to the skin, no more than 15 minutes, its active substance is already secreted into blood and reaches peak concentrations on average for 5 hours. The drug does not accumulate in the cells and after 30 hours, it will not be over.

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Application for children

Due to the fact that the drug is available in a large assortment of different pharmaceutical companies, there are slight differences in the instructions regarding the use of children. Some instructions prohibit the use of children up to 4 years, while others – up to 12.

Despite the fact that the tool is reasonably well tolerated by the children itself children’s skin is very sensitive, so for local use, irritation may occur. Dimexide also has the property of amplifying active substances of other medicines, and you may overdose.

In spite of this, some professionals prescribe Dimexide in the baby’s nose and even infants with sinusitis. In this case, dilute the drug with water at a ratio of 1 to 10. It is understood that the full responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the pediatrician.

Dimexide in the sinus

If you don’t know how Dimexide apply to me, the best answer is the recommendation of the doctor. Alone should not use this drug. When used correctly, the drug can relieve the swelling and ease inflammation, normalize breathing.

As Dimexide has an analgesic effect, a compress with the drug will be able to remove unpleasant discomfort in the area of the maxillary sinuses. It will have a positive effect on the overall health of the patient.

Due to the property of the active substance Dimexidum affect microbial cells, they become more sensitive to the action of antibiotics. It is several times faster recovery of the patient. There are three ways to use this drug.

Turundy nose

To prepare turundae, need cotton swabs or just wool and take 10 ml of Hlorofillipt (oil solution), Dimexidum, aloe juice, and Penicillin (1 bottle). All mix well, then moisten the cotton wool and paste turundy in one nostril and lie down for 15 minutes. Thereafter, the same procedure and do the other nostril.

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For greater efficiency, it is recommended to apply compresses of the same mixture in the area of the maxillary sinuses. The course of treatment lasts no more than 7-10 days. This procedure should be applied 2 times a day morning and evening. Every 2 days preparing a new mixture.


This is a more common method of treatment than turundy nose. However, during the elevated temperature of the body, it can not be used. For compresses to lower the concentration of active substance until, until you get about a 15% solution.

You can apply the solution Furatsilina instead of water. The specialist also can recommend to add to the finished solution of Hydrocortisone (1 amp). For compresses take an ordinary cloth soaked in the solution and applied in place over the maxillary sinuses.

You also need to make a compress on the forehead. On top of the compress, apply plastic wrap and a cotton cloth. The procedure is performed only in the supine position, approximately 60-120 mins. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

The solution is to compress must be fresh and prepared before use. Water for the solution to be taken warm, in the region of 45 degrees.

Ointment and gel

In sinusitis, for greasing the maxillary sinuses you can use a gel or ointment. For these purposes, it is recommended to use the funds, in which composition the concentration of active substance does not exceed 25%. Treatments are done twice a day morning and evening.

Attention! When sinusitis, the use of security systems does not imply a discontinuation of the other drugs, who appointed the expert.

Even doing nose drops Dimexidum, it is not recommended to just dig in his nose, and used in tandem with tips. This is due to the low efficiency of instillation and the slow rate of absorption of auxiliary substances, which Dimexidum helps to deliver.

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There are some contraindications, which strictly prohibited the use of Dimexidum:

  1. Individual intolerance.
  2. Depression of consciousness.
  3. Cardiovascular failure.
  4. Stroke.
  5. Vascular atherosclerosis.
  6. Clouding of the lens.
  7. Glaucoma.
  8. Problems in the kidneys and liver.
  9. Myocardial infarction.

When assigning funds to the elderly people required the highest level of care, which can provide specialist. Also, be very careful should apply to people with diabetes.

Overall, the product has a high effectiveness against sinusitis, but its use is recommended under the strict supervision of a specialist. Fulfilling all the requirements and prescribed by your doctor, you can be confident in a fast victory in the fight against diseases.