Drops Rinonorm during pregnancy: instructions for use, contraindications

Is it possible to use a drop of «Rinonorm» during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a woman especially prone to colds as his immune system is at this time greatly weakened.

To choose in this case a drug with great care and thoroughness, as many drugs move into the category of the forbidden. In this regard, then talk about the spray «Rinonorm», instructions for its use in pregnancy and on the safety of treatment.

Is it possible «Rinonorm» during pregnancy

The opinions of many specialists agree that use of the drug «Rinonorm» in the waiting period, the child, like any vasoconstrictors impossible.

The product contains Xylometazoline, which is aimed at constriction of blood vessels in the nasal cavity to normalize breathing.

Doctors say that such an action means can be provided on the vessels of the placenta.

Due to such effects is a decrease in the natural movement of blood and blood flow to the placenta, which can cause failure in the child’s development.

Reduces the amount of nutrients supplied to the fetus via the bloodstream.

However, in the annotation of the spray «Rinonorm» given the information that in rare cases it can be used during pregnancy. To take such a decision needs a doctor, and it must be a good reason.

In appointing such medications a doctor must take into account such moments:

  • the status of the female body;
  • the duration of pregnancy.

Help. «Rinonorm» if early pregnancy is forbidden to use.

At a later time the question of the use of the drug should be decided only by the doctor, a separate application must be completely eliminated.

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Contraindications in pregnancy

Like many other medicines, this spray has a number of specific contraindications, which should not be ignored.

And during carrying a child to them should be treated with greater seriousness, since the reaction of the organism of the expectant mother the drug may be different:

  1. For high blood pressure spray use may have a negative impact on the development of the fetus, as in this case, there will be oxygen starvation.
  2. If there is rhinitis atrophic nature, the medicine does not help, but worsen the feeling.
  3. If you are allergic to any ingredient in the composition, the reaction may develop not only the expectant mother but also the baby.

Help. When using the pregnant woman can feel the deterioration of the General condition: headache, weakness, shortness of breath.

Another point that is worth paying attention to. Even if a woman previously and had used this remedy, it does not mean that in this period, the body will react to it as calmly.

The fact that in the body there is a significant restructuring of all processes increases the load on the organs and blood volume. All it can provoke an unexpected reaction to quite ordinary things.

How to apply during pregnancy

The dosage and number of applications must identify the attending physician, guided by the women’s health, peculiarities of pregnancy and degree of nasal congestion.

This spray, if necessary, may be appointed at a later date: in 2 trimester and 3 trimester.

Important! In such cases, specialists usually discharged child «Rinonorm», as it is the concentration of active component in 2 times less (in order to avoid negative consequences for the baby).

The ideal option in such situation is a single use spray before bed to relieve nasal congestion and sleep.

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During the day to combat rhinitis with safe means allowed during pregnancy.

When applying spray should follow this algorithm:

  • to clear the nose of mucus and crusts;
  • insert the nozzle of the spray shallow in nostril and press the plunger;
  • when spraying to make a shallow inhalation through the nose;
  • repeat the procedure with the other nostril.

Despite the fact that the duration of the drug is 7 days, for pregnant women the course of treatment is shortened to 3 days to avoid addiction and adverse effects.


A conscious attitude of pregnant women towards their health – the key to successful pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby.

So you should not experiment with drugs in the hope that perhaps and so will descend. It is better to carry out treatment under the supervision of a specialist.

Also, we suggest to familiarize with the information that you can use during pregnancy drugs «and other means» and «Glycine».