Drops (spray) nose ksimelin: pregnancy and sinusitis

How to apply drop ksimelin?

According to statistics, acute rhinitis occurs every second person several times during one year. Rhinitis should be treated at the first signs, otherwise the inflammation can cause the onset of sinusitis or otitis media. But not always the patient can correctly determine drug component that will save him from the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

The situation is complicated if, at the time of inflammation the woman is expecting a baby. In pregnancy, the use of many drugs is impossible, since they adversely affect the development of the embryo. In this case, the attending physician can prescribe «ksimelin». But is it possible to use «ksimelin» during pregnancy and how quickly the drug acts, we learn in this material.

About the drug «ksimelin»

Drops in the nose «ksimelin» is a powerful drug which is prescribed for various inflammations of ENT organs. The drug was produced in the form of a nasal spray of 10 and 15 ml. Falls together with a sprayer for easy use in the treatment of children and adults. Medicine without prescription, but to apply the agent should only after consulting your doctor.

The active component of the medication Xylometazoline. The drug, which in its structure similar to naphazoline.

The effect of the substance is directed on narrowing of blood vessels. Applies only locally.

It should be noted that the period of exposure to the medicinal substance is low.

Xylometazoline is difficult soluble in water, but the good effects of alcohol.

Prolonged use of drugs with the same active substance can trigger drug-induced rhinitis, as well as psychological dependence. Therefore, before using drugs «ksimelin» you should consult with your doctor about dosing and duration of treatment.

Auxiliary substances include:

  • disodium edetate is a white powder in the form of crystals of white color. Dissolves well in liquid and alkali;
  • sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate — inorganic compound made of an acidic alkali salt of sodium. This component connects with phosphoric acid and creates a colorless crystal, which dissolves well in water. The result is crystals of water;
  • dihydrogen sodium – compound, which is made by combining the alkali-metal and colorless acid composition. The dihydrogen phosphate is highly soluble in water. By combining the obtained crystalline;
  • salt, which treatment produces sodium chloride;
  • benzalkonium chloride in solution is a strong drug with antiseptic properties. The solution has an effect on fungi and viruses. Possesses effective antibacterial properties;
  • purified water.

The combination of these components allows the use of «ksimelin» inflammation in the area of the sinuses.

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Medicinal substances reduce the symptoms of cold, diluting mucus in the nasal cavity and normalizing the breathing of the patient.

To use the product you need locally, at various ENT inflammation.

«Ksimelin» has a pronounced alpha-adrenomimetic action, which can destroy the virus causing mucosal secretions. In addition, the drug has a vasoconstrictor effect. This allows you to apply the medicine with edema and hyperemia of the mucous membrane of the sinuses. The total combination of all components of the medication facilitates nasal breathing in acute cases of rhinitis.

If we adhere strictly to the rules of use, the medication will not irritate the nasal mucosa and do not provoke the appearance of redness.

The effect of the drug occurs after five minutes after application and lasts for twelve hours.

Under any inflammation of the treated «Camelina»

Apply «ksimelin» inflammation rhinitis or in other cases it is necessary only after consultation with your doctor. This is especially important in the case of pregnancy or acute infectious inflammation.

Doctors can prescribe this drug in the following situations:

  • acute respiratory inflammation with signs of a cold;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis;
  • inflammation of the sinuses;
  • blockage of the Eustachian tube;
  • dysfunction of the auditory tube;
  • inflammation in the middle ear;
  • strong edema in the nose or ear canal.

In addition, the drug can be administered in the period of preparation of the body for surgical procedures, as well as during the rehabilitation period.

Side effects

The drug has some serious contraindications that may occur with prolonged treatment. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend not to use more than ten days.

Most often the patient has local reaction:

  • irritation of the mucous membranes;
  • dryness of the nose;
  • education a strong burning sensation and itching;
  • frequent sneezing or coughing;
  • numbness of the skin in which there is a feeling of numbness or tingling at the application site medication;
  • irritation of sensory nerve fibers;
  • poor blood supply to the nerves;
  • poisoning;
  • increased production of mucous secretions.

In rare cases, patients complained of swelling of the mucous region of the sinuses.

In addition to local reactions, it is not excluded systemic side effects. These include:

  • palpitations;
  • a significant change in blood pressure;
  • headaches;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • loss of appetite;
  • violation of visual acuity;
  • partial hearing loss;
  • hallucinations;
  • depression.

At the slightest sign of side effects should stop taking the medication and consult a doctor. Ensure that the patient has ignored the symptoms of adverse effects drug.


Treatment of acute otitis occurs under the supervision of a physician.

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Therefore an appointment is necessary to discuss contraindications.

In case of the following symptoms, drug to replace analogs.

  1. Painful heart palpitations.
  2. Essential hypertension.
  3. Chronic inflammation, characterized by the deposition of cholesterol on the inner wall of the arteries.
  4. Violation of elasticity of the vascular walls.
  5. Increased pressure inside the eye.
  6. Atrophic rhinitis.
  7. Chronic disease of the thyroid gland.
  8. Operations on meninges.
  9. Hypersensitivity to any component of the medication.

Do not use «ksimelin» for the treatment of young children.

Treatment pregnant women should be discussed individually at the reception of your doctor.

Drug interactions

At the consultation, you must inform the doctor about all the medications you use at the moment.

In the case of treatment with MAO inhibitors or antidepressants necessary to warn the doctor.

Concurrent administration of such drugs with «Camelina» can cause increased blood pressure.

This is especially dangerous in case of pregnancy or hypertension.

Do not use a drug component alone. Treatment must be individualized, because the recommended dose in each case is different.


When incorrectly prescribed dosage does not exclude the manifestation of an overdose. In this case, patients complain of severe high blood pressure, and reducing the temperature to 35 degrees Celsius or a decrease in heart rate.

Under these signs the patient should receive symptomatic therapy.

Treatment of pregnant women

If the common cold came from a pregnant woman, you need to check the body for the presence of viral diseases.

Acute rhinitis often occurs on the background of the destruction of the body by various diseases.

In this case, further treatment can be prescribed only by your doctor.

Not worth the risk and apply «ksimelin» on their own.

After the examination and diagnosis of the type of inflammation specialist will determine the form of the disease. In the case of acute or allergic rhinitis a physician can prescribe «ksimelin» being sure there is no risk to the fetus.

It is impossible to use the drug in the presence of contraindications, and in the case of hormonal permut body in the first trimester.

Like to be treated «Camelina»

After diagnosing the nature of the inflammation and purpose «Ksimelin» doctor, you need to determine the dosing of drugs. Using a nasal spray can from the age of six.

In rare cases, can schedule an appointment with two years but in this case the drug or diluted with saline or used in very small doses.

In other cases, the standard dosing:

  1. In the treatment of adults allowed to use two inject three times a day.
  2. For treatment of children six to eighteen years recommended the use of inject in the morning and evening.
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The course of treatment in case of acute rhinitis should not exceed one week.

During pregnancy

In case of expectation of the child is best to choose another drug.

«Ksimelin» quite a lot of side effects that negatively affect the development of the baby.

But if the doctor found no risk to the fetus allowed the use of one inject the drug every day for five days.

«Ksimelin» in pregnancy should be used with caution and only with doctor’s permission.

It is not recommended to use «ksimelin» in the early stages, and in the third trimester. In the case of formation side effect in a patient may increase blood pressure. In the early stages it can cause miscarriage and in the later early contractions.

Treatment of sinusitis

In the treatment of sinusitis, treatment «Camelina» stands as one of the possible methods of getting rid of the mucous secretions.

In addition, the drug can normalize the patient’s breathing.

To apply the nasal spray «ksimelin» in the sinus should be as follows:

  1. Clean nasal passages with saline or sinus rinse salt water.
  2. Immediately after cleaning, sbryznite tool in the sinuses.
  3. Wait five minutes and repeat the introduction of the spray.

Repeat this is needed morning and evening for ten days. If on the fifth day of treatment did you notice the result, further application «Ksimelin» is meaningless.


Treatment of acute rhinitis, sinusitis or sinusitis should be under constant control of a physician. Remember that improperly diagnosed or violation of drug dosage, you may provoke the transition of inflammation into the chronic stage.

In such a situation to get rid of the disease will be much harder. It is therefore necessary to listen to the advice of a doctor.