Drops Sulfatsil Sodium in the nose, and dosage

How to take drops Sulfatsil sodium?

In the treatment of rhinitis bacteriological nature is well established Sulfacetamide identical to the name of which Sulfatsil sodium. Instruction manual says that it is an antiseptic that contributes to the relief of the inflammatory process diseases of the organs of vision, where the causative agents are opportunistic pathogens.

In the list of indications include conjunctivitis, ophthalmia, purulent ulcers, blepharitis. The basis for the appointment of the drug for the nose is the inflammation of the lining of the nasal passages on the background of bacterial infections.

Characteristics of medicinal substances

Sulfacyl – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory drug of the group of sulfonamides. The basis of the therapeutic action of synthetic compounds includes their ability to a bacteriostatic effect.

Active phagocytosis of pathogenic microorganisms is ensured by the identical structure of sulfanilamide with paro-aminobenzoic acid as the main source of microorganisms. Absorbed bacterial cells sulphanilic acid amides do not participate in the synthesis process that leads to inhibition of growth and reproduction of microbes.

Auxiliary components of the drug is hydrochloric acid, sodium thiosulfate and water for injection. Pharmaceutical manufacturers sell medicine volume 5 and 10 ml plastic containers, tubes-droppers of 1.5 ml.

Release the medicinal substance powdered billing solutions, with a consistency of 0.2 and 03. sulfacetamide of 1 ml.

Eye nose drops contain virtually no contraindications, except individual intolerance, as the active ingredients Sulfacyl sodium does not penetrate into the blood stream.

Swelling in the inner lining of the respiratory system, runny nose, discharge of green and white will be effective Sulfatsil sodium in the nose children. Reviews this therapy is often positive, it all depends on the individual, the nature of the disease.

How to take the drug for adults and children

If the causative agent of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose is a bacterial etiology, it is not excluded the use of sodium Sulfacyl from the cold. The medicinal substance is well absorbed in the digestive system, creates therapeutic concentrations in the tissues of the body. 30% solution is recommended for the treatment of adults with lower content of a bacteriostatic agent (20%) children.

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When backfilling Sulfatsil sodium in the nose, components of the drug dried inner lining of the respiratory system, preventing the growth of bacteria. The use of sodium Sulfacyl for the treatment of rhinitis requires implementing the following recommendations:

  • pre-rinse the nasal passages with a solution of sodium chloride;
  • to prevent allergic reactions, nose buried a small amount of solution, after half an hour to assess the result;
  • to minimize the burning sensation of the nasal passages the drug is diluted with boiled water in equal proportions;
  • when using Sulfacyl nose child dosage is determined by your age: the kids in the first year of life is assigned to 1 drop four times per day not longer than 7 days for a single dose children over six years is enough 1-2 drops three times a day.
  • technology drug administration provides a horizontal patient position, head tilted to the side and slightly back. After instillation, the neck is pressed to the nasal septum is rotated in the opposite direction, is held in this position for 15 seconds.

When the treatment plan is based on receiving two or more drugs, between each should sustain an interval of at least 15 minutes. The bottle, after opening usable for 7 days.

Sulfatsil sodium in the sinus into the nose

For localization sinusitis use of vasoconstrictor drugs antimicrobial action, including Sulfatsil sodium. The active components of medicinal substances inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which promotes the positive dynamics of the therapy.

The use of medication will be ineffective when the pathogen is adapted to the current substance. In this case, it is assigned a comprehensive treatment with the use of thinning tools, immunomodulatory and anti-allergic drugs.

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The effectiveness of antisepsis with green nasal mucus

The appearance of green mucus indicates infection and inflammatory process of ENT-organs. Change transparent color mucus indicates the presence of pathological transformations inside the body. Mucous fluid acquires a green tint due to the concentration of leukocytes for the localization of inflammation.

When green snot sulfatsil sodium has a detrimental effect on bacteria. Antiseptic drug suppresses the proliferation of pathogens, intracellular parasites. The use of the drug does not preclude the emergence of dryness of the nasal mucosa, so comprehensively appointed a moisturizer.

The agent based on amide derivatives of sulfanilic acid is used for prevention when inflammation of the adenoids, treatment of rhinitis to the uncertain nature of the children in the first year of life, the dysfunction of the mucosa with slight bruises.

Sulfatsil sodium is recommended during pregnancy, lactation, in those cases where a potential threat to the health of the child’s mother outweighs the risk to the fetus. While carrying the «new life» immune system of future mother is weakened, sensitive to chemical substances, including sulfonamides. To prevent side effects such as allergic reaction, the decision on the appointment of the drug takes doctor.

Buying medicines at the pharmacy does not require prescription. Attention buyer deserves the tightness of packing, the date of implementation. A significant advantage of the drug is its cheapness, given the marketing costs and the trading margin. Available is a quality analogue of expensive tools pharmacology, safe to use from the first days of life.


Alina. The doctor prescribed Sulfacyl nose son on the second week of life. Could not cast doubt on the recommendation of my family doctor, bought eye drops, carried out the toilet of the nose, then dripped the medicine. On the second day he felt better, decreased amount of mucus, can breathe easier, no longer puffing. The only thing I want to mention that the baby cried a lot during the procedure, or Sulfatsil caused discomfort, or simply a defensive reaction.

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Karina. With Sulfacetamide is not part. Initially used the drug for diseases of the eye. Then, on the forum I read that antiseptic drug effective in the therapy of otitis media. Check for yourself – confirm a positive trend. Now, as soon as snot with signs of the bacteriological nature of the child or adult, immediately treated with sodium Sulfatsil. Plus all the advantages, nice price, about 65 rubles.