Drops while breastfeeding (GW) can it be used during lactation

Can a nursing mom to use a «Cold»?

In the period of breastfeeding woman need good sleep and rest, proper balanced nutrition. The absence of these criteria make the body receptive, vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms, as a result, the appearance of SARS and ARI.

The necessity of reception of pharmacological means in HS jeopardizes the ability to continue lactation. In the preparation of a therapeutic scheme for lactating mothers, doctors make a choice in favor of effective and safe medicines, including the «Pinosol.»

The pharmacokinetics of the drug

Bureaucratic phrase in the instructions of the manufacturer of any medical product is a contraindication to use during lactation. This stamp due to the limited capability of conducting clinical research in newborns and infants, nursing mothers. Than earned the recognition of doctors during a Cold while breastfeeding?

Nasal drops are used in complex therapy for the relief of chronic and acute rhinitis. During a cold prescribed for the purpose of regeneration of ciliated epithelium, mucosa damaged by the fence punctures.

National library of medicine database USA e-lactancia drug assigns a classification code of «0» which means the minimum probability of health risk for mother and child, will work in HS, the security for the life of the newborn.

For reference! Enable the drug is a therapeutic regimen of the child can be 3 years of age.

The ability to use the flu epidemic during lactation ensures the absence of synthetic compounds. The natural composition includes the following components:

  • oil of peppermint and eucalyptus;
  • oil of mountain pine;
  • vitamin E;
  • thymol;
  • guaiazulene.

The drug prevents the synthesis of pathogenic micro-organisms has a bactericidal effect, has a vasoconstrictor effect, as a result, drying of the mucosa, reducing the number of detachable, relieved breath.

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Purpose pharmaceutical product

The first symptoms of acute respiratory illness is the occurrence of runny nose, General malaise, increased body temperature. If the temperature is kept at a high level for more than two days, you must seek professional medical help.

«Pinosol» in HS is indicated for diagnosis of the following pathologies:

  • fungal infections of ENT-organs;
  • different forms of bacterial rhinitis;
  • laryngitis, pharyngitis;
  • to recover the nasal mucosa after surgery.

Important! «Cold» will be ineffective in allergic rhinitis, because its main purpose consists in opposition to bacteria, which occur after a virus.

In any case, the tool should be used, if necessary, on doctor’s orders.

Can a nursing mother during a Cold?

The answer is clearly positive if there were no other contraindications. The fact that the antigens essential oils can cause allergic reactions in patients sensitive to the individual components.

The mother’s body is not provided mechanisms for the transfer of milk to the baby, so the medicine safe for the baby’s health. Rationally before using drugs to study the drug pharmacokinetics.

During a cold while breastfeeding harmless from those reasons that it is characterized by minimum absorption of breast milk. Despite the compatibility with lactation, it is recommended to use the drug immediately after feeding to prevent the concentration of active components in milk.

How to take the drug at the time of GW

The most common dosage form release nasal drops smooth, with a distinct eucalyptus smell. Also, the manufacturers sell the drug in the form of ointment or spray.

Interesting! Spray is the most expensive product in the line, due to the high price of the packaging.

Pharmacological product buried alternately in each nostril 2 drops or injection. On the first day of treatment therapeutic manipulation is repeated every 2 hours subsequent days – 3 times a day.

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The course of treatment should not exceed 5-7 days.

The solution is allowed to conduct inhalation. For this purpose the bulb of the nebulizer is filled with 2 ml (50 drops) of drug substances. The therapeutic scheme involves the use of «Cold» 3 times a day.

Signal to limit the use of the product is the manifestation of the following symptoms:

  • malaise;
  • swelling of the nasal mucosa;
  • the itching and burning sensation.

The idea of using «Drops» at GW must come from the therapist. The product is safe during lactation, in the absence of allergic reactions on the active components of the substance. Positive dynamics is achieved in strict compliance with the physician’s prescription, subject to the terms of use and dosages.