Drugs to improve hearing: drops, tablets, vitamins and medications

What drugs help improve hearing?

People, like many living organisms, has a truly unique ability – the ability to hear the world around. The quiet sound of the rain, thrilling the singing of birds, gentle noise of the waves, the rustle of autumn leaves under my feet when I’m tempted to scatter the whole bunch, carefully collected by the janitor.

But just imagine that you can lose immediately becomes sad and uncomfortable. That is why, whatever the cause of the hearing loss should immediately seek help from a doctor. In the initial stages of development, the scourge can effectively help to drugs to improve hearing, which will be discussed further.

Drug therapy to improve hearing

Persistent hearing loss, significantly deteriorate the quality of human life, acquired the name of hearing loss. In the modern world this problem is very common, but the causes of this phenomenon are myriad.

Help. In recent years, the phenomenon of hearing loss has become much «younger» and is not solely trouble the elderly.

Hearing loss usually manifests itself with different intensity and at different ages.

Provoke pathology can a variety of factors: in some cases, they are usually quite easy to not only identify, but also to eliminate.

Such reasons include infectious disease, or excessive accumulation of sulfur in the ear cavity.

And sometimes the diagnosis factor had a negative impact on hearing, it is very difficult and time consuming process.

So, if attempting this deviation at the initial stage of development, it is possible to dispense with use of various drugs, which are aimed at improving the functioning of the organ of hearing.

To more serious methods of treatment (hearing AIDS and implants), experts resorted to in those situations where medical therapy failed.

To improve the hearing usually prescribe the following groups of medicines:

  • nootropics – to normalize the blood supply to the brain, stimulation of cell regeneration in the inner ear;
  • antibiotics are prescribed in case hearing loss caused by otitis media suppurative or other inflammatory diseases of the ear cavity;
  • b vitamins – are characterized by a directed action, that is, improve nerve conduction and is essential to normalize the functioning auditory portion of the facial nerve.
  • decongestants and antihistamines – to eliminate puffiness and reduce the formation of exudates in inflammatory diseases of the ear cavity, leading to hearing loss.

As we can see, the elimination of hearing loss is an event that includes a whole range of medicines of various kind of action. Many of them only have a supporting effect, thereby enhancing the action of the main groups of drugs for the treatment of deafness.

Drugs to improve hearing in adults

After performing the necessary surveys and identify the causes for the loss of hearing, the doctor always prescribes the most effective drugs to eliminate this problem, as in this case, you cannot waste time on experiments with dubious pills.

Important! Independently pick up and take drugs to improve hearing is not necessary because every drug has several contraindications and side effects.

For the adult population suffering from this disease, doctors prescribe the following medications that have proven effectiveness in practice:

  1. «Acoustic» — consists of a large number of chemical compounds that contribute to oxygen enrichment of the ears at the cellular level. Additionally increase the tone of blood vessels, improve blood circulation and stabilize the heat exchange cells.
  2. «Agustin» — natural components contributes to the improvement of the functioning of the auditory analyzer. So, the contained glycine, normalizes metabolic processes in cells of the brain. But the substance, Ginkgo biloba enhances blood vessel tone. Clover and Dioscorus contribute to the destruction of atherosclerotic plaques, which cause disruption of normal blood circulation in the ears.
  3. «Orthomol Audio» — is assigned not always, but only in those situations when hearing loss is combined with severe pain in the ears. This drug is well relieves pain, stimulates blood circulation and cope with the inflammation.

The above drugs do have a powerful impact but are very costly. That is why many patients such treatment may be too expensive.

However, do not despair, because there are medicines that demonstrate a fairly good validity and however, their cost is significantly lower.

The effect of these drugs is mainly aimed at improving the microcirculation of the organs of hearing and brain.

These tools include:

  • «Nootropil»;
  • Tanakan;
  • «Vinpocetine»;
  • «Cerebrolysin»;
  • «Glycine».

For activation of regenerative processes of cells, quite often used «Nologin» and «Cavinton».

If hearing loss due to the formation of excessive concentrations of sulfur in the ear, the doctor prescribes the following medications:

  • «Remo — Vaks»;
  • «Waxol»;
  • «Cerumen And».

To improve hearing, apply a medicine produced in a variety of forms. For example, the drops are an effective way of eliminating hearing loss as they impact locally. The most effective for solving this problem are:

  1. «Otinum».
  2. «Drops».
  3. «Anuran».
  4. «Sofradeks».
  5. «Combines Duo».
  6. «Ciprofloxacin».
  7. «A — serenum».

Help. To rely on treatment alone drops not worth it. In most cases hearing is improved only for the duration of the use of these funds.

Drugs to improve hearing in the elderly

Hearing loss in the elderly is a very common phenomenon and is not related to the pathologies.

This problem develops as a consequence of a natural and irreversible changes in the sensory cells.

In addition to lowering of hearing acuity, changes associated with age, manifested in the following:

  • noise in the ears;
  • distorted perception of sound;
  • lowering the tolerance to noise;
  • difficulty differences of sounds.

If hearing loss caused by age-related changes, the treatment in this situation is the individual selection of hearing AIDS.

Help. If the trouble developed on the background of ear inflammation, prescribe medicines to improve hearing in the elderly the same as in adults.

Age-related hearing loss can in some measure be avoided, if you stick to the following rules:

  1. To protect the ears from excessively loud sounds.
  2. Eliminate any self-treatment of diseases of the ears.
  3. To abandon bad habits.
  4. To maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Hearing is a precious treasure that we are endowed by nature. Therefore, to avoid exhausting the treatment of hearing loss, you should very carefully treat their lugs, and they will answer you in return, delighting the hearing acuity in old age.

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