Dry cough during pregnancy: how to treat in the early stages, folk remedies

How to treat dry cough during pregnancy?

One of the signs of a catarrhal inflammation of the cough. It can bring serious discomfort to any patient, but in the case of pregnancy, it is still dangerous. This symptom of the common cold occurs regardless of trimester and can strike at any moment, as the entire immune system of future mother is weakened. So communication with hoarse man, hypothermia or other factors which you may receive a cough, should be excluded.

It is important to note that the cough is not independent of inflammation, but only the symptom of any disease. It can occur due to natural reaction of the body that actually helps to cleanse and release the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, it is important to not treat the cough and its cause. How to cure dry cough in pregnancy, consider in this article.

Why is there cough

When a woman learns of the pregnancy, any inflammation can become dangerous, so much care should be taken to refer to any negative processes occurring in the body.

During the period of gestation expectant mother especially to inflammation, as the body of the pregnant woman weakened. At this time viruses and bacteria will penetrate into the cavity of the respiratory tract almost seamlessly. Propagating in the cavity of the nasopharynx, they cause discomfort and severe dry cough.

Treatment of dry cough during pregnancy differs from the standard, as at this time, any medications should be used under the supervision of a physician.

Therefore, any sickness and poor health – is the reason for going to a specialized doctor.

In identifying the causes of cough is necessary to clearly identify the diagnosis.

This should identify the factors which appeared dry cough. Having established the cause, the specialist prescribes effective drugs tailored to the individual characteristics and women’s empowerment. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable.

The treatment of cough during pregnancy

During gestation the fetus treatment should take place under the strict supervision of a physician. At this time, even famous combined antitussive drugs can be dangerous, so you should not take medicines without prior reference with a specialist.

Often expectant mothers refuse to treat cough known methods and prefer traditional methods that are not prohibited. But in any case, you have a doctor’s appointment.

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Often pregnant women take drugs with caution, afraid to hurt the baby. This fear is justified, so before the medication read the annotation to the drug and carefully follow the dosages. Do not use drugs even plant forms a larger dosage or those medicines which have pronounced side effects.

What drugs cough can be used

For mild course of the disease, the doctor may prescribe several drugs for the treatment of dry cough. These include well-known analgesics, syrups and tablets. In the early stages of inflammation it is not recommended to use antibiotics, as they can be dangerous when carrying a child.

Remember that medications harmless in the 3 trimester can be dangerous in the earlier stages and Vice versa.

For the treatment of dry cough it is necessary to use drugs that suppress reflex and clear phlegm.

Therefore, for the treatment of dry cough need different medicines, syrups, lozenges and sprays.

It is best to apply well-known medicines, which include:

  1. Libeksin is one of the most harmless medicines for the treatment of dry cough. During pregnancy it must be applied twice a day. Immediately after application, the woman feels an improvement, as the medication acts as a calming and at the same time anti-inflammatory.
  2. Another remedy for dry cough during pregnancy – Bronhikum. Its a combined basis to eliminate the inflammation and reduce the cough. In addition, a medicine based on herbs reduces inflammation and improves the flow. But before applying you should consult with your doctor, as the drug cannot be used in 1st or 2nd trimester.
  3. To reduce bouts of severe and debilitating cough doctors prescribe to Pour. It has a soothing action and liquefies different selection. In addition, Efferalgan promotes limitirovanie viruses in the cavity of the nasopharynx.
  4. In order to reduce the frequency of cough and provide mukoliticescoe action may appoint experts Remens. This drug differs from other powerful effect, so it cannot be applied in the first three months of pregnancy.
  5. If the cough is caught by surprise, expectant mother can appoint a syrup based on herbs. One of such preparations is considered.. He has a pronounced antimicrobial and expectorant effect, and also has a strong antitussive effect.

All of these medications should be used only after consultation with your doctor.

Antiseptic sprays at the initial time

If the cough appeared in the early stages, your doctor may prescribe not syrups or tablets, and sprays. They have a pronounced effect and in most cases is not contraindicated in the first trimester.

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When using such medications, one should expect fairly quick action, as particles of active drug substances instantly penetrate mucous membranes.

Eliminating the coughing, irritation and dryness, sprays are contributing to improved well-being.

But the main advantage of these medicines is the lack of penetration of active drug substances circulation, which is especially dangerous during pregnancy.

No penetration in the gastrointestinal tract and thence into the blood, medicines can be used without the risk of a pathological development of the fetus. Such sprays include:

  1. One of the most harmless medicines for the treatment of dry cough when childbearing is Tantum Verde. Its active ingredient has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. In the first trimester, you can apply the medication plant-based. Most often doctors prescribe the Drug. This drug has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.
  3. Another medication allowed during pregnancy in early pregnancy – Doctor. Its active ingredients have antiseptic effect.
  4. Antimicrobial drug Hexetidine permitted in the treatment of expectant mothers from dry cough from the first days of pregnancy. Keep in mind that it is composed of various essential oils, so in case of allergic reactions, use is contraindicated.
  5. In the first three months, you can use the Throat spray. It has antimicrobial effect, so it reduces the inflammation almost immediately after application.

The application of sprays must be combined with a rinse. Combination therapy will get rid of the cough in less time.

Rinse help to alleviate the condition of the patient and quickly eliminate all harmful microorganisms from the cavity of the nasopharynx. Destroying foci of infection, a pregnant woman is recovering faster.

It is best to rinse the following medicines: Furatsilin, Chlorophyllin, Rotokan, Miramistin. If desired, the preparations can be replaced by sea water or salt solution. In addition, when you rinse, you can use the decoction of chamomile and sage, and calendula or eucalyptus.

To treat cough in the early stages of pregnancy should be under the supervision of physicians.

Folk remedy for dry cough during pregnancy

Treatment of dry cough in the case of gestation should be comprehensive, so some doctors prescribe alternative therapy.

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Keep in mind that self-application of methods of folk medicine for the mother is undesirable, as the effect from certain plants, flowers, decoctions or lotions can be unpredictable.

In the case of pregnancy, doctors recommend the use of infusions of herbs and plants.

For this purpose use a decoction of leaves of raspberry and mint with the addition of chamomile flowers and roots of oak. All the ingredients can be purchased in a drugstore and in the market.

In addition, it is useful to apply inside the figs boiled in milk or infuse sage in the same ingredient.

Properties are useful in a decoction of rose hips, viburnum, buckthorn, mixture of nettle leaves and gooseberry. But one of the best and popular methods of therapy becomes to drink boiled milk with a spoon of honey and juice of carrots or tea with raspberries.

Keep in mind that these methods can not remove the mother from the cough, but will significantly reduce symptoms and improve mood.


When carrying a child any inflammation can be dangerous. Thus, a strong cough can cause the risk of miscarriage in the 1st trimester or early delivery at a later time. Therefore, doctors are reminded of the need consultation with the doctor whenever inflammatory process.

Do not ignore the negative factors in the body, because the only way you will be able to create all conditions for qualitative development of the fetus.