Dry interferon — usage instructions

How to make dry «Interferon»?

In today’s world people are exposed to many diseases. Very often the person is sick with a runny nose, a cold or flu. To cure them easily and efficiently enables specialized drops.

However, in more severe diseases such as MCV lesions on the skin, malignant blood diseases, diseases herpes in AIDS patients requires a really serious medication.

One of the effective drug, designed to combat all sorts of viruses and strengthen the immune system — immune «Interferon». The drug has a broad spectrum of effects, allowing it to be used both for prevention of diseases, to help cure a number of diseases.

About the drug

«Interferon» dry in vials was first released in 1957. Then the Professor found out that this medication will eliminate the hotbeds of the virus and does not allow to multiply of influenza infection.

Today dry «Interferon» is sold in white or yellow vials. The composition of the drug includes leukocytes of donor blood are presented in the form of a mixture of proteins.

By using a product the body immediately absorbs the necessary elements. After this, the elimination of viruses.

Among the side effects noted:

  • skin diseases;
  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • shiver.

Among the contraindications note:

  • individual intolerance;
  • disruption of the functioning of the human immune system;
  • the tool can be perceived as the body’s own tissue;
  • the acute form of ischemic heart disease;
  • partial loss of functionality of kidneys.

If you take medicine for a long time, watch for blood composition and liver function.

In some cases, perhaps the use of «Interferon»

The product is recommended both for prevention and for treatment of diseases.

For prevention:

  • flu and colds;
  • chronic hepatitis C;
  • chronic hepatitis b;
  • during viral infection in which the person strikes a fever and toxicity;
  • of the brain, including AIDS patients.

The next disease the drug should be used in the treatment of:

  • brodawkowata formations on the mucous membranes and the skin in the genital area;
  • cancer of plasma cells;
  • when skin cancer;
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma (in AIDS patients);
  • leukemia with a leukocyte valocordinum processes;
  • the defeat of human bone marrow;
  • tumors of the kidney and bladder;
  • the formation of multiple papillomas of the mucous membrane of the larynx;
  • a significant increase of platelets in the blood;
  • a malignant tumor of reticular tissue.

It is worth noting that the «Interferon» should start to apply at the first appearance of the threat of disease. Thus, you effectively destroy the source of inflammation and will get better.

«Interferon» dry — instruction manual

Commonly «Interferon» is prescribed in the earliest stages of the disease. If you notice the first symptoms of a cold or flu purchase this medicine.

The dosage for children and adults identical.

It should be used by instillation into the nose via inhalation or spray. When spraying, inject 0.25 ml of solution.

Open the vial right before use!

For instillation into the nostrils need to add purified water to the symbolism in 2 ml to the powder in the vial.

Use the medicine six drops in each nostril. You should know that the spacing should be about seven hours.

The course duration should not be more than five days.

The use of medication is prohibited in diseases of the thyroid gland. If you have disorders of the liver and kidneys the use of drugs is dangerous to health.

The use of medications for children under two years of age are allowed only after consultation with your doctor.


In the cold season, people are prone to colds a lot more often than in the summer. According to experts, the best treatment of diseases is the immune support throughout the year.

In cases of a weakened immune system and to prevent use of «Interferon». It’s like a barrier will surround you from viruses and infections of all kinds.

Use this medicine only with the permission of your doctor. Follow the expiry date of the medication.

Do not use this medicine if the sealing of the package.

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