Dryness of the genital lips: causes and treatment

Dryness of the labia – alarm of the female body that need to check health. Such feelings bring a lot of inconvenience. Many women prefer to remain silent about this symptom and visit a doctor. For what it may bring, consider in this article.

Dry outer labia

It’s a relatively common problem that can face any woman. Often dryness occurs during menopause, but still exposed to her and young girls.

In medicine dryness of the external genitalia is called atrophic vaginitis that occurs due to the fact that the tissue of the vaginal walls become thin and not enough natural lubrication. If the dryness is alarming bell. It is often accompanied by itching and discomfort. Also can appear bloody discharge and pain during sexual intercourse.

Dryness usually indicates that occurs in the body inflammatory processes. So manifest venereal disease leukoplakia of the vulva. To correctly diagnose the cause only by a qualified technician.

Dear women, don’t be afraid to call the doctor: today, there are many ways that will help to get rid of such unpleasant problems like dryness.

Causes of dryness of the external genitalia

Consider reasons why it may be dryness in intimate areas in women.

  1. Insufficient levels of estrogen. Estrogen – the female sex hormone, which is designed to maintain the normal acidity and moisture in the vaginal area, and also to control the elasticity of the vaginal tissue. If the hormone levels are reduced, weakening the overall protective function, leading to the refinement of fabrics, the lack of elasticity. Subsequently, this affects the labia. Estrogen may decrease during menopause, lactation, after chemotherapy, surgical removal of the appendages, ovarian. Also the reason for this are Smoking and a weakened immune system.
  2. Intolerance to the components included in the composition of personal care products. Allergies can arise if the preparations contain alkali hard. The skin and outer organs themselves are irritated shown dryness and itching. Before using any tool, you need to carefully study their composition. Should apply only hypoallergenic gels.
  3. Injury to the vagina, sexually transmitted diseases, malignant tumors and benign type.
  4. Autoimmune disease syndrome Sjogrens and other diseases that can affect healthy tissue.
  5. Regular douching. It violates the natural acidity of the vagina, washes away all the useful and necessary bacteria, thereby causing itching and dryness. Douching can be carried out twice a day (not more) in the morning and before bedtime.
  6. Drugs that: are designed to lower the pressure; diuretic properties; atropine; drugs from cardiovascular disease; agents having an antihistamine and desensitizing effects.
  7. Addictions: Smoking, alcohol, and abuse of antidepressants.
  8. Diseases infectious and venereal in nature.
  9. Leukoplakia – dystrophic changes occur in the mucosa, which are accompanied by itching and dryness.
  10. Dryness can occur for 2 — 3 days before the expected menstruation because of the increased level of progesterone.
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Treatment of dryness of the external genitalia

Do not forget that appropriate treatment can be prescribed only by a specialist, after put the correct diagnosis. In this case the treatment is fast and effective.

There are many methods of dealing with diseases of the intimate sphere, causing dryness, itching and burning labia.

Typically, therapy includes drugs that have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties and vitamins a, b, C, E, and immunomodulators.

Helps complex treatment. Herbal medicine is aimed at getting rid of discomfort. Well established in the treatment of drug Veronica.

  1. Broth. Take 1 dessert spoon of herbs pour 300 ml boiling water and infuse for 2 hours. Then drain well and divide into 3 portions. Take half an hour before meals. Also, this broth is great for sitz baths; proportion — 5 dessert spoons in 2 liters of boiling water.
  2. The infusion of the motherboard and upland uterus. Take 2 dessert spoons of the herbs and pour 2 cups of cold water, bring to boil, to insist 2 hours. To drink in one day, dividing into 3 portions. It also helps to cope with the dryness and itching in menopause.
  3. For the treatment of leukoplakia are considered effective warm sitz baths and ointment with hydrocortisone. If the case is severe and advanced, applied laser therapy. It is recommended to take two courses of herbal medicine, each of which is designed for 3 months, with the critical days and a break in between.
  4. Herbal. You need to take 60 grams of nettle, 40 grams of Polygonum pochechuynaya and fireweed, 30 grams, yarrow, chamomile, bear’s ear, calendula, and mullein, 20 g of Veronica drug from common oregano. Mix all the dried flowers, take 1 dessert spoon of herb, pour 500 ml boiling water and boil for 5 minutes on low heat. Take a quarter of an hour before meals. Received amount of broth to drink throughout the day.
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Dear women, dryness of the external genitalia often indicates disorders in the reproductive system that can lead to infertility. Therefore it is impossible to delay visiting the doctor, despite the existence of a large number of effective ways to eliminate uncomfortable sensations.